Heal Your Pain Now

Inflammation / Immune Support Curcumin Resveratrol N-acetyl-D-glucosamine Ginger Skullcap Proteolitic enzymes Boswellia Andrographis paniculata Joint Healing Glucosamine sulfate Chondroitin sulfate MSM Hyaluronic acid Muscle / Tissue Repair Branched-Chain amino acids (BCAAs) (Leucine, isoleucine, valine+L-glutamine) Tension / Tightness Valerian root Passion flower Lemon balm Magnesium Stress and Sleep GABA L-theanine 5-HTP Melatonin There is an explanation for your pain that practically no one speaks about: your brain. We have yet to develop a fancy, expensive test to diagnose it, but your brain is often the real cause of your persistent pain. This is an essential chapter in your recovery pr

Different Types of Leaky Gut

Candida Gut Type Causes : A high-sugar diet, Antibiotics, Chronic anxiety The Right Diet : Low in sugar, High in probiotics The Right Supplements : Probiotics, Oil of oregano, Pau d'arco tea Good Practices : Avoid white/brown sugar, coffee, alcohol, grains Acceptable sweeteners : Manuka Honey (1tsp) Danger food : Dairy, Raw foods, Yeast products (like breads), Refined grains, Sugar ******** Stressed Gut Type Causes Emotional Stress, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, high cortisol The Right Diet A diet high in nutrient-dense foods and low in sugar The Right Supplements Vitamin B12, Selenium, Adaptogenic herbs such as Licorice, Ashwagandha Good Practices Learning to let go of stress in your lif