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Origins of Humans

Gaia TV / Open Mind - June 2013 / S2:Ep24

Our culture is largely Germanic. "Belief" is a German word and it consists of "to be" and "leaden". "Leaden" is the verb to be in love or to prefer. We all know if we are in love with something we have huge blind spots. So a person that has beliefs is therefore not listening equally to all the other theories. They've already decided. In the face of the intelligence that we are in the midst of we don't have the right to do that. We have to keep all quadrants open so that we can receive signals from the intended sources of this universe which is a living intelligent body that we interface with every second.

I love the Chinese/Japanese/Korean metaphor of the frog in the well. We must go beyond the culture for myself and when I discovered china and I learned to speak Chinese, and then Japanese, and Irish - my own people's language. In my college years I studied of course Western civilization and a little bit of African, they were mostly concentrated on themselves. In this culture, Western civilization is the standard. So of course I go for the vacuum. So I wound up going to Asia because I was in the army and I studied Vietnamese during the war. I found out that I could just learn it. I wound up going to Taiwan; we were not allowed to go to the China proper at that time but the real China exists in Taiwan, perhaps even more than the continental China.

Language is the main carrier of the culture and when I went into the language I found that their references were completely different. In the West they say that the whole is the sum of its parts. In China subconsciously I realized that the part is the whole. That's their saying. That's why the bottom of the foot is the whole body. When you study one thing you do study all if you are listening to the nature at the same time.

When I needed the history of Mu/Lemuria I had to go to Japan because many of China's records were burned by the first emperor Qin Shi Huang in around 200 ~ 300 B.C.E. Their creation story does not have the same compactness and summary narration that the Japanese (Kojiki) does. In order to learn about China, I majored Tong Dynastic History. The Japanese know a lot more sometimes than the Chinese do because Chinese records were destroyed but the Japanese were students of China and I had to learn Japanese also. So it began. And into ancient Mayan and ancient Nahunta - the language of Mexico and then to ancient Celtic - the Irish language. I studied German, studied French trying to get as many languages in as possible to get more of nuances of the interpretation of the intelligence. Then Edgar Casey's information.

In 1923 a person by the name of Arthur Lamers from Dayton, Ohio began asking questions about past lives...many people besides healing came to him for other problems that they were having and knowledge about themselves why there were involved in this work and why they couldn't do this, why they had this allergy...and so element of past life came through. Out of these many readings came a coherent story much a to everybody around Casey and to Casey himself. He did a series of readings called the 364 Group or Readings which concerned Atlantis. Out of that those direct readings by people asking about Atlantis and the single individual client readings we get sort of a story:

It begins with a creator, and intelligent force, and the force seems to want companionship --- wants sharing to go on with parts of itself. So beings are created, being that are the same as itself. And a universe is created for them to learn and evolve so that they will have the same level of love for the created things as the creator has. So the story with Edgar Casey begins at one of these levels about 10 million years ago when beings (etherial beings, spirit beings) began to descend into the earthen realm. He talks first about New Mexico in the areas of four corners. He said the signs of these beings can still be seen there. There major sings are letter "T". In the Mayan, it's the sign of Quetzal Caotel. He is an equivalent of Casey's Ra-Ta, the one who was the major priest of Egypt who came from Persia.

Anyway, to continue the story, these beings began to be enwrapped incarnately and they were allowed to experiment because they're given free will, and the gift of free will is complete. Then of necessity my researchers tell me that then the creator does not know fully what you will do. Depending on what we do, what we did the universe was expanded in all sort of myriad ways, so to give us the stage to play out what we want and it is endless. It is a universe of words. What Casey talks about is a habitation of all the realms now invisible to us. We think they are inhabited. He talked about the solar system specifically and he comes through with a new version of astrology where Mars is inhabited right now by billions of souls. So are Venus, all the planets; all of them are inhabited.

But they are in the realm of dark matter and dark energy which quantum physicists are finally learning about and realizing that they're starting to sound like a bunch of spiritual philosophers trying to explain the standard model which grew from their attempt to understand everything that's going on. They're beginning to see the tip of the iceberg with the Hicks-Boson Particle that's just coming through the LHC - the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. The 17 mile particle collider that they're now getting ready for further testing. They've just seen one small particle; the Hicks-Boson. These particles are field like gravity is particles. It's hard for us to contemplate...gravity as particles giving orders for things to operate in its realm and that's why they call the Hicks-Boson Particle the God Particle because it comes in and changes the speed of electrons and gives orders to change masses. So something from the other dimensions comes in and tells these dimensional objects and forces what to do.

In his book he was talking about the Italian man in Switzerland, that skeleton was found 600 feet under the earth in Italy was estimated to be about 10 million years old...We're going to change whole other dimensions and area of history and lost continents, not just Atlantis and Mu/Lemuria but the Hyperborean that they talked about in the north that the Diasophical Society and Blavatsky talked about in the 1800's.

Mu, Lemuria --- Edgar Casey used the terms interchangeably. Lemuria came into providence, the providences in 1800's when they were trying to find out why or how the Lemurs from Madagascar came from India. There must have been another continent between India and Madagascar so in the name of Lemur they called it Lemuria. The word lemur has other ramifications because Romans had the Feast of Lamuras, which is their ghost festival, their Halloween. So there's a lot of the intelligence interfering and plugs coming in to help us along the way. So it's not just random. There are certain souls with missions to plug in information to understand our history.

Meditron, a person that channels ancient history, says that they were mostly ethereal in the early times of Mu Lemuria therefore, they could have this more was easier for them to attain it. I accept what he says as possibility.

Mu Lamurian and Atlantian were in communication with each other according to Edgar Casey. They could produce materials with thoughts. Casey says that's the reason for the pre-civilizational; animal, humanoid forms that you see in our mythology and history. Myths are important because they give us information from people who remember things thousands of years before our present generation. They occurred in what Japanese call "middle earth", it is place in between. The dense are is originally created for the beings to learn to deal with suffering. And death will come and that is an intended to teach by our suffering and our falling do we learn to love. Otherwise the mind takes over. Mind is given as a gift but it is not intended for us to overuse. It is intended for aligning with the intelligence. The intelligence is the grand engineer. As the intelligence sees what we're doing it interfaces with our learning curve.

Tha trapping in this dimension is attached to pleasure. They're getting used to the pleasure in a new form, it's an incarnate form, the more dense form and they love it so much that they begin to think that's real. And they begin to forget about their true selves and their own destiny and where they come from. We're going through a material phase in order to learn things. That's created by the creator to help us as a teaching device.

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