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History of Our Moon

The Moon was built on Jupiter about 38 million years ago. Between the time it was built and 15,000 years ago, it's been touring around our solar system. Our solar system, we're told by NASA there are nine plantes, there are actually 40. There's Earth plus 39. Each of those planets has a civilizations and each of those planets has moons that have civilizations. There is so much going on in our solar system. There is so much air traffic control. It's fantastic the amount of trades that goes on both technologically and sociologically.

The Moon was toed around to the different moons doing exactly what it's doing now. that is monitoring whoever ives on there. It doesn't have it's own propulsion, it has to be towed. Our Moon was towed into its orbit about 15,000 years ago, just after the last ice age. When men first became aware of the skies, there was no moon, and then there were two moons, and then there was one moon. We think that the the other moon was the vehicle that towed our Moon into space.

There is a guy named Norman Bergrun (1921-2018), very knowledgeable, had so many degrees and works with so many aerospace companies doing different things. He loved in Los Altos Hills, which is south of San Francisco and worked at Lockheed, retired in 1986, and got a hold of some of the Voyager photos of Saturn's rings. And he wrote the "Ringmakers of SATURN'. There are three of them that he saw and one of the biggest was 30,000 miles long and 2,400 miles in diameter. Anyway I thought it'd be really neat to meet this guy. I wrote him that I happened to be going to the UFO conference in San Jose in 2005. I went to his house, met him, we became friends, very good friends over the years.

In the back of the "Ringmakers of SATURN," he discussed how the moon was towed into its orbit and his proof. His proof is that Mare Orientale, one of the craters on the back is not actually a crater but it's a place it has concentric rings, and he thinks that's where they grabbed onto it. And he proposed that an EMV, electromagnetic vehicle, towed into place. He thinks they parked it on the far side until they are ready to use it again. So I started looking for it and found it immediately on the crater Tsiolkovskiy. Tsiolkovskiy is on the far side and has a very interesting history. NASA as airbrushed, completely changed the character of that crater eight times.

We have been wanting to go to the Moon forever but there is this Van Allen Radiation Belts, which is in place around the Earth. We sent three rockets into space. The all had Geiger counters, and two of them worked and gave us the readings, tremendously high readings of radiation. No way could we penetrate it. There are two belts, one that goes from 500 to like10,000 and the other goes from 10,000 to 25,000. Very very lethal. I talked to him about that also. They picked up thousands of earth humans and taken them there for visits. One of them was Howard Menger in 1956. Howard Menger wrote a book called "From Outer Space to You". I found that not only he was invited up there, but there was a number of other people, scientists, people from different countries, and they told him that they had been doing this for a hundred yeas taking people up.

He spent two weeks there. First week is spent going into decompression because the breathable atmosphere is equal to about 15,000 to 18,000 feet here on Earth. And of course, if they were just to plop you down there, you'd have a problem. So what they do is gradually decompress them until they're used to that, and they bring them down and they take them all around the moon. There's a train that travels on what he calls a copper highway. It goes very silent and goes very fast. When they go out in the desert, the train stopped and they were allowed to stand out at high noon to see that it wasn't as hot as NASA says. And just very nice people, very advanced, and like I say, they've taken thousands of people over the years. People don't say that, won't tell their story because they know that they won't be believed. One of which is the daytime sky. The color is saffron yellow. And he became an advisor to the Pentagon when he got back because he know so much.

All NASA's photos are black skies, the Chinese just put up there, I wrote a couple of pages on what a ridiculous set of photos that was. They've got shadow going every which ways on it. And all these pictures from the ISS and and from satellites never have stars in the background either... Everything that we see from the moon basically all come from the Lunar Orbiter series. Boeing built that camera and spacecraft. Five of them were launched between 1965 and 1967, and they took thousands and thousands of photos and developed them as the craft was in orbit, and they crashed into the moon. 29:49

Source: Cosmic Disclosure S14 Ep.2 "Secret of the Living Moon"

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