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Neptune - the 12th House and Pisces

1 Aries-Pisces Archetype (None)

2 Taurus-Pisces Archetype (Neptune in 2nd House)

Essential Evolutionary Lessons:

  • Integrating spirit into matter and seeing matter as a physical reflection of spirit.

  • Using the material dimension and our senses to contain and evaluate what is valuable and true.

  • Recognizing that true beauty is what captures the timeless Truth; in the physical world, this is captured in the balanced proportions of sacred geometry.

  • Understanding the relationship between physical needs and spiritual development — learning to bridge between sexuality and spirituality.

  • Rising above the duality between greed and the renunciation of possessions or sexual obsessions verses austere celibacy, that show a split between spirit and matter.

  • Having matter serve the cause of spirit, and as such, having spirit support matter.

Vocational Orientations or Public Symbols:

  • The beauty and cosmetic industry

  • Precious stones, Jewelry making

  • Food and agriculture

  • Bodyworks

  • Financial industry, Welfare industries, Fundraisers

3 Gemini-Pisces Archetype (None)

4 Cancer-Pisces Archetype (Moon in 12th House)

Essential Evolutionary Lessons:

  • Balancing collective needs with personal needs — learning to create healthy emotional attachments.

  • Identifying the common emotional threads that unifies all life and species as a universal family.

  • Overcoming denial or escapism and numbing of pain, as recourses to create a false sense of peace and safety.

  • Understanding the way to make the world better is not by saving everyone from pain.

  • Adjusting immunity to process difficult emotions more honestly and working toward making life safer and more united in a sustainable way.

  • Overcoming a sense of martyrdom/victim mindset.

Vocational Orientation or Public Symbols:

  • Politics and national security, security industry

  • Entertainment and making their private life public

  • Social work and care

  • Hospitality and food industry

  • Heroism ans martyrdom

5 Leo-Pisces Archetype (None)

6 Virgo-Pisces Archetype (Neptune aspects 6th House planets; Virgo in 12th House)

Essential Evolutionary Lessons:

  • Health relies on fusing the spiritual with the practical

  • Finding the balance between the need to control and the need to let go.

  • Finding the work that provides us with both spiritual fulfillment and practical security.

Vocational Orientation or Public Symbols:

  • Health and medical fields

  • Yoga, Tai-Chi, Fitness

  • Beauty industry,

  • Engineering: manufacturing, infrastructure, utility service, repair

  • Cleaning, Hygiene related

  • Animal taming, training

  • Advocates for ethical work practices

7 Libra-Pisces Archetype (None)

8 Scorpio-Pisces Archetype (Neptune in Scorpio; Pluto in 12th House)

Essential Evolutionary Lessons:

  • Healing wounds around trust through spiritual perspective and learning to create positive alliances.

  • Avoiding temptation to gain power through manipulative means.

  • Learning what is worth dwelling on and what we need to let go of (managing emotion)

Vocational Orientation or Public Symbols:

  • Therapist, psychologist, counselors, social workers

  • Death care industry: funeral directors, Hospice caregivers

  • Finances and public fund: bankers, insurance agents, fundraisers, humanitarian workers

  • Who become symbols of success and power

  • Crime, defense, weapon industry, police officers, detectives,

  • Activists, revolutionaries, motivational speakers.

9 Sagittarius-Pisces Archetype (None)

10 Capricorn-Pisces Archetype (Saturn in 6th House; Neptune aspects Saturn)

Essential Evolutionary Lessons:

  • Recognizing there is an all encompassing order to existence, and only by aligning with its laws can existence be a successful experience.

  • Learning the laws through trial and error and from people with experience.

  • Understanding that established systems must constantly evolve and be redefined.

  • Accepting guidance and serving as a guide for others. Learning lessons about enlightened leaders and as role models.

  • Recognizing we are accountable for our actions and intenseons through the Balancing law of Karma, where judgment is ultimately of the divine order.

Vocational Orientation or Public Symbols:

  • Positions of leaderships, politics, educators

  • Lawyer, prosecutor, law enforcement

  • Dentists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors

  • Construction, Architects

  • Those who discovers new laws and paradigms.

11 Aquarius-Pisces Archetype (Uranus in 12th)

Essential Evolutionary Lessons:

  • Decoding existential mysteries and developing science to solve existential problems

  • Realizing that true solutions result from the combination of scientific information and spiritual awareness. Science without spirituality is arrogance, spirituality without science is wishful thinking.

  • Advancing social justice and environmental care. Acknowledging that progress must serve the weakest link and be in harmony with nature.

  • Maintaining one’s individuality in a group and avoiding losing oneself under peer pressure.

Vocational Orientation or Public Symbols:

  • Communication industry, the media, sound engineering, DJ, documentaries

  • Science fiction, electronic music,avant-garde art

  • Trendsetting and social entertainment, fashion, style, night-life industry, high-end design.

  • Aviation, space-travel

  • Spiritual teachers, astrology counseling, psychic gifts.

  • Organizing social events, management of personnel.

  • Social activism, humanitarian work, social work, political movement

12 Pisces-Pisces Archetype

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