Frozen Shoulder Capsular Release

Instruction video ASSESSMENT - Client standing Humeral Abduction: Scapula shouldn't upward rotate until about 45 degree. There is a hard-end feel. There is no way I can separate the humeral head from the scapula because there is adhesion. See the humero-scapular fixation. On the table SUPINE One of the first thing I do, I was reading a research online and they would inject the shoulder to numb the nerves to break the holding pattern of the nerve pathways. By applying the CreoDerm in the area, I am calming the pain receptors. Unlocking the gatekeeper. Spray Cryo Derm (MSM, Arnica, Boswella) on the shoulder. In adhesive capsulitis the patient will always splint that shoulder. It's a protective

Bio-Hacking Your Health

Open Minds with Regina Meredith - Series 6 / Episode 9 (February 2016) Purple: solar spectrum of hydrogen, the 1st element on the periodic table. Hydrogen is known as the chameleon. It is able to change any atom on the periodic table to allow it to do things In order to deal with my health problems, I had to biohack the periodic table of elements to allow it to do things that it needs to do. If you understand fundamentally what life is, what evolution is, it's about change, it's about adaptation, it's about transformation. Once you understand how life uses it, it becomes extremely important and coherent to the message that I'm giving people because that's who I am now. Purples, blues, an

The Elements : A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe

The Periodic Table is the universal catalog of everything you can drop on your foot. Everything tangible is made of elements. Your foot is made mostly of oxygen, with quite a bit of carbon joining it, giving structure to the organic molecules that define you as an example of carbon-based life. Oxygen is a clear, colorless gas, yet it makes up 3/5 of the weight of your body. How can that be? Elements have two faces: • their pure state, and • the range of chemical compounds they form when they combine with other elements. Oxygen in pure form is a gas, but when it reacts with silicon they become together the strong silicate minerals that compose the majority of the earth's crust. When oxygen

Holistic Dental Care

Successful Self-dentistry and Tooth Tips When you follow the Successful Self-Dentistry protocol every day, you will be amazed at how effective it is at revenging decay, gum bleeding, inflammation and eve the onset of colds. Ideally these steps are completed morning and night, because plaque begins to rebuild within 6 hours of brushing. After 2 ~ 4 days of neglect, gum tissue sends warnings to your immune system that something is up, and the immune system responds by sending white blood cells to help out. This causes a breakdown of the collagen fibers that hold teeth to the jawbone. Within a week or two of neglect, biofilm forms bacterial colonies. This is when the gums may start to bleed

Polarity Therapy

The Principle of Polarity Just as the earth and sun have north and south magnetic poles, so do our bodies. In fact, everything that stands upright on the planet has a positive charge on top and negative charge at the base. Head + Right Side + Feet -- Left Side -- (These charges are commonly measured using sensitive voltmeters.) When the positive and negative poles of magnets are put together, there is an attractive current between them. Similarly, polarity energy is directed magnetically along its lines of force to align and establish the vital polarities of the body. Blocked areas create an imbalance in the body's natural energy field. The polarity pra