Herbal Antibiotics

In general, our understanding of herbal antibiotics has been thin. By thin I mean we've been stuck in a paradigm of "take this for that" or "what's that plant good for" or even "the active constituent of Hpericum perfoliatum should be standardized in order for the plant to be effective in the treatment of mild depression (reductionist herbal schools)." Given the seriousness of the emerging bacterial diseases, we need to have a more comprehensive paradigm in place, one that takes into account the potential sophistication of herbal medicine as a very ancient art form of healing, one that uses both perceptual and intellectual awareness, as well as a focus on outcomes, in its expression. The i

Cure Tooth Decay

Make Your Teeth Strong with Fat-Soluble Vitamins Dentist Melvin Page followed in the footsteps of Weston Price's findings, and then added the science of blood testing to his research. After 30 years and 40,000 blood tests, Dr. Page discovered the biochemical cause of tooth decay and gum disease: a disturbance in the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the blood. The healthy blood sugar level is 85mg /100cc of blood. When there are blood sugar spikes, minerals like calcium are pulled from our bones. When the amounts of calcium or phosphorus in the blood deviate from these levels, or if they are not in the proportion of 2.5 parts calcium to 1 part phosphorus, minerals are withdrawn from the t

Four Questions/Loving What Is/Your Inner Awakening

Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet Summary Think of a recurring stressful situation, a situation that is reliably stressful even though it may have happened only once and recurs in your mind. Allow yourself to mentally revisit the time and place of the stressful occurrence. 1. In this situation, who angers, confused, saddens, or disappoints you, and why? I am (emotion) with (name) because ( ) 2. In this situation, how do you want them to change? What do you want them to do? I want (name) to ( ) 3. In this situation, what advice would you offer to them? (Name ) sh


The name Osteoarthritis suggests it is inflammation of the bones and joints. Many doctors prefer to call degenerative joint disease because inflammation is not always present. More accurately, the decease is marked by the destruction of the articular cartilage in the joints. When healthy articular cartilage is present, it continuously releases lubricating fluid to ensure that joints glide slickly and smoothly against each other. When the cartilage dries, thins, and cracks, we get the scraping of osteoarthritis with loss of joint motion, swelling, and pain. What Causes Osteoarthritis? No one knows what initial event triggers the biochemical change that leads to osteoarthritis, but once arti