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A New Earth

Chapter 2: Ego

The greatest miracle is the experiencing of your essential self. For this to happen you need to disentangle your sense of I. That disentanglement is what this book is about. The unchecked striving for endless growth is a disease. Whatever the ego gets attached are substitutes for the Being that it cannot feel.

The sense of pride (needing to stand out) is neither right or wrong. It is the ego Ego is not personal. It is just unconscious. When you are in touch with the inner body, you are not identified with your body anymore, nor you are identified with your mind. Body awareness is a doorway out of the prion that is the ego. Whenever tragic loss occurs, you either resist or you yield. When you yield internally, a new dimension of consciousness opens up. Your action will be in alignment with the whole and supported by creative intelligence. If no action is possible, you rest in inner stillness.

Chapter 3: Core of Ego

Ego = unobserved Mind and Emotions and reactive patterns. In every ego, the same structure operates. They live on Identification and Separation. Every ego is continuously struggling for survival, and trying to enlarge itself. When you criticize another, it makes you feel superior. Non-reaction to the ego in others is one of the most effective ways of going beyond ego in yourself. Someone becomes an enemy if you personalize the unconsciousness that is the ego. Non-reaction is Forgiveness. Recognize that all are suffering from the same sickness of the min.

To become free of the ego, all that is required id to be aware of it. Awareness is the power that is concealed within the present moment. Only presence can undo the past. The ultimate purpose of human existence is to bring that power into this world. The only thing that matter is : Can I sense my essential Beingness in the background of my life at all times? Or am I losing myself in what happens? Only the truth of who you are will set you free.

Emotions generate mind activities. Mind activities trigger emotions (∞)

Ego-generated emotions contains positive and negative.

Deeper emotions have no opposites.

Pain Body = Emotional Trigger Point. Lives in the cells. Feeds on painful emotions (eg. blame). Generates more negative thoughts. Cannot digest happy, positive thoughts.

Collective Pain Body is encoded in every human's DNA. (=psychic parasite)

Chapter 6: Breaking Free

Every time you are present, when the pain-body arises, some of the negative emotional energy will burn up and become transmuted into presence. It is not the pain-body but identification with the pain-body that forces you to relive the past. When identification with it ceases the transmutation begins. When you feel the pain-body, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you are feeling. It is part of the is-ness of the now. You cannot argue is what is. Through allowing, you become whole. No need to become whole. Be what you already are --- with or without pain-body.

Chapter 7: Finding Who You Truly Are

When you become aware of the ego in you, you know who you are not. The acknowledgement of that abundance that is all around you awakens the dormant abundance within. Then let it flow out. Allowing the form of the moment to be as it is, what happens has no power over you anymore. Your action becomes empowered by the intelligence of Life itself. You become conscious participants in the unfolding of higher order. The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with the Now, i.e. with whatever form the NOW takes. The decision to make the present moment into your friend is the end of ego. More time means more ego. Time is what ego lives on. Time is in your mind.

Psychological Time ; Clock Time ; Vertical Dimension of Time

Time is horizontal dimension of life, the surface layer of reality. There is the Vertical Dimension accessible only through the PORTAL of the Present Moment. We are not referring to clock time. It is psychological time. The elimination of tie from your consciousness is the elimination of ego. When you allow this moment to be as it is, you dissolve time = you dissolve ego. When you bring and inner YES to the form the Now takes, that very form becomes a doorway into the formless. Form means limitation. They can only be overcome internally. You rise above the internally by uncompromising surrender to what is. The surrendered state of consciousness opens up the VERTICAL dimension in your life. People depends on what happen for their happiness. Accept the present moment and find the perfection that is deeper than any form. The joy of being cannot come to you through any form. It emanates from the formless dimension. When you no longer defend the form of yourself, you step out of identification with form. When you are beyond form, true power can then shine through the weakened form. A situation may demand that you tell someone to "back off." Without egoic defensiveness, there will be power behind your words. It will be a "high-quality no" that is free of negativity.

Chapter 8: The Discovery of Inner Space

When consciousness is no longer totally absorbed by thinking, some of it remains in its formless. This is inner space. Non attachment means you can enjoy the pleasure of the world without fear of loss. It is same realization as "the earth is precious, at the same time insignificant." Through non attachment, nonresistance, non judgement, you gain access to another dimension - Inner Space. There is space around event. There is space around pain. There is space between your thoughts. From that space emanates a peace that is not of this world. There is peace of God.

Enjoy and honor the things of this world without giving them an importance. Participate in the dance of creation without placing demands upon the world. When you no longer have such expectations, all self-created suffering comes to an end. Whenever you are upset about an event, the real cause is not the event, but loss of the perspective that only space can provide. Whenever there is recognition of the goodness of simple things look for the background within yourself. Sense the inner spaciousness that is the source of that experience. The form of little things leaves room for inner space. It is from inner space the joy ob Being emanates.

You are still alert, open to what is. Then look and listen. Instead of reacting against a situation, you merge with it. The solution arises out of situation itself. Right action happens through you. When the action is accomplished, there is no one wha says, "Look, I did that". When consciousness is no longer totally absorbed by thinking, some of it remains in its formless. This is inner space. Your sense perception, emotions, thoughts are objects. They are experience, not experiencer. You are the experiencer. Who are you? Consciousness. It has no form. Only forms can be known. Although you cannot know consciousness, you can become conscious of it as yourself. You can sense it directly in any situation.

Be aware of your breathing as often as you are able. Do that for one year. It will be more transformative than attending any classes. Being aware of your breathing takes attention away from thinking, and creates space. Breathing happens by itself. You only witness it. When you are conscious of the breath, you are absolutely present. By feeling the subtle flow of air in and out of the body, you are also becoming aware of the inner body. Your attention may shift from the breath to that felt aliveness diffused through that body. Being unable to feel the life that animates the boy is the greatest deprivation that can happen to you. Your inner body is intelligence that created and sustains the body. When you become aware of inner body, the intelligence is becoming aware of itself. Use awareness of the inner body to create space. Be aligned with space instead of form. We have to enter the body to go beyond it and find out that we are not that. Discover the enormous power that flows through you into the world. To be still is to be conscious without thought.

Chapter 9 : Your Inner Purpose

When you negate time, the doing becomes a channel through which consciousness enters this world. Even in the most simple action like turning the pages in the phone book. The main purpose is to turn the pages; the secondary purpose is to find a phone number. Whenever you become anxious or stressed, outer purpose has taken over. The destination is secondary. What you encounter at your destination once you get there depends on the quality of this one step. When doing become infused with the timeless quality of being, that is success. When you become comfortable with uncertainty, fear is no longer a dominant factor in what you do. Infinite possibilities opens up.

Chapter 10 : A New Earth

It is not we who create, but universal intelligence that creates through us. We don't identify with what we create and so don't lose ourselves in what we do. The act of creation may involve energy of the highest intensity, but that is not "hard work" or stressful. The unmanifested flows into this dimension as awareness through human form that becomes conscious. Human form was created for this purpose. Consciousness created the brain for its expression. Why should consciousness create and experience form? For the enjoyment of it. How does consciousness do that? Through awakened humans who have learned the meaning of awakened doing. Only present moment can make you free.

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