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The Social Planets - Jupiter, Saturn


Jupiter is the most joyful planet, representing humor, abundance, expansion, and good fortune. It tells us where we have luck, what comes easily to us, and where doors are likely to open for us. The Romans honored the god Jupiter more than any other. He was considered the god of sky, who granted auspiciousness and symbolized faith and symbolized faith and wisdom. In astrology, the planet represents similar qualities, showing us how we orient toward religion, ideology, prosperity, and higher education. The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter not only speaks to our luck and expansion it also tells the story of how we relate to some weightier facets of life. Our Jupiter in each sign answers questions like: How tolerant are we? What do we believe in? Where do we show up as irresponsible, extreme, or blindly optimistic.


Saturn is the planet of obstacles, responsibility, and ambition. It forces us to mature by presenting us with adversity. By holding up mirrors, we must face ourselves honesty, developing awareness around what to accept and what to reject. Where are we making the same mistakes again and again? With Saturn's conscious awareness, we can begin to show up more dutifully for our families, careers, and society.

Saturn proves that the places where we struggle are also our gifts. As we make efforts toward overcoming our weaknesses, they become our strength. Without Saturn, we might be complacent souls who seek instant gratification. Saturn grounds us to earth and to each other, encouraging us to develop trustworthiness and proficiency. Ruling time and constraints, Saturn bestows us with longevity and durability, helping us to attain our long term goals. The sign our Saturn fall into reveals our challenges, where we work hard, and how we attain mastery. Saturn in each sign describes ones obstacles, discipline, morality, and how we can achieve long-term success.


The most powerful indicator of who we are. The central archetype of our identity. Our Sun indicates how we can best feed our spirit, and also, how we are prone to unhealthy patterns. Similarly it reveals how we can restore balance once we've fallen off-kilter. At it's best, the Sun is our radiance and loving self-expression. At its worst, it becomes our arrogance or vanity. Bringing attention to our Sun's journey hleps us shine our brightest so we can lead the fullest life possible.


Jupiter in Aries

They ave innate leadership abilities. Enthusiastic student and teachers they are often pioneers in the realms of philosophy, religion and higher education. Confident and independent they place much of their energy toward self-improvement. These natives are often successful in entrepreneurialism, magnetizing great fortune becoming their own boss. They must avoid becoming too careless or impulsive around money and business. Developing practicality and restraint would help to balance their gifts.

Saturn in Aries

They could find their energies and drive stifled in early life. They are often given ample responsibilities as young people, which hampers their innocence and ambition. They must work hard at developing their confidence an assertiveness so they can express themselves more fully. Otherwise, their repressed passions could lead them to feeling excessive anger. Even still, outsiders will see them as people who are very much in control, marked by their self-sufficency and restraint. However, these natives may also seem weak or grumpy as they face tremendous obstacles in life. Later on, they could become quite powerful as they work through their challenges around initiative and leadership. Sometimes, they even become extreme risk takers to make up for their hampered courage and strength. They experience significantly less difficulties as they grow older.

Sun in Aries - Warriorship

Aries Journey : Becoming the Selfless Leader

Enlightened - the Trailblazer, the Hero

Neurotic - the Fighter, the Child

Aries Journey - becoming the selfless leader

Aries Gifts / Keywords - initiative decisiveness, willfulness, straightforwardness, leadership

Aries Struggles / Keywords - selfishness brashness, impatience, impulsivity, intorelance


Jupiter in Taurus

They are often lucky around money and resources, easily establishing financial stability and abundance. With large appetites, they are fond of luxury, prioritizing good food, beautiful surroundings, and maintaining the best lifestyle they can afford. These natives easily attract what they need or desire. Conservative in their view, they establish security and safety in their lives, exerting patience and determination toward business pursuits. They must only avoid becoming too rigid in their beliefs.

Saturn in Taurus

They place tremendous emphasis on attaining financial and romantic security. They have exaggerated fears around not having enough, and can develop excessive prudence as a result. Early in life, they may find it difficult to establish wealth and love. They will work hard to save as much as possible and remain committed to their partners, even in toxic relationships. Patient and disciplined, they eventually find success, usually in older age. When it does happen, these natives are generous and continue to demonstrate powerful determination. At this point, they could help others in need, since they understand what it means to struggle. They are also capable of becoming successful in artistic careers, applying their discipline toward mastering their art.

Sun in Taurus - Sensuality

Taurus Journey : Developing Healthy Self-Worth

Enlightened - The Artisan, The Sensualist

Neurotic - The Narcissist, The Materialist

Taurus Gifts / Keywords - Stillness, Beauty, Groundedness, generosity, Compassion

Taurus Struggles / Keywords - Self-doubt, Rigidity, Overindulgence, Vanity


Jupiter in Gemini

They have open minds and expansive curiosities. Abundant friendships, conversations, and travel bring good fortune to these natives. With diverse interests, they sometimes struggle to become experts on a single subject, fluently bouncing from one idea to the next. Known for their intellect and communication abilities, they can become influential teachers, writers, speakers, and politicians. While lively, fun, and interesting people, they are restless souls. With increased focus, they could transform their ample knowledge into mastery and deeper wisdom.

Saturn in Gemini

They have strong mental abilities, with excellent logic, rationality, and adaptability. Gifted mathematicians and scientists, they are able to apply their disciplined minds toward systematically solving problems and studying for long periods of time. Difficulties with communication or public speaking could arise, as well as obtaining education as young people. However, what they do learn they will never forget as they are able to blend Gemini's with and intellect with the mastery and pragmatism of Saturn. This helps them to deepen and retain their studies. Economical with their words, they can also apply their intelligence and common sense toward business pursuits, often attaining tremendous success.

Sun in Gemini - Intelligence

Gemini Journey : Joining Intellect with Heart

Enlightened - The Teacher, The Expert

Neurotic - The Dictator, The Phone

Gemini Gifts / Keywords - Intelligence, Wit, Clarity, Curiosity, Liveliness

Gemini Struggles / Keywords - Restlessness, Unreliability, Manipulation, Nervousness, Duplicity


Jupiter in Cancer

They have strong moral backbones, likely instilled by their parents in early childhood. Generous in spirit, these souls are kind, tender, and bright. They are innate nurturers, willing to support anyone who is struggling. They generate joy and emotional abundance by creating stable home lives, feeding their inner worlds, and taking care of family and friends. They succeed when they have strong connections with their mothers, or have at least worked on healing their parental wounds. Because security is important to these natives, they are usually frugal and eventually become wealthy as a result. Then can overindulge on food and must work to avoid health problems from emotional overeating.

Saturn in Cancer

They can be emotionally repressive, obscuring their true feelings in oder to protect themselves. Family can become a source of struggle for them, as they feel weighed down by familial duty, and unable to access genuine connection. These natives must work hard toward unlocking their emotional expression, otherwise they risk becoming depressed and unable to establish intimacy. In balance, they can translate their sensitivity into business savvy and become quite successful, building careers that are close to their hearts. Relaxing their shells an mastering their emotional natures are key for the natives. With effort, they have the potential to become quite emotionally adept, devoting themselves wholeheartedly to family and nurturing others. They only have to commit to doing their inner work, thus openieng to he deep lessons available to them.

Sun in Cancer - Sensitivity

Cancer Journey : Mstering Emotional Sensitivity

Enlightened - The Nurturer, The Sensitive

Neurotic - The Moper, The Grouch

Cancer Gifts / Keywords - Gentleness, Imagination, Perceptiveness, Supportiveness, Hospitality

Cancer Struggles / Keywords - Moodiness, Vulnerability, Suspicion, Smothering, Insecurity


Jupiter in Leo

They are highly expansive, easily demonstrating their confidence and optimism. Believing in the power of benevolence and generosity, they happily share any wealth they acquire. With abundant physical and emotional strength, they make charismatic leaders. Dignity comes easily to those regal souls who can inspire people to live their joy,j seek pleasure, and express their talents to the world. Developing humility would help to balance their gifts, as they sometimes teeter into egotism. Coming from pure intention, their expansive hearts and assertiveness can help create much good in the world as they lead others with drama, humor and cheerful grandeur. It would be wise for these natives to avoid their tendency to gamble.

Saturn in Leo

They place great emphasis on the need for recognition. They long to be in charge, which leads them to becoming overly dictatorial. While the potential for warmth is somewhat stifled by this combination thees natives have strong wills and the ability to assume great responsibility. Pleasure and creativity can be hard to come by with this placement.

Sun in Leo - Heart

Leo Journey: Expanding into Unconditional Love

Enlightened - The Performer, The Loving King

Neurotic - The Show-Off, The Autocrat


Jupiter in Virgo

They attract abundance and good fortune when engaging their gifts of practicality, hard work, and attention to detail. They feel most expansive when serving the greater good and devoting themselves to others. These souls are not risk takers. Instead, pragmatism and careful planning help the to attract what they desire. They need clear goals and discernible outcomes, and must be careful not to limit their vision of what's possible. Surrendering their caution and opening to magic could help to expand their sometimes cynical and overly scientific perspectives. Spirituality and meditation could balance their gifts and help to assuage excessive worrying.

Saturn in Virgo

Sun in Virgo

Jupiter in Libra

They exhibit significant charm, diplomacy and creativity. Through relationships, strategic friendships, and marriage, they can attract wealth and expansion. Teamwork and partnerships are keys to their success, and they especially benefit from connecting with people who share similar principles. With a strong understanding of justice and fairness, they often become effective peacemakers, mediators, and lawyers. Their artistic potential could lead them to becoming successful designers, musicians, and visual artists. They easily resonate with the spiritual side of beauty and creative expression. Highly persuasive, those natives are influential people, shaping society with balanced and attractive ideologies. They must only be wary of placing too much emphasis on relationships. Developing independence, assertion, and confidence will help to balance their many gifts.

Saturn in Libra

They are fair-minded, with deep longing to create a just and balanced society. They could become known for their artistic abilities and magnetism, as they are able to control their charm and persuasiveness and use it to their advantage. They often experience setbacks around relationships and marriage, and could divorce early or find a steady partner later in life. Hard work in love could reap big rewards for these natives, who could become masters in establishing balanced healthy relationships with patience and persistence. Socializing could feel like work, but this placement also denotes an ability to win friends, which cold lead to success in their careers.

Sun in Libra - Harmony

Enlightened - The Artist, The Lover

Neurotic - The Dilettante, The Liar

Libra Journey : Mastering Paradox

Libra Gifts / Keywords - Equilibrium, Beautification, Appreciation, Charm, Romance

Libra Struggles / Keywords - Dishonesty, Indecision, Diletantism, People-pleasing, Avoidance


Jupiter in Scorpio

They exude tremendous personal power, magnetizing others with an aura of fascination and intrigue. They have the ability to affect people deeply and emotionally, and can make excellent therapists, healer, musicians and politicians. They have the ability to shine light on whatever is hidden - exposing secrets delving into research, and solving mysteries. Sexual relationships can bring luck and expansion to these natives, who benefit most of all from members of the opposite sex. With luck around money and inheritance, they can become quite wealthy if their Jupiter forms helpful angles with other planets. Determination and willpower are string with this placement, as natives hold tight to unflappable ideologies. They must be wary of imposing their beliefs onto others or becoming too fixated on sex and power. Good fortune comes when they master the art of letting go.

Saturn in Scorpio

They have tremendous personal power, which comes from heir subtly and deep emotional understanding. They have the capacity to be quite controlling and manipulative if they are not working from pure intention. They hide their intensity with friendlier exteriors seldom betraying their messier emotions. calculating and determined they can become successful in any endeavor. They are sometimes the center of scandals or gossip, or endure the death of a loved one early in life. However these difficulties make them stronger and wiser and they have the capacity to go far with their self-mastery through their adversities. If they work hard at looking at themselves honestly, they will be able to glimpse the nature of reality firsthand, and will be able to become powerful spiritual teachers or healers.

Sun in Scorpio - Transformation

Enlightened - The Shaman, The Alchemist

Neurotic - The Repressor, The Destroyer

Scorpio Journey : Surrendering Control

Scorpio Gifts / Keywords - Passion, Bravery, Depth, Mysticism, Transformation

Scorpio Struggles / Keywords - Repression, Explosiveness, Vengefulness, Obsession, Possisiveness


Jupiter in Sagittarius

They are big-minded and optimistic individuals. This is the most fortunate placement of Jupiter because here it falls in its natural sign. Generous and carefree, these natives can be inspiring individuals who lead others in adventure, athletics, and intellectual or spiritual pursuits. Expansion comes when they immerse themselves in nature, philosophy, religion, and meditation. With strong convictions they can be wonderful teachers, professors, and lecturers, and must only be wary of becoming too dogmatic. Money is easy for them to magnetize, but they could also become big spenders, unable to retain their wealth. It would benefit them to develop restraint and pragmatism. However, their buoyancy and zeal are also their gifts, helping them to lead exciting llives, experiencing joy an humor as they accomplish their lofty goals.

Jupiter in Capricorn

They can be wonderfully successful. Good fortune comes when they focus their energies on helping society, starting families, and respecting tradition. With an abundant sense of mores and ethics, these natives often assume large responsibilities in life, holding political offices or running large companies. They have the potential to be quite powerful, as they possess a strong sense of duty as well as tremendous ambition. They only have to be wary of becoming too conservative and rigid. Opening their minds to innovation while orienting toward the future cold help to balance their gifts.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius natives are wonderfully tolerant and accepting people who value others' differences. With progressive outlooks, these souls could help to advance society. Great fortune comes when they are engaged in humanitarian and technological pursuits, and when they orient toward creating the future. Revolutionaries and renegades, these souls can make great strides in inventive and creative fields, bringing communities together, and coming up with original concepts. they sometimes lack in financial resources because they are not very concerned with material wealth. Developing their sense of responsibility and security could help to balance their considerable gifts.

Jupiter in Pisces

They are often mystics and spiritualists, with enormous compassion for the less fortunate. They experience great expansion when focused on the spiritual or artistic sides of life. Because of their broad empathy, they would do well in professions where they work directly with people, or where they can productively engage their emotionality and sensitivity. Able to relate to anyone, they attract success through their immense likability. However, they often prefer solitude and working behind the scenes. Alone time can bring good fortune, as well as meditation and focusing on the inner, spiritual side of life. They only have to make sure they stay rooted to the earth, developing practical wisdom and taking good care of their bodies and health.

Saturn in Pisces

They could become quite serious about spiritual pursuits. They have powerful imaginations and deep compassion. However, attaining material success cold be challenging. Becoming skillful meditators, spiritual teacher, filmmakers, or artists wold make good use of their potentials. They onlly have to avoid self-sacrifice, understanding that they will help others most if they develop their immense personal gifts. These natives might experience significant loss in their lives. Their hard lessons will culminate when they can surrender and then direct their focus on merging their spirituality with society in pragmatic ways, skillfully joining heaven and earth. Meditation, time alone and in nature and studying dreams and the unconscious could help to unlock their innate talents.

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