Can Exercise help my scoliosis? - The answer is a resounding "Yes!". I have seen in my practice time after time. Strengthening and stretching plays an important role in correction of scoliosis. The prevailing myth is that once spinal damage has occurred, including disc and nerve damage, you either need surgery or are condemned to live with the pain. This cannot be father from the truth. How do the intervertebral discs rehydrate and regenerate? - They need three thing: water, nutrients, and motion. Research has shown that if we can create loading and unloading cycles in our spine, we can actually "suck" water back into the disc and rehydrate it. Loading and unloading are nothing more t

Injury Anatomy - East & West

Inflammation and Swelling When a sprain occurs there is usually inflammation. Blood flows into the injured area and it swells with blood and tissue fluid. The result is redness, swelling, heat, and pain. The sensation of heat are caused by the dilation of small blood vessels and greater vascular permeability. Blood and fluid backs up in the tissue causing swelling. Blood brings white blood ells to clean up dead tissue. Nuturient building blocks are also brought in where they attempt to initiate the leaking process and rebuild damaged tissue. Inflammation is an important part of the healing process. It is also the body's attempt to "splint" the injury thereby protecting it from further


Green micro algae are highest sources of chlorophyll in the plant world. Of all green algae studied so far, chlorella has the highest pure natural chlorophyll. Chlorella is considered to be a first-class detoxifying agent, capable of clearing heavy metals, certain pesticides, herbicides, PCBs from the body’s tissue. Numerous research projects in the U.S. and Europe indicate that chlorella can aid the body in breaking down persistent hydrocarbon and metallic toxins, specifically mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, DDT, PCBs. When chlorella is ingested by human body, it dramatically increase the rate of rebuilding and healing tissues, multiplies the growth rate of lactobacillus (beneficial bact

Origins of Humans

Gaia TV / Open Mind - June 2013 / S2:Ep24 Our culture is largely Germanic. "Belief" is a German word and it consists of "to be" and "leaden". "Leaden" is the verb to be in love or to prefer. We all know if we are in love with something we have huge blind spots. So a person that has beliefs is therefore not listening equally to all the other theories. They've already decided. In the face of the intelligence that we are in the midst of we don't have the right to do that. We have to keep all quadrants open so that we can receive signals from the intended sources of this universe which is a living intelligent body that we interface with every second. I love the Chinese/Japanese/Korean metaphor