Black Whole by Nassim Haramein

📝 The PLANCK'S DISTANCE --- the distance it takes a photon to go across itself; smallest wavelength; billions of times smaller than an atom; (supposed to be the smallest thing in the universe) Dimension 0 • (no dimension) Dimension 1 — (no dimension) Dimension 2 ⃞ (plane. no volume) Dimension 3 ❒ (this is the one you exist in) "I thought if the dot doesn't exist, the line doesn't exist, the plane doesn't exit, you don't have existence. Eventually I found out many other people found the same problem when they were young when they were taught these axioms. One of them was a famous geometrist, Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983). It turns out that these fundamen

The Synchronicity Key

Chapter 2: Cycles of History and the Law of One Mainstream science would have us believe that in the “beginning,” there was nothing. Simply put, nothing existed. That whole concept always confused me greatly. Scientists then expect us to believe that even though “nothing existed,” nothing exploded — and from this one explosion, all the matter and energy in the universe was created, in a single instant. The universe has apparently been spinning down to a “thermal death” ever since that first, triumphant moment. In the Law of One series, we are told that the universe is one mind — that “there is only identity”— and each of us is a perfect holographic reflection of the One Infinite Creator. All