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Conscious Touch Massage 


"Michi has been helping me for more than a year.  When we first met, she took the time to understand exactly what I needed.  We talked about my history of injuries.  She made sure to understand what parts of my body I wanted to concentrate on.  We talked about the amount and types of pressure that would best suit me.

   Now that I am training for Ironman, Michi has helped me to work through several injuries that have occurred during my training, in order to keep me in the pool and on the road.  She has been great about adjusting my massages to every time I see her, depending on what I need.

   Michi’s facilities are clean. The environment is calming.  Michi is always friendly.  After my treatment, I always feel better."

- Brien Miller

   "I have been getting massages for over 25 years and it has always helped me with my arthritis. I would be in bad shape without the weekly massage. The last 3 years I have been going to Michi and she is the best therapist I have gone to. When I arrive at her office I have to slowly walk down the stairs and after my massage I walk up the stairs as if I just reduced my age by 20 years. In a word, she is awesome".

- Patrick Prey

   "I'm a violinist with lots of job-related shoulder issues, and Michi does a wonderful job of finding many intelligent ways to combat constant physical strain.  She responds very sensitively to the amount of tension in my muscles, and I have learned a lot about how to listen to my body from her.  I especially love how Michi is able to combine stretching and massage for optimum results".

- Ann Baer

   "My wife and I have experienced the pleasure of massage therapy with Michi.  Having had other massage therapy experiences that were not pleasurable (in treating incapable movement due to my stroke and fibromyalgia for my wife), we have come to realize the importance of a skilled therapeutic massage executed by a professional, trained individual. 

   Beyond her professionalism, we find that Michi truly cares about each individual, their health, their circumstances - mind, body, and spirit.  She is dedicated to her profession and is, simply stated, one of the best!!!

I feel the care I receive has been top notch quality and the best healthcare treatment I could get.  I'm a completely satisfied patient".

- Clement Sung 

   "I began seeing Michi because of severe arthritic pain in my feet and, to a lesser extent, my ankles, and, as a result, muscle pain in my legs and shoulders. Through stretching and releasing, what was once severe pain has been reduced to periodic discomfort in my feet.  I no longer have aching shoulders.  
   Michi has a remarkable ability to read a body and thorough understanding of the inter-relationships in the body which results in pain, often far removed from the site of the underlying difficulty.  I can highly recommend her for body work".

- Sandra Small 

   "Michi is a 5-Star!!! Michi’s office is extremely clean, relaxing and calming. She is VERY punctual and gives a full treatment. Michi’s massages are amazing- I have gone to her for many years for different issues and she always has the right treatment. She is extremely knowledgeable - she even did additional research for me one time and the next time I had a massage she provided me with additional helpful hints and a list of natural supplements that I could try.  I have recommended Michi to my husband (who also thinks she is amazing) and many others.

   I highly recommend Michi - she is just wonderful!!!"

- Leslee Uhl

   "I have scheduled chair massage appointments with Michi many times and will continue to do so.  It is fantastic!  Very beneficial for tight muscles and very relaxing.  Many thanks!"

- Barbara Clark

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