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Conscious Touch Massage 

Evolution to Empowerment Through Life's Challenges

Growing up in Japan, I was an athlete and injured myself several times by not listening to my body.


Seeking treatment for injuries and pains, I was exposed to chiropractics, acupunctures, cupping, moxa, Chinese herbal medicine, sports massage, and Reiki.


I was fascinated by the fields of natural health and healing but did not think such a path was available for me at that time.  Instead, I moved to the U.S. and looked for opportunities in other fields.


I graduated from City University of New York with a bachelor's degree in finance & investment and worked in the financial field handling stocks and bonds.  I worked hard and was well rewarded, and I found myself more addicted to work.


After living in New York for 15 years, I decided to abandon my comfortable lifestyle.  I could no longer ignore the feeling that I was completely lost and out of touch with life.  I didn't know who I was anymore.


I moved to Ohio but still could not figure out how to change my lifestyle and ended up going back to the rat race.  I started feeling utterly miserable and became ill to the point where I could not function anymore.  I went to many doctors, both traditional and naturopathic but didn't get well.  Finally I decided to deal with my illness by myself, full time.


During my years in limbo, or so called "soul searching",  I went through intense inner work. I practiced emotional release, energy medicine, spiritual discipline, cleansing (natural methods), and change of diet.  I was able to alleviate my physical and emotional pains, and I restored my health.  It was a process of makeover and evolution for me, and I became ready for a new profession and fulfillment of my desires.


I decided to go back to school and received certification after training at SHI Integrative Medical Massage School.


Now I am in alignment with my purpose.  All the experiences I had, both painful and joyful, helped me get here.  My purpose is to aid others in the collective project of empowering ourselves.  I am aware that empowerment does not always mean being healthy and strong.


Sometimes pain and illness can be the best teachers in learning the lessons of life.  How to deal with it is up to us.  This is where true empowerment lies.  I would like to be part of your journey in figuring that out.​​

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   Michi  Furihata​​

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hello !

I am in the office everyday.  I also offer home visit massages.


Home visit massage is available for seniors or people with medical conditions. 


I offer donation-based chair massages for groups and events.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:


Looking forward to meeting you!

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