Bullet Proof Diet

Chapter 1 Antinutrients Back when I was fat, I'd wake up with my hands noticeably weaker on some days than others. A nagging voice in my head asked, " If something is making your hands weak, what else is it doing?" I started researching possible causes and found that my weak hands, spare tire, double chin, puffy skin, and even my man boobs weren't made of fat - they were signs of inflammation. As an atiaging biohacker, I knew that inflammation is a major cause of aging, but I hadn't realized that nearly everything else happening to my biology was related to inflammation too. Inflammation is the body's natural response to a pathogen, toxin, stress, or trauma. It is necessary for proper ti

Real Cause of Heart Attack - Heart is Not a Pump

In writing this article, I am indebted to the work of Dr. Kunt Sroka and his website http://heartattacknew.com. The video in this website shows how the collateral circulation nourishes the heart even with a severe blockage of coronary artery. If you watch the video and go to the FAQ (http://heartattacknew.com/faq/) it becomes clear. In fact, the view that the court coronary arteries supply all the blood to the heart is completely wrong. Starting soon after birth, the normal heart develops and extensive network of small blood vessels called collateral vessels that eventually compensate for the interruption of flow an any one (or more) of the major vessels. As Sroka correctly points out in

Fire in the Gust : Fire in the Brain

If you have an infection, like a parasite or overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria or pathogenic bacteria like H Pylori, then you have dysbiosis which means an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, then it leads to leaky gut (intestinal permeability) where the gut barrier system breaks down and you get a penetration of molecules into the bloodstream, all these produces inflammation, a chronic low-grade state of inflammation. These inflammatory cytokines will travel through the blood and cross the blood brain barrier. They make the blood brain barrier permeable and you get a leaky brain in addition to having a leaky gut. These inflammatory cytokines activate the microglial cells in