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All about Neptune

Neptune in the Signs

Neptune in Scorpio: You pay many karmic debts through your parents' use of drugs or alcohol. You may have loose sexual morals, which may lead to venereal disease. You may use drugs as a means of psychological escape. As a child, you need, but rarely get, careful yet strict discipline.

You have the energy and ability, along with others in your generation, to sort out and solve many long-standing world problems, often by taking a completely new approach to the problem. Your approach to all facets of life is original and intense. You're investigative, magnetic, emotionally intense yet confused and often secretive.

You have great regenerative powers, but must choose to use them for transformation or else you'll degenerate. There's a possibility of involvement in some way with the exploitation of sex for commercial purposes and, if afflicted to Mars or Venus, peculiar sexual experiences. You may know many people who die from violence. You're psychic and often clairvoyant, but if afflicted, use of these forces may cause problems due to misuse of them in past lives. You have a strong interest in outer space, inner dimensions and after death states. If afflicted, you can be unreliable, unstable and irresponsible.


Neptune in the Houses

Neptune in the 2nd House: Although you're idealistic about use of money and material resources, you have poor financial judgment and an extravagant nature, so you should avoid complicated financial deals and credit buying. If well aspected, you're generous with material resources, especially to humanitarian or spiritual causes, but if afflicted, use discrimination since you can easily be taken advantage of financially. If afflicted, you can be lazy, impractical and dependent on others for support. If well aspected, you have intuitive insight into how to make money and acquire great wealth. Money may come and go through mysterious and unusual channels. If not completely honest, you may experience money problems.


Neptune Aspects to Pluto

Neptune Sextile Pluto: This aspect affects world karma much more than personal karma since it's been in orb since the late nineteen thirties and will be in orb until at least 2020. It indicates tremendous opportunity for spiritual advancement in world civilization. Used positively there will be open government, freedom of expression, fights against injustice in the courts and legislative systems and positive use of occult forces. You must learn to express Universal Love with force and to positively use the awesome scientific potential and knowledge. You have unusual occult, intuitive, scientific and aestheitc ability if Neptune or Pluto is angular and heavily aspected by other planets. Used negatively, you may drop out of society.


Neptune Aspects to MC

Neptune Trine Midheaven: Your intuition can be used constructively in all phases of your profession, especially the ability to sense the mood of superiors and others in positions of authority. You're very impressed with anything or anybody artistic and/or glamorous, and your sympathies lie in art appreciation, film, ballet and theater. You're very close to your parents and very intuitive in domestic relationships and matters. Your home is unusual/artistic in some way and often located near a body of water.

Neptune Square Midheaven: Your confused attitude towards your career makes you unreliable in professional obligations and your laziness and irresponsibility give you a professional reputation that includes being deceptive. You may be self-deceptive, daydreaming to escape professional and domestic duties. Your attitude to domestic affairs is just as confused, often manifesting in a messy, disorganized home that is often the scene of alcohol or drug use and possible abuse.

Neptune Inconjunct (quincunx 150 degree) Midheaven: Your confused attitude toward your career can cause serious self-deception.

Neptune Opposite Midheaven: You have a mystical attunement to the forces of nature that gives you a spirituality in your home life. If afflicted, your home environment can be affected by peculiar conditions, you may live in some sort of institution or spend the end of your life in a nursing home or hospital. You may shut yourself in your home or use it as a place for psychic activity.

You often live near a large body of water. There's often worry and confusion over your career interests, often due to a lack of security and practicality in your upbringing. You're often unable to see the forest for the trees.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven: You're not very stable in a routine job and usually make many changes in the direction of your career before finally settling in a profession that makes use of your creative imagination and aesthetic tastes. Your profession may be related to the occult or the arts in some way. If highly evolved, you may be destined to perform a mission in this world that will uplift many others to greater attainments and spirituality. Even if you're in the public eye, you feel spiritually isolated, and if heavily afflicted, you may suffer scandal or public disgrace that's likely due to unreliability or an addiction of some sort. Most people don't understand your inner motivations, often because your ambitions and objectives are often too idealistic. You must avoid involvement in secret intrigues, especially if you can't or don't know all the factors involved.

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