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The Outer Planets - Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

URANUS - intuition, rebellion, revolution

Innovation, creative genius, and flashes of insight are all signs that Uranus is in effect. It is the great awakener, who jolts us out of complacency, sometimes through sudden change and chaos. Considered a higher octave of Mercury, which rules the intellectual mind, Uranus will take our ordinary perceptions and add crystalline dimensions. If Mercury is science, Uranus is theoretical physics.

Rules and traditions mean nothing to this rebellious planet, which requires absolute authenticity. Deeply humanitarian, Uranus embodies the potential for creating enlightened society, and upholding values of open-mindedness and acceptance. Uranus will lead us to inventions that expand human possibility, finding solutions to the world's problems.

Since Saturn is the gatekeeper to the higher realms, how much we can access the power of Uranus depends on how far we've gone with Saturn's lessons. If we've mastered discipline and pragmatism and aced ourselves honestly, we can walk through the gates of Uranus, and beyond. We can begin to experiment and push the boundaries of existing paradigms. it is like the violinist, painter, of poet who has mastered the rules of their art, and now they can begin breaking them, creating their own patterns and compositions.

NEPTUNE - spirituality, compassion, imagination

It helps us connect with life's invisible layers, dissolving all boundaries. Ruling dreams and illusions, Neptune helps us to channel creativity. It is associated with the image-based and subtle arts, including music, poetry, dance, paining, photography, and film. While supremely gentle, Neptune is far from weak --- its strength lies in the power of our imaginations and vulnerability. Neptune is a higher octave of Venus, planet of love. While Venus rules romance, Neptune is universal love for all beings.

People with Neptune forming harmonious aspects to their personal planets have the potential for tremendous empathy. They can heal others and connect with the higher higher realms. They are also likely to possess immense artistic, psychic, and spiritual gifts. With personal planets forming disharmonious aspects to Neptune, the same energy can become addiction and confusion. The Neptunian parts of our soul long to touch spirit, or an essence beyond suffering which could either lead us to our spiritual path or unhealthy escapism.

Like Uranus and Pluto, Neptune requires Saturn's lessons to unlock its gifts. Before dissolving into limitless space, we must first develop our Saturnian discipline --- rooting to the earth and committing fully to being human. Boundaries are necessary to protect this sensitive energy from slipping into misunderstanding or bewilderment. Idealistic and naive, Neptune sees the beauty in all beings. Without pragmatism, this perspective could lead to gullibility, impracticality, and delusion.

PLUTO - surrender, transformation, power

Pluto is the most powerful planet in astrology, ruling death, rebirth, and transformation. Known as "the destroyer," it ends a movement or generation and begins a new one when it moves from sign to sign. It reflects the struggles, passions, and metamorphoses of each generation. With volcanic eruptions, it destroys anything out of alignment with truth. The birth of a baby, the death of a loved one, or a bad accident are all reflective of Pluto's intense lessons, leaving us bare to face our truest selves. Broader events like war, crisis, and the overturning of governments push us to experience the same Plutonian lessons as a collective.

Archetypically, Pluto is the shaman and Vajra master who requires wholehearted commitment to lead us to realization. We must dedicate ourselves to our spiritual growth, finding courage to look inward and leap into space --- beyond concept, judgement, or fear. Pluto will help us to break out of our cocoons and step into the unknown. Whether we're hiking behind obsessions, addictions, power struggles, or toxic relationships, Pluto makes sure we abandon these illusions of safety, surrendering to the fires of self-awareness. At that point we will master the wisdom of Pluto --- letting go, relaxing with uncertainty, and opening to change and transformation.

The slowest moving planet, Pluto orbits the Sun in 248-year cycles, taking an average of 20 years to move through a single sign. When Pluto enters into a new sigh, it makes the beginning of an era, defined by significant social changes.

Source:"The Stars within You" by Juliana McCarthy

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