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Celestial Language

Eastern Hemisphere (left side of the chart): Assertive

People with the majority of planets in the Eastern Hemisphere tend to be self-motivated, demonstrating initiative, independence, and assertiveness.

Western Hemisphere (right side of the chart): Receptive

People with the majority of planets in the Western Hemisphere tend to be more receptive and oriented toward others.

The Northern Hemisphere (the bottom half): Internal/Personal

With many planets in the Northern Hemisphere, natives are likely to be introverted and private, orienting toward self-improvement and internal development.

The Southern Hemisphere (the top half): External/Social

With many planets in the Southern Hemisphere, natives are likely to be more extroverted with an emphasis on external events and the public domain.

♈️1st House: SELF - natural ruler ARIES.

Keywords: self-image, physical body, mannerisms

Whichever signs and planets fall in the 1st house indicate how others see us and how we relate to outer world. The planets that show up in this house are obvious to everyone. This house affects the rest of our chart, operating as an entry point into the entirety of our lives and beings.

eg. Capricorn in the 1st house would appears reserved, traditional, ambitious.

eg. Sun in the 1st house indicates star quality

♉️2nd House: WEALTH - natural ruler TAURUS

Keywords: possessions, resources, self-worth, mastery

It indicates how we make money. Many planets in this house indicates ample material security, They manifest abundance and work toward developing a healthy sense of self-worth. The planets and signs that fall in this house reveal our relationships to wealth.

eg. Libra in the 2nd house can make money off art or aesthetic abilities.

eg. Jupiter in the 2nd house indicates luck with manifestation.

♊️3rd House: COMMUNICATION - natural ruler: GEMINI

Keywords: speaking, writing, early education, siblings, aunts, uncles, neighbors, short trips

With many planets in this house, one could be a writer, teacher, public speaker. Whatever planets and signs fall in here reveal how we communicate.

eg. Cancer in the 3rd house denotes knack for public speaking - the ability to speak from the heart.

eg. Venus in the 3rd hose represent poetic abilities with beauty in the words.

♋️4th House: HOME - natural ruler CANCER

Keywords: relationship with parents, how you nurture, motherhood, childhood, home life

While the 2nd house rules the tangible home, the 4th house is the feeling of home. The planets and signs that fall in this house reveal how we relate to intimacy and nurturing.

eg. Leo in the 4th signifies someone who is warm and affectionate when they're close to another person.

eg. Uranus in the 4h could mean an unusual relationship to the mother of motherhood in general.

♌️5th House: CREATIVITY AND ROMANCE - natural ruler LEO

Keywords: creativity, pleasure, children, true love, love affair, entertainment, where you give your heart

It is how we entertain ourselves and what brings us pleasure. with many planets in this house, we would have an abundance of creative energy, playfulness, and affection. The planets and signs in the 5th house reveal how we relate to creativity and love.

eg. Capricorn in the 5th house could mean making a living off creative work, or relating traditionally to love.

eg. Mercury in the 5th house could signify an ability to perform, or to apply toward creative self-expression.

♍️6th House: SERVICE and HEALTH - natural ruler VIRGO

Keywords: health, daily routines, service toward others, worries

With many planets in this house, natives would be high-strung and helpful. The sings and planets in this house tell us about our work ethic and what we devote ourselves to.

eg. Aries would indicate a conscientious leader who is humble and hard-working.

eg. Moon in the 6th reveals a devoted spirit who finds contentment in daily routines and assisting others.

♎️7TH House: PARTNERSHIP - natural ruler LIBRA

Keywords: romantic partnerships, marriage, committed partnership, adversaries

Many planets in this house indicate an emphasis on relationship, over-identifying with others, and codependence. he signs and planets that fall in this house show how we relate to relationships and marriage.

eg. Capricorn here tends to marry traditionally

eg. Uranus could mean an unusual approach to love, or difficulty stabilizing committed relationships.

♏️8th House: SEX, DEATH, BIRTH - natural ruler SCORPIO

Keywords: inheritance, deep psychological work rebirth, healing, mysticism

Many planets here indicate the push toward deep inner work and transformation. Perhaps these natives would be therapists, shamans, hospice workers, or doulas.

eg. Sagittarius would reflect a person who may want to explore sexual intimacy with many people.

eg. Mars in the 8th could lead to a deep sexual nature and powerful desires.

eg. Jupiter could signify family money

♐️9th House: PHILOSOPHY and ADVENTURE - natural ruler SAGITTARIUS

Keywords: higher education, travel to faraway, exploration of different cultures, teachers, gurus

It rules travel to foreign countries, spiritual teachers. With many planets in this house, once could feel compelled to travel, live in faraway countries. It could also lead to an academic path and a life of philosophical inquiry. The planets and signs that fall in there indicate how we relate to religion and philosophy.

eg. Aries could reveal a courageous and well-traveled spirit

eg. Jupiter could signify great achievements when pushing higher education, the ability to teach, or luck finding a spiritual teacher.

♑️10th House: CAREER and SOCIAL STATUS - natural ruler CAPRICORN

Keywords: career, social status, father, ambition, outer responsibilities

This is the house that shows us which career will bring success and how we will contribute to society. Many planet here would mean we focus our energies on climbing the social ladder achieving success, and becoming well known. The sings and planets that fall in this house indicate how we relate to career and society.

eg. Gemini reflects a soul who could make a living as a writer, teacher, or speaker

eg. Pluto here denote commanding presence at work, and the potential to achieve tremendous power and fame.

11th House: FRIENDS and COMMUNITY - natural ruler AQUARIUS

Keywords: friendship, humanitarianism, enlightened society,

it tell us about our peer groups and the types of friends that we attract.

eg. Cancer could have many friends who are healer and nurturers.

eg. Mars could be a leader in our community, or a pioneer who fights for humanitarian purpose. Many planets here denote an individual who focuses their talents on community, creating enlightened society, bringing people together and crusading for human rights.

12th House: SPIRITUALITY and the SUBCONSCIOUS - natural ruler PISCES

Keywords: escapism, karma, meditation, unconscious energies

This house is known as the house of self-undoing. It rules addiction, and our unconscious drives. It also represent unconditional love. The signs and planets in this house show wha we keep hidden.

eg. Pisces cold mean unrealized/underdeveloped spirituality.

eg. Uranus signifies someone who keep their eccentricity hidden.

Vedic Astrology Houses

Midheaven Affirmation

1. Aries (Self) This is my path toward becoming a hero and a pioneer

2. Taurus (Possessions) This is my path toward becoming a creator and builder of beauty and value

3. Gemini (Communication) This is my path toward becoming an informed and skilled messenger

4. Cancer (Home, Mother, Comfort) This is my path toward becoming a mothering and nurturing figure

5. Leo (Creativity, Child) This is my path toward becoming the show-master

6. Virgo (Service, Sin, Fear, Disease) This is my path towards becoming an organizer, preserver

7. Libra (Partnership) This is my path towards becoming a charm and a negotiator

8. Scorpio (Death/Mystery) This is my path towards becoming powerful and deeply wise

9. Sagittarius (Traveling Far) This is my path towards becoming a teacher and a guru

10.Capricorn (Business Success) This is my path towards becoming an authority

11.Aquarius (Community) This is my path towards becoming a revolutionary and visionary

12.Pisces (Dream/Spirituality/Loss) This is my path towards becoming an inspiration, a medium


There is no such thing as a "bad" angle. The disharmonious aspects are what give us intensity and drive. If we had only harmonious aspects in our chart, we might be complacent rarely challenging the status quo. Our disharmonies are what propel us forward, lending us drive to resolve tension through action and creativity.

Opposition 180ᵒ Most disharmonious - Tension, Friction, Passion

This discordance can generate dynamic, creative passion, which eventually leads to growth and intrigue. Harmonizing the polarities is part of the natives' life path.

Trine 120ᵒ Most harmonious - Easy blend of energies

With too many trines in a chart, one could be complacent or lazy.

Square 90ᵒ Disharmonious - Difficult, Friction, Struggle

These challenges eventually build character and lead to wisdom and depth.

Sextile 60ᵒ ✳︎ Harmonious - Beneficial, but weaker than trine

More effort is required to access the benefits.

Conjunction 0ᵒ Intensification of energies - Neither positive nor negative

If someone has a conjunction in their chart between two or more planets, this point on their chart will be an emphasis in their personality and life trajectory.


Semisextile 30ᵒ Mildly harmonious

less potent version of Sextile

Semisquare 45ᵒ Mildly disharmonious

Less potent version of Square

Sesquisquare 135ᵒ ☑︎ Mildly disharmonious

Similar to Semisquare

Quincunx 150ᵒ Challenging

Egergies cannot merge

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