The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Part I - THE ADVENTURE OF THE HERO Chapter I : Departure 1. The Call to Adventure 2. Refusal of the Call 3. Supernatural Aid 4. The Crossing of the First Threshold 5. The belly of the Whale Chapter II : Initiation 1. The Road of Trials 2. The Meeting with the Goddess 3. Woman as the Temptress 4. Atonement with the Father 5. Apotheosis 6. The Ultimate Boon Chapter III : Return 1. Refusal of the Return 2. the Magic Flight 3. Rescuer from Without 4. The Crossing of the Return Threshold 5. Master of the Two Worlds 6. Freedom to Live Chapter IV : The Keys PART II - THE COSMOGONIC CYCLE Chapter I : Emanations 1. From Psychology to Metaphysics 2. The Universal Round 3. Out

Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear

Chapter 4 - PERSISTENCE Fear in High Heels I was once in love with a gifted young man— somebody who I thought was a far more talented writer than me— who decided in his twenties that he would not bother trying to be a writer after all, because the work never came out on the page quite as exquisitely as it lived in his head. He found it all too frustrating. He didn’t want to sully the dazzling ideal that existed in his mind by putting a clumsy rendition of it down on paper. While I beavered away at my awkward, disappointing short stories, this brilliant young man refused to write a word. He even tried to make me feel ashamed that I was attempting to write: Did the dreadful results not pain an

Homegrown Sprouts

Gelatinous Seeds There are a few seeds that form a gel-like sac around the seed in the presence of water. The seeds are Flax, Chia, Psyllium, Arugula, and Cress. Mustard can be slightly gelatinous, too. Because of the gooey substance the cannot be sprouted the usual way in jars or trays. They need a little bit of special attention to get past the gelatinous phase and into the actual sprouting. Once you know how to grow these sprouts they will become a regular addition to your sprouting schedule. Nutritionally, gelatinous seeds are very close to the leafy green sprouts. Arugula sprints have a very distinct and sharp taste, just like arugula leaves. FLAX is an ancient seed from the Ferti