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In the Company of ECK Masters

[Phil Morimitsu]

1. The world of outer expectations, as well as appearances is totally illusory.

2. Trust absolutely in the Mahanta.

3. mo matter how much proof a man has about anything, it son't become a reality until he knows it to be true in his heart, by his own experience.

[Sri Yaubl Sacabi] - 2. Sweet Dreams -

No longer was my life insignificant or futile. I had a dream, a vision. A way I could give back some of the life and love that God had given me. And it wasn't my dream alone, in the sense that it was mine to own. No. It was mine to see and to help fulfill. From that moment on, all I wanted to do was devote my life to seeing that dream come into being. It is my will that I follow the will of the ECK to manifest what It wants.

[Sri Towart Managi] - 3. The Setting Sun -

At this moment, I understood loneliness. The dull pain of loneliness was caused by the tight grasp with which I held to the things of my past that had previously given me happiness. The ECK was giving me a chance for greater happiness, but my hold on the past was preventing it from coming to me --- thus causing the painful loneliness. The ECK's only purpose is to bring the individual back to his home in SUGMAD.

[Sri Zadok and St. Paul] - 16. Church -

He dropped out of sight for about ten years gaining he necessary strength and experience in the inner worlds before embarking on his mission. He met the Living ECK Master of the times, Sri. Zadok. The Essene, who trained and tempered him. It was here that he was given the experience of God-Realization in which Sri Zadok escorted him to the Anami Lok. Here is the biggest difference in the two men. Jesus, whether he wished or not, was set up as a savior of men, their sins and their conditions in earthly life. St. Paul was only a vehicle for Spirit and, of himself, did nothing but act as a servant for Spirit in pointing the way to the higher worlds. This will also hear out the importance of having a teacher who is living in the flesh. Once Jesus was gone from earth, he was unable to keep his message clear. If the teacher is gone, the physical plane connection is broken and the student cannot verify the reality of the teachings from the Light body of the master. This is where psychic misinterpretation enters. This student believes he is contacting his master gone from the flesh, which he may very well be doing --- but often the student is fabricating an Astral trait of himself. Without the ever upward prodding of the Living ECK Master the student runs into introversion, a stoppage of unfoldment seldom rising above the astral illusion he has of his master. The Living ECK Master is needed to give and verify the inner relationship that deepens and leads the student to the very heat of the SUGMAD.

[Sri. Gopal Das] - 4. Awakening -

Freedom is finding existence outside of limitations. It is at this point that creation becomes one with beingness. When you visit new state of consciousness through soul travel, you're creating a new state of awareness within your own state of consciousness in order to accept the new things you experience.

The Egyptian Book of Dreams reaches the acceptance of the random awareness while asleep, so that one may learn to gain freedom in any situation while in the dream state. Once this is accomplished it can easily be carried over to the waking state. Once you can decipher the censor's scramblings, you'll be able to find the answers to any problems in your life. Write down the feelings you have, for feelings don't lie, and later on they may reveal the memory of a dream forgotten. As you write these dreams, write any thoughts that come to you as to why you may have dreamed it. Periodically, look over the dream journal, perhaps once a month, to see any patterns that may be forming, and look for correlations of your dreas to your daily life situations.

{Sri Fubbi Quanz] - 5. Love and Power -

When one has deficiencies in his life, and he attempts to fulfill them outside of this true beingness, he will be met with frustration and anger, for fulfillment of soul cannot be found in the pursuit of something outside of oneself. This is the choosing of power for strength. And in the end, one finds that it is a poor choice, for in power, there is no strength. But choose love, and no power will be able to stand before you, for in true love, there is no power. This is true strength. Remember, power takes, love gives.

[Wah Z] - 9. A Star Within -

Let's say there's something in your subconscious that is bothering you, but you just can't get yourself to face it. Then one day, you bring the thing to surface, and it's no longer in the subconscious; now, it's a conscious thing. Right? There is now a space where the previous unconscious thing, which became a conscious thing, was; so something must fill the space where it was or there would be a vacuum. So the Etheric takes in something else. The subconscious governs most of our motivating thoughts, and if there

s fear in the subconscious, then our lives will be governd by fear. Once we learn to face these fears however, as well as all the other things in the subconscious, the fear begins to be replaced by the Light and Sound of ECK. Remember,once something in the subconscious is uncovered, there must be something to replace it. If we bathe in the Light and Sound of ECK, this will be the thing that replaces fear in the subconscious, and IT, the ECK will be the motivating factor in our lives. This is the first step in the preparation of Soul stepping into the Soul Plane.

It was having trouble getting along with one of my fellow employees. I thought of all the things I'd seen and experienced tonight. How trivial any problems seemed now! I knew that the only reason men didn't get along was because they failed to sed others as a reflection of themselves.

None of it seemed to matter to me anymore. The only thing that seemed to hold any reality that would allow me to go on to the greater state of being, was the ability to forgive with love --- not only others, but also myself.

[Paul Twitchel] -10. Code of Dharma -

Dharma. It means a code of conduct by the initiate of ECK, that holds him to the doing of rightness. This code of rightness comes from within; and since it comes from within, it is the highest code of ethics that can come about for the individual. And it will vary from individual to individual. Not only will it vary from individual to individual, but it will change from moment to moment, and will get. more ethical and of the spiritual nature as the student unfolds to greater heights.

As you continue doing the Spiritual Exercise of ECK, what happens is that you, yourself, become more and more like this sound Current, the ECK. You start to take on ITs very characteristics. And as you do this, you become the messenger of SUGMAD. you express the properties of Divine Spirit ... like love, compassion, not in the emotional sense, but you begin to understand and relate better to all of mankind because you become the knower of life. This knowingness is a quality of Soul and has nothing to do with the mind. the mind doesn't know anything, not anymore than a book on a bookshelf knows anything. And so the chela, as he follows what he knows to be the right thing for his spiritual unfoldment will find that he develops a discrimination of what is right for him to do take the next step in his unfoldment. And doing so, he finds that he is benefitting the whole --- all those around him, all his family, all his fellow workers on the job, all his neighbors. They will all benefit from his following this code of dharma. It goes beyond morality, because morality is nothing more than a series of behavioral actions dictated by someone else. And once you're able to follow this code of dharma that you yourself and only yourself will discover, then you will become the knower of life and there will be no secrets in life that can be held from you.

When you follow your own code of dharma, it may dictate that you have money one day and lose it the next. All it is doing is having you consciously utilize the things of the material world to gain the next step in learning inner detachment. You learn to control your own destiny and reality moment by moment. And yet, it isn't even you that is controlling things. You can negate in your mind what has taken place here, now, but the reality of the situation is that you've had an experience that can't be denied. You have changed as a result of it. Who is to say what is real and what isn't. When the fact of the matter is that you have become a different person from the experience whether reality or illusion was the cause? It would be very easy for a lazy man to live in what he thought was a righteous lifestyle.

[Sri Dakaya, Sri Gakko] - 11. A Matter of Commitment

Mu grew in peace and happiness, devoid of cruelty and savagery. The people of Mu lived by he code of ECK, exemplified by the Sun of God, Ra-Mu. They kept the record of kros, which held the secrets of the history of not only this planet but of all the planets of the universe. Out of these records came the story of the Naacal Brotherhood from Venus, who passed on the sacred writings that holds the story of man on his sojourn from Venus to Earth. Six million years ago, on Venus, was Variagi ECK Master, Gakko. Life on Venus was, as you would say, heaven. For almost two million years, the people there experienced life in Golden Age. There was no hardships and pleasure brought no anxieties. But a great change was about to take place, as written and foretold in the records of the Kros. The new age was near --- the Tretya Yuga, or Silver Age. It marked the time that negativity would begin to creep into the worlds of matter in increasing amounts. From this point on, each pleasure would have anxiety attached on it.

On the eve of great change, Sri, Gakko gathered his chelas together and told them of the coming changes and that the only way to survive would be to adapt to them. Gakko Knew that life on Venus wold no longer provide the lessons Soul needed to have the keen consciousness to become a pure channel of SUGMAD. The time for the Silver age had arrived and Earth would be the place for the future of his teaching, while Venus would remain in a state of innocuous splendor, but impotent as far as giving Soul the lessons needed for purification. the Venegians sere repulsed by the crude Earthlings, but as the many generations were on and with sonstant contact instigated by Gakko --- showing the Earthlings how to farm, how to gather food --- the Venesians gradually began to intermarry with them.

During the following yugas --- the Bronze and Iron Ages --- man on earth advanced little, but Sri Gakko established the consciousness of the Soul Plane on earth for successive ages of man.

A day and a night in the life of God lasts 4,320,000 of our years.

Golden Age 1,728,000 years

bliss and worldly pleasure without pain

Silver Age 1,296,000 years

pleasure has some anxiety attached to it.

pain makes its first appearance

Bronze Age 864,000 years

pain and pleasure, good and evil are equally matched.

Iron Age 432,000 years

final glut of negativity overwhelming the good

With the dawning of the new Golden Age, Earth's first two million years after the appearance of Sri. Gakko, Adam and the story of the Garden of Eden took place in the land of the Polarian Man. The first ECK Master of this time had no name for there was not yet any language.

As the next stage, Silver Age came about Malati, the first ECK Master of name, appeared amongst the men called Hyperboreans. Man gathered in clans, and violence made its first showing upon this age. Negativity gradually, but definitely, seeped into the hearts of men.

Bronze Age brought the fierce Vakas kings of the continent known as Africa. The Varkas kings ruled with fear and black magic, showing savagery and cruelty that man had never before experienced. late in the Bronze Age, another race began to dominate. This was the present race, the Lemurians of the continet in the Pacific known as Mu. The Lemurians knew no savagery, they knew no violence, learning to rule the world instead by culture, science, and the knowledge of ECK. The Varkas were eventually scattered and destroyed by their own black magic, never to scourge the earth again with their hatred and fear. The culture of the Lemurians, as you are now experiencing it, is young. There will be one hundred thousand years more for its civilization build itself and eventually be destroyed by the great shifts and changes of the earth's surface.

Following this will be another fifty thousand years, and rising and falling of another great civilization, Atlantians, before the beginning of Iron Age, which will lasst for 432,000 years. Then the lower state of consciousness will be destroyed snd those Souls not established on the Soul Plane and higher worlds will be placed into a state of suspended sleep until the new world is ready for habitation. So we see that the cataclysms that mark the end of the ages are not necessarily the end of the physical universe, but in reality, mark the end of the cycle of Soul.

Soul does not die; there is no need to rush to leave a planet doomed for destination. The schoool will just begin a new, perhaps on another planet, another culture. There is no need for fitful haste. But the question that each Soul must confront is, when will It decide that It has had enough schooling? Enough experience? Enough of physical-and psychic-plane indulgences and pain? what good is all the knowledge of the universe and all the experiences, if Soul cannot put it to a constructive use as a Co-worker with the Devine Creator, the SUGMAD?

The first purpose of the lower world is to teach Soul the reality of the ECK and SUGMAD and to gain liberation from the wheel that binds one to the cycles of the ages and rebirth. Any pleasure and pain is solely to show Soul the lessons of the world, to teach It how to seek out the balance in any situation; for life in the heart of the Creator is balance. I realized that all the concerns I'd had --- jobs, money, material desires, the things that brought anguish and pleasure --- would no longer hold me as their slave unless I allowed it to happen. There was but one thing of consequence now --- the endless work of perfecting Soul in balance, and Its mission as a Co-worker with SUGMAD.

My time had come. No, the commitment had come. Something deep inside myself surrendered to that commitment, something that would have to surrender not just this once, but throughout all the moments of my life. And in that instant, time ended.

[Sri Yuont-Na, Sri Rama] - 12. To Hear a Smile

Uighur once was a far province of Mu. It survived the cataclysms of Mu and Atlantis to become the thriving Aryan country it is today. Many years ago, after the destruction Mu and Atlantis, the great ECK Master, Rama came from the high valley of the land known as Tibet. He came here to Uighur to teach the ways of the SUGMAD. He left message mainly to those of the Naacal Brotherhood.

Soon, trouble came as the jealous ones in power saw the danger in his teachings of freedom. Rama wasbanned from the capital city of Khara Khota. He returned to Tibet and there he hounded the Katsupari Monastery to house the ECK teachings.

Sri Yuont-Na

"At an early age, I was trained by the Naacals, learning the history of man, here and of other planets. I learned the uses of music at the Katsupari Monastery. Upon arriving back home in Khara Khota, I began my teachings under the guise of a Naacal priest. The Naacal were and still are sympathetic to the cause and teachings of ECK."

The teachings of Ra-Mu, from ancient motherland, were eventually corrupted by the priests, used as a controlling factor over the masses of people. These secrets of the priests were jealously guarded and given only to those who cold afford to pay a higher price. Now the sacred teachings of ECK are given quietly in gatherings such as this and coded in music. The priests would not tolerate any direct method of attaining freedom. Those who were mildly interested were too immersed in the dogmatic rituals established by the priests. They are too blind to understand the significance of the sound Current. Only the strongest, those who are willing to five up all the attitudes they hold dear, will be worthy to allow truth into their lives. The very way we speak is a form of the Sound Current. And while the words we say may not be the ECK teachings, the manner in which we say them is a direct reflection of our inner state of consciousness. Sound holds the key to freedom in all the worlds of God. Let ECK sound have freedom in your life, and you will grant freedom to all you come in contact with. When you are able to five freedom to all, then all will give freedom to you.

If yo give too much of the Sound, others will only hear a small portion of it. If you give too little, they will hound you for more, being unfulfilled. Men will reveal their needs to you, and when you are able to read these needs, you will be able to respond in the best proportion. Remember how Sri Yuont-Na listened quietly and picked up your needs as he told you his story? He listened inwardly for what it was the ECK wanted him to reveal, and in attuning himself with you, he was able to be the channel for your needs. If he had told you too much, he would have overwhelmed you. Too little and it would have caused you to ask too many questions, and in the process, forget what it was you really wanted to know. The best way to learn this inner sensitivity is to listen at all times to the Inner Master speaking to you. It will be a silent voice and often times, will only give you the answers once. After that, it is up to you to learn to listen and heed the directions. Once you are able to listen and learn from the inner voice, you will be able to hear It in the words of others around you. The whole outer world will reveal Its secrets to you in Its silent ways.

[Sri Rebazar Tarz] - 13. The Cloak

Humility is the ability to see the divineness in each person, before it manifests outwardly, no matter who they are. For is not each being and creature a spark of the Divine SUGMAD? And as we learn from each man, we share the open heart, and love. Thus love and humility go together.

[Sri Pythagoras] - 14. Tal King Teacup

The Twelve Points taught in the School of Blue Star

1. Discipline

To remain silent for five years, one must learn the self-discipline needed for the journey back to SUGMAD.

2. Wisdom

By learning from the words of others, as well as from their mistakes and virtues, when it is finally time for the neophyte to speak, he will have something worth saying.

3. The Laws of Karma

By offering no alibis, the neophyte can see the direct results of his actions. He will learn total responsibility.

4. Honesty

The neophyte quickly learns that honesty in his dealings in life is the most expedient manner of living. If he is totally honest with all, he will have to offer no explanations.

5. Concentration

By relying absolutely on the Inner Master, the Mahanta, the neophyte learns to concentrate, to have the presence of mind to surrender to the Mahanta under any conditions.

6. The drying up of the passions of the mind

Useless talking is a waste of energy. There is a chakra located at one's throat, and the indulgence of it causes the quickening of the passion. By gaining control of this faculty, the neophyte becomes the master of it.

7. Humility

By silence one learns from all others from all of life, when one is able to learn from all of life, he understands the meaning of humility --- that no matter how small and insignificant a being or creatuer may seem it is linked with the divine Creator, the SUGMAD, and it can teach one the secrets of God. But one can only learn by presenting the golden coin of humility.

8. Answers to questions

By silence, one will be forced to find the answers to all his questions. And rightly so, for if a man has a question, the answer must also lie within him.

9. Economy

By using no words, the ECK is demonstrated in action.

10. Strength

The ECK travels in the silent sound, and thus, taking on the characteristics of the ECK, that of the giving flow of the Creator, you gain the strength of truth.

11. Freedom

Words can lock on into a state of consciousness, by making its thought forms more concentrate in the physical. By keeping silence, one learns the nature and ways of the nonattached state of the ECK. One can have access to the free state through silence.

12. Love

This is the culmination and most important aspect of silence. Through silence, one observes the ways of love, and then one can know the ways in which to give detached love. But the proper observation of love cannot be made until the inner self is stilled. Through the purification of silence.

[Sri. Quetzalcoatl] - 17 The Plumed Serpent

(Aztec, A.D. 1400 present day Mexico City)

Many centuries ago in the ancient land known today as Central America, lived a race from the continent of Mu. I served as the Living ECK Master of the times for these people. The government, ethical systems, arts, and agriculture reached a high level, as they were all based on the principles of the Light and Sound of ECK. For many years, this culture flourished util an invading race drove us to the sea. This race of conquerors instilled fear and savagery. It was a cult of the blackest arts that haunted this land for thousands of years until the coming of Cortez and Spaniards.

The memory of Quetzalcatl, the god of the wind, remained, however, as the plumed serpent. This was representative of the Light and Sound of EcK, the undulatios of the serpent represented the Sound Current and the wings, the ascention to the Sun, to the Light of God. It should be pointed out that the men of these times were not as ignorant and primitive as one might suspect but it is an indication of the stranglehold the priests had on the people through fear.

Guilt is fear. It is an external device of the lower worlds. When an action is done that you know is wrong for yourself and others, the inner voice tells you so. Guilt occurs when you open yourself to the willing critics to the outer world and you let the outer make you feel the wrong done. this is unnecessary, for the inner knows what payment is to be extracted. There is no guilt involved, just compensation without emotion or ridicule.

The opinions of the outer world have no place or importance here. but the guilt of the outer world will try to make you pay for the debt as long as it can. There is no logic to it, as it is a form of negative indulgence. Until the individual has his eyes and ears opened by the Mahanta via the ECK, he will be a slave.

The Mahanta is always giving directions --- provided you as and have the attunement to listen. The Inner Master resides within your heart, always giving direction, never wrong. It is our interpretation to these directions that causes misunderstandings. Life itself will confirm or reveal the correct answer. This plays of life, thousands of years distant, is not foreign to present-day man, for you see the exploitation of guilt through fear occurs today in more numerous way than before, and all for the benefit of those in power.

You alone have the power to free yourself of guilt by placing your life in the hands of the Mahanta.

[Wah Z] - 18. Scratchy Throat

True spiritual strength is a balanced state of energy flows amidst a constant stat of flux. When men take from others, they do so from need --- a lacking in their own lives. But with spiritual strength all your needs independent of taking from others by force or manipulation.

When you have illness, all the protectors in your body rush to the affected part to try in all-out effort to fight the disease. When this happens you can't function normally. You get tired because all your natural energies are being tapped to fight this invading disease organism. All you attention is drawn to this affected area. One could view spiritual strength as healthy body.

One could view the disease organism in the air as the things that take one's attention away from being healthy, like temptations. When you ignore the things that keep you healthy, the consequence will be that one of the germs, or attention-takers will settle into your space. And once it does, you are no longer the master of your body.

Don't think you can get away with indulgence, like the man who takes from others to sustain himself and thinks he can live like that forever. Sooner or later, the body breaks down and you become a slave to the body, as surely as the man who lives off others finds that he is a slave to those he depends upon.

But a spiritually strong person can go anywhere and isn't moved buy the temptations of indulgences. Therefore, he isn't prey to the germs and attention-takers. No matter where he goes, he won't be affected by the temptations, indulgenced, and disease organisms in his surroundings.

[Wah Z] - 19. Men and Women

The idea of switching sexes every few lifetimes is to bring Soul into perfect harmony between the two. As Soul get closer to reaching the self-realized state. It is balanced enough to be able to draw on the qualities of either of the tow sexes in any situation; but it is always able to return to the center, the point of neutrality.

When Soul reaches that It need not gain answers solely from the outside world, It becomes the whole --- the Alpha and the Omega. It takes on the qualities of both man and women. But until this time, Soul will try to take what It needs from the other sex, creating more karma. A man can learn the feminine qualities he needs from women, and vice versa. But once he refuses to learn and expects woman to make up make up for his weaknesses, then a dependency begins and bondage results Each person, man or woman, must always have the freedom to express both aspects of the sexes in order to come into spiritual balance. They can attain a warm human and emotional love from each other, but the deeper love --- the love that connects Soul with all life --- can only be attained by the embrace of Soul with the ECK, the Sound Current.

[Sri Vaita Danu] - 20. Alexander

It is my humble with that my little tale can be of some benefit to you. Alexander made himself a great king through sheer willpower. But the reason he thirsted for new worlds to conquer was out of hear. The Soul that was Alexander came into that lifetime knowing he had the opportunity to make great spiritual gains --- or material gains. The choice that he had to make was that of the Ahankara, or vanity. As history has borne out he chose the conquest of the outer worlds, thus falling prey to his own vanity. When confronted with a fearful challenge, he attacked it. He became his own greatest enemy, challenge, and tormentor.

The year was 327 B.C.; Alexander's army had crossed the Indus River. This is where the ECK had me enter into his life. I appeared to Alexander as he rested in camp after making his way through the gorges of the Hydaspes and Ascesines rivers which fed into the Indus further south. I offered him a sack of water and spoke to him in his native Greek, 'Drink, Alexander, and all life will be yours. He looked at me and received the gaze of the Mahanta. If he drank, he would have opened his heart to the ECK and his journey to SUGMAD would have been started. Instead, he hesitated. I told him, 'You have been tested and found wanting Sire. You shall die early in life, unhappy that no worlds are yours for the conquering. You shall become a wonderer through life, in birth after birth, until you find one who will take you to the SUGMAD.'

There was a pause for a brief moment as the words sneak into Alexander's heart. The he shook himself and his daze, gave a glance, to one of his officers and motioned to me with his head. but as the officer raised his sword I disappeared into thin air. Alexander raided the Brahmin country of the Malli. Alexander himself scaled the sheer heights with a ladder, fought his way onto the ledge and jumped into a swarm of enemy soldiers. One of the Mallian archers let fly and arrow from the top of the wall that pierced Alexander's armor and entered his lung, shattering one of his ribs. The Greeks, just now overflowing the top of the wall from which Alexander had first come, upon seeing their fallen king went berserk with rage,a slaughtering all the enemy soldiers and then citizens of the city. He lived for three more years, but they were years that were plagued with a slowly declining vitality. With each passing hour, he knew that his life would never be long enough to conquer all that he wold have wanted to conquer.

There is a bit of Alexander in all men, until they drink of the water offered by the Mahanta. The fire in your heart is nothing more than the desire to return home to GUGMAD, but if you direct your efforts towards controlling your outer world, your fate will be the same as Alexander's, as well as any number of world-be world conquerors. Your own lower nature is the only thing that stands in your way. Conquer yourself, your lower nature, and fires that burn and torment will turn to a boundless warmth of love, and a light that will show the way.

[Sri Lai Tsi] - 21. Water in the Bucket

True inner strength means the goal will be self-Realization and then God-Realization. The measure of strength is how well a man can stay true to those goals. Inner strength has nothing to do with annihilating and opponent, but it is the building of the inner foundation and balance so that nothing can shake one from this point Every champion touches this inner reservoir at one time or another. the difference between the athlete and the man going for God Realization is that the athlete is limited by the condition of physical body. The man of God is limited only by his desire for the higher states.

The man going for God-Realization competes with no one but his own lower nature. As long as he remains in the lower worlds, there is never a final victory or defeat, but one endless struggle. This inner strenght is built around self-mastery of all that comes in his life. Not that he tries to control all things in his life, that world be an impossible and futile endeavor. What he tries to master are his actions and reactions to all that would come into his life, to be able to look and act upon all of life from the Soul point of view, to know when to assert himself and when to give in, but always to act in the name of love for all life.

When man can live his life in conscious and willing love, when the agner and passions of the world around him bounce harmlessly off the glow of Spirit that surrounds him, when nothing can move him against his will --- for his will has now become the will of the SUGMAD --- then this is true strength.

[Sri. Wu Tenna] - 22. Waiting.

Life in Jupiter 4 million years ago (Golden Age)

Jupiter! I didn't know there was any life o Jupiter. Wha Z answered calmly, "Well there isn't as we know it. We can't see or measure it by earthly standards, yet it's very real. Actually life exists at a finer vibration than we on earth are accustomed to." I am Wu Tenna! You have forgotten, but it will come to you. We were together many years ago. Many of Earth's present inhabitant have known me, from past lifetimes on Jupiter.

Life on Jupiter during the Satya Yuga --- over four million yers ago. Advanced enough to have spacecraft needing no fuel, beautiful dwellings that had been in existence for thousands of years, fruit and food growing from the trees and out of the ground, never needing tilling or cultivating. Eternal spring. Men lived for hundreds of years at a time. This was where I had spent some of my early incarnations over four million years ago during the Golden Age, when life was simple, care free, and without the harshness of the Iron Age, the Kali Yuga, in which I now lived.

The Golden Age is when souls come back into the lower worlds for their lessons after their long sleep. You spent a series of lives in those years on Jupiter, in the Golden Age; yourself as well as many who are on earth now. Many of the Souls who studied with me were not new Souls to the lower worlds, No, they had already passed through the great wheel in one cycle of the ages, but once was not enough. They chose to stay in the worlds of indulgence, came back to live in the cycle of pain and rebirth once again. Many learned the ways of the ECK through the teachings of the Mahanta, the Living ECK master, only to lose interest and fail into the easy complacency of the false joys the Golden Age had to offer.

In the Golden Age, pain was much easier to avoid, or so if seemed. In reality the pain was bing stored to be paid for in a later lifetime. The longer one waits to repay the debt, the more painful the repayment. It is for this reason that many who lost the opportunity to learn the lessons on Jupiter have now chosen the harsh life on Earth. The pain is so much greater on Earth and the lessons are not as easily forgotten. And when freedom is finally won, it is much more apparent and sweeter and shines brighter amongst the slavery that is so prevalent on Earth.

What you see before you, Jupiter, is just an illusion, just as it was four million years ago when you inhabited a physical body on the planet. the Earth world you live in now is also an illusion. These are just fleeting conditions. The golden Age was a condition of ease and joy. The Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, is a condition of crass force and anger. But Soul is not illusion. Thus your task as Soul remains the same throughout all the conditions of the different ages: to love the Mahanta in all men, not just in the Living ECK Master's face, only then do you understand that the Mahanta waits patiently in your heart, waiting for you to love and see all of life through his eyes.

The Mahanta has been with each soul from the beginning of time. He was waiting for you on Jupiter from million years ago, and he is waiting for you now on Earth. Like the four great yugas, like the planets and even the different bodies of the Living ECK Master, these are all just conditions that change, will come and go. but the Mahanta is always waiting for Soul.

[Sri Zadok of Judea] - 23. Show Time (Note: for Michi this is about inappropriate compassion)

The theater, the stage, life in the street of your metropolis --- are illusory. Yet they serve their purpose, for in their unreality, they bring Soul back to reality --- to the ECK. The man known as Jesus Christ was a contemporary of mine. We met on several occasions while he was preparing for his mission. We talked, but we both knew over missions were different. Because of the nature of Jesus's works and words, he must constantly return to the court of Yama until there are no more misunderstanding involving his name --- which may very well continue to the end of the yuga, or until all remnants of karmic debt in his name are cleared up. His missions was that of a world of savior --- and by this, he will be bound to the world. Jesus's teachings became the worship of the personality, for there was no other way to get his messages to the people in a manner that they would understand. This is the way of the saviors. He took the karma of making his work known through the power of his personality. So now the karmic debts are incurred in his name, that personality. And so it is in this form that he must answe for the debts.

When the ECK Masters lead the chela to the Mahanta, the Inner Master, there is no personality involved. The Outer Master is the teachers who clears up any misunderstandings he can on the outer, but when he leaves the earth, there are no karmic debts attached to his personality, for he has guided the chelas to the Inner Master.

Now it is the nature of the Inner Master to tech self-reliance and self-responsibility since it is the highest representative of SUGMAD, yet resides in the heart of man. There is no outside agent to pin any blame of guilt on. The Mahanta reveals more of himself to the chela as the chela is able to demonstrate responsibility for his own actions. When you so something in the name of the Mahanta, you've acting as an agent for the Mahanta, the highest state of consciousness; it is a karmaless state. The Mahanta takes care of the chela's karma so it can be worked out more quickly. It means the Mahanta teaches the chela the laws of the lower worlds so he won't break any of them. Should you break a low the Mahanta decides how much karma you will have to pay. He will speed things up, sot the chela can learn faster than the cumbersome lords of karma would have him learn. He may work it so the chela can handle the payment without going off the deep end in debt, but in all cases the Mahanta will make it so the chela learns the lessons in the most expedient way. If the chela persist in breaking the laws or not listen to the Mahanta, there is not much that can be done. The chela must then face the full brunt of the penalities haded down the the lords of karma --- slow and uncaring devoid of love. After facing the lords of karma, the role of the Mahanta is appreciated in full.

On the other hand the followers of Jesus believed that Jesus would take care of their karmic debts and dumped all their transgressions on him, doing nobody any good, and Jesus now has to answer for all the things done in his name. The only purpose of the Mahanta is to guide the chela back home to SUGMAD. The rest is up to the chela.

[Sri. Francesco] - 24. Swing (for Michi: can you take mental massage that hurts good)

Did you ever wonder why it is that children have laughter in their eyes? because they have no fear. And having no fear, they rest in the loving arms of ECK. Their trust in the ECK is like the swing they ride they trust the upward exhilarating ride and experience freedom. Adult may fear that the chains might break, or they might lose their hold and fall, but children never thinks of that. They think only of the ride. Perhaps what makes adults tentative is that they once fell off the swing. Pain will either make one tentative or make one love SUGMAD even more. A choice is always to be made after times of great pain. And this choice will determine which way the individual will choose to walk for a time --- the road of love, or fear.

Some years ago, I was overseas fighting a war. I had delusions of grandeur, you might say, very romantic ideas of what war would bring. I think perhaps I was more interested in impressing my friends with the gallant figure I act in my uniform. All of that was very quickly shattered for me, however, I was taken prisoner I spent more than a year in prison and was exposed to the harsher aspects of life for the first time. A lot of haughty illusions were stripped from me, and I was able to confront many undesirable characteristics in myself that I hadn't even known existed. When I had finally regained my strength. I was able to see life with very different eyes.

Every men has a pain threshold. When this threshold is breached, the will is broken. The will to resist the forces of the world, but also to resist the inner forces of ECK. I learned that one can reach this threshold of pain by surrendering to ECK. You see pain is merely friction caused by the tense grasp resistance of the will, the ego to keep Soul from accepting the inevitable --- the will of SUGMAD.

And in our daily lives, one can see that pain is a reflection of desires. Life is simple. One can either desire the things of the outer life and constantly live in a state of pain or potential pain, or like those kids on the swings --- not wanting, but living in the heart of the SUGMAD, living for love and freedom, for the ride. By not holding inwardly to the things of the material world, you can give freely of yourself of life. It's difficult to give anything of yourself important. What could be more important than giving 100% of yourself at each moment? If the goal is God-Realization, then the only way to reach it is to emulate IT --- by giving love --- for what does Divine Creator create other than love itself?

Everyday life is nothing more than a series of problems to be solved. There's no escaping them emotionally. They're always in a turmoil, seemingly never able to gain control of their lives. Mentally they can't control which thoughts enter their minds. But the experienced Soul is like the child that lets the SUGMAD speak through them via the ECK. They are patient ones, because they know and trust that the ECK will reveal all of life's answers.

[Sri Socrates] - 25 Fish

The fear of life is same as fear of death. What happens when you die? At least from a physical point of view, you have non action of the physical organism. What happens when you are afraid to life? You have non action. You subject yourself to becoming the total effect of you surroundings. Similarly, reactions to these fears are the some. when confronted with death, one may react with a flurry of desperate actions in order to prevent it. When one is confronted with having to face life, he may also react in the same way. Feeling of sadness and regret are part of this fear too. Take the example of your dog. You felt sad that he was gone fro your life and regretted that you couldn't take better care of him. Did you do the best you could? We can all do better in retrospect. But that has nothing to do with resent day reality. The reality of any situation always and only has to do with the immediate circumstances. If you did the best you could at that moment, then that was the only thing you could have done. No more, no less.

In death, one fears that the final reality for Soul will be the loss of the physical body. No more life, no more love, no more fun. When one fears life, he is afraid that the choices he makes will lock him into a certain limiting state of consciousness that he won't be able to be free once the choice is made. That he will be frozen in tie and space --- rendered limited, like death. Rather than risk getting involved with life and the possibility of becoming frozen, he doesn't act or get involved with life at all. When one refuses to get involved with the life he's in, then he is truly dead. He has locked himself into inaction --- death the very thing he was trying to avoid.

There is birth. There is sustenance. There is death. Then the cycle is repeated. This is the reality of the lower world, but in the higher worlds. There is only one reality --- beingness. The cycle of the three becomes one constant state of beingness. When you are able to be untouched by peripheral reactions to these cycles, such as fear, feelings of remorse and sadness, then you really start living. Nothing will impede your life, and living becomes the joy and intense bliss it was meant to be. Once change is seen to be the norm, the transitions become smoother and smoother until the oneness of reality enters your life.

Every time you change consciousness in your daily life, every time you make a decision, there is a death of sorts of the old state of consciousness in order to make room for the new state. When one follows the Light and Sound, then new state is always better, for each state takes one closer to the heart of SUGMAD.

[Sri. Janos Moneta of Sweden] - 27. Pool Hall

In the latter half of the 17th century in Europe, life had become stable. In fact, in many ways, it was frozen in consciousness. Europe was ready for a new social order. Up to this point in time there were very few individuals who could have benefited from knowledge of any sort, as the common man was too busy making a living and supporting the monarchies. Sweden dropped out of the power grab with a costly loss to Russia. From that point on, even to the present Sweden has generally adopted a policy of neutrality.

In 1699 all of Hungary was surrendered to Austria. This was the beginning of the end of the Turkish hold that gripped many of the lands and separated from the Eastern influence. In the arts the heavy, structured baroque period which helped give society a stabilizing force had become rigid and gave way to the rococo, a more light and whimsical style. This in turn led to the neoclassical period, which emulated the classic styles of the Greeks, and the Age of Reason began. This period gave us musical greats such as Mozart and Haydn.

Religion was also undergoing upheavals. In England a number of branches split from the church. All of these things culminated in the seeds of the Industrial Revolution which some say started in the mid-18th century in England. This led to the quick communication lines of today, which in part have enabled many pf the sincere seekers of truth to gain access to it.

What does all this history mean? It boils down to this: The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master is the direct representative for SUGMAD, and being so, he is the keystone for life on not only earth, but the universe. The delicate balance that is needed for life to survive is channeled through the Mahanta Consciousness and touches all things animate and inanimate. Herein lie the key word: balance. The living substance, the ECK, is channeled through the Mahanta. The ECK will do what It must do to have Its presence exist in the lower worlds to balance out negative forces.

The attributes of the ECK are freedom and love. To express these traits, someties upheavals and destruction of old, binding thought forms must occur. Consciousness in the higher worlds, free of form, is undivided. It only becomes separated when Soul enters the lower worlds. There must be one focal point at all times for the wholeness of consciousness. This is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. Without this, the lower worlds would be totally under the domination of the separated consciousness --- the Kal Niranjan. The lower law of selfishness would overtake us all life. The Living ECK Master, by being the open channel for the Mahanta Consciousness, allows SUGMAD to pour ITs essence, the ECK, into the lower worlds. He does not have to stir uprisings, he does not have to preach for social reform, nor does he have to encourage any kind of behavior to change life as it is.

When Mozart composed of his immortal Symphony No.40, he was touched by the Mahanta. When men struggled for freedom of worship and freedom of life, the Mahanta was there to inspire them with the ECK. For when Soul, through man, struggles to touch the highest point of himself, the Mahanta is there waiting to give succor and life.

Isn't Soul a particle of the SUGMAD, a reflection of the whole? And being so, each Soul has the capabilities and potentialities of all attributes. When the student envisions or keeps the presence of the Mahanta, he is focusing his attention of the representative of SUGMAD. The appearance of the Mahanta on the inner screen acts as a matrix, or focal point, for the chela to receive the ECK from the source, the SUGMAD. The members of the Vairagi are of the longest unbroken line of Masters. The work of the Mahanta, the living ECK Master today is a product of careful groundwork done by Sri. Janos as well as all the preceding ECK Masters.

Not much was known about Sr. Janos at the time. Few men know of him, other than the small group of students he worked with, such as Emanuel Swedenborg but he was setting up conditions for the future ECK Masters. this was part of his mission. HIs life and work was quiet and was what was required of him by the SUGMAD.

[Sri. Zoroaster (Zarathustra)] - 28. Grain of Wheat -

The Middle East Has not always been in the state of turmoil it is currently in. Do you remember the story of the Christ child being born in a manger, and the visit of the three wise men from the east? "Yes! the Magi" Yes, the Magi were formed from the teachings of Zoroaster; and ECK Master of about 600 B.C. He lived in ancient Persia, what is known today as Iran. I was a gardener in my days spent in Persia. So I appear to you now as the same. Man will always have a fight on his hands. The biggest one, and the one he wishes to avoid the most, is with himself. Conquer and master yourself, and you walk the earth and heavens as a free man. But conquer the outer world, and that which you take by force will bind you to it. Then who is the master?

Man's troubles begin and end with his mind passions --- lust, greed, anger, vanity, and attachment --- are normal function of the mind out of balance. The most insidious thing about these passions is that they tie one to the world of outer appearances, making man think that fulfillment of life comes in the gaining of the material things of the world. While there is nothing wrong with life in the outer world, it is a grave mistake to believe that one can fulfill his inner life with the things of the outer. When once places his faith in their outer appearances, he enters a giant game which he can never win. To fulfill any of the five mind passions, one must manipulate and me manipulated. This is the game of power. The five passions create desires. And to satisfy these desires, one must manipulate life around him to get what he wants.

Oftentimes, the final futile attempt at manipulation comes in trying to manipulate God, in one's desire to serve and become God. This is one of the greatest vanities man comes to. The only way to sere God and partake ITs ecstasies is to surrender completely one's will, one's desires, all, to the ECK and Mahanta. For one must learn the ways of Spirit from one who knows. The life of desires and manipulations is a treacherous one. It is in mind that all the causes for desire are born.

An immature Soul may think IT isn't indulging in manipulations, but by ITs merely having desires, IT will be manipulated by other more devious beings. It makes no difference whether one is doing the manipulation or whether one is being unknowingly manipulated --- both are crimes against Soul. Everywhere you walk, you are being bombarded by advertising, angry thoughts, jealous people. power plays --- all of these are just subtle and devious methods of hypnosis and manipulation. It is controlling the minds of others to fulfill someone's desires.

The underlying reason those seeking power do so is because they are afraid. These ignorant of the laws of love resort to following the lower laws of karma, or as you know it, tit-for-tat. They won't love first, nor will they love any more than is given them first. It became a tedious game for them. This is not love. This is bartering. The only way to love is to give without any conditions. The giving of love is own reward. the richest of men know that they rest in an endless abundance of this love and that there is never a need to worry about running out.

The moment Soul allows ego to believe that it (ego) is doing something of a great nature, the moment it takes any kind of credit for what the ECK does, it becomes vanity. When the go tries to direct the ECK, no matter what the reasons; it becomes manipulation and indulgence in the black arts. The Masters talk of the no-power. Soul is made of the pure ECK, and ECK uses Soul to channel ITself into the worlds. We, of ourselves, have this tremendous power flowing through us, but we ourselves have no power. To claim it or try to grasp hold of IT would be like trying to grasp electricity as it flows through the wires. We are nothing. ECK is all. As one observes more of the ECK passing through, he is given insight into more ways that he can surrender himself to the ECK. But the dangers become greater too, for one can develop great vanity, thinking that he is a great channel because he has great amounts of ECK poring through him.

Can we say that, as Soul, we are greater than another? Soul is! The only difference lies in the lower worlds, where realization of what we are is the only differential factor. In the higher worlds, there is no your Soul or my Soul --- there is only Soul.

[Sri Sato Kuraj] - 29. Newspaper -

Guardian of the Shariat-Ki-Sugmad in the Hall of Brahmanda in the city of Mer Kailash. I felt I was becoming the book itself. I was understanding and knowing all things, secrets of the universe secrets beyond death, beyond life. The book was the knowledge of the SUGMAD ITSELF. I lost track of time, of myself, of everything. All I wanted to do was to gaze into that book. The title of guardian is misleading. The holy book needs no protection, it is the chela that needs to be watched! "OK, I think he is ready. His head has been sufficiently softened by the Shariyat.

Mind is a computer. Some minds have more memory than others, some are better equipped than others. Some have more programs. Some are adaptable to other computers, but each one has basic functions. They all perceive, process, and do things with information.

When man has the Ahankar out of balance, when there is too much attention placed on this function of the mind vanity sets in, for vanity is nothing more than this part of the mind thinking it is the center of the individual's universe.

Soul exists in all places at one. However, it can become trapped in one of the mental functions if caught off guard. In many people, It gets trapped in the most basic elements of the mind, in the Chitta or Manas functions, and always by the likes and dislikes. This is why you find so much discord in the worlds. Men, rather souls, get trapped into thinking that mind is God; and this being so, they feel they must defend their god to the death. This usually means defending only the likes and dislikes.

Chitta and Manas pass on the findings of the likes and dislikes to the Buddhi, the Buddhi will decide which of the finding will be what they think is the will of God. Then, passing this will of God the Ahankar, it becomes a matter of Self-assertion, and self-rightousness. The only way all of this can be avoided is to view all of the information in life from the Soul viewpoint. The mind will always have likes and dislikes. When Soul is in control of the Buddhi, Soul using mind to discriminate and decide what is best for all on ITs journey back to SUGMAD.

Spiritual intelligence is based solely on how much control Soul has over all aspects of the mind --- how much of the mind working as a servant to Soul and ECK. If Soul does not take control of the mind, the mind knows nothing better than to serve the Ahankar. This is the path to destruction; for the Ahankar, when left to its own, will seek to perpetuate itself through force, indulgence and vanity. Too much of anything --- even the ECK --- while in the lower bodies will cause imbalances. The key is, learning to balance the inflows and out flows. Once you learn this secret, you will be able to have a constant stream of the ECK in your life without having to submit to the Kal in order to balance out. But it must start with soul taking control of the mind. Control doesn't necessarily mean a tight grip on the mind. It's a constant checking to make sure. Soul is overseeing the mind.

[Sri Tabriz] - 31. The Book Part Two

"When I met Rumi for the first time, he was carrying a great load of books. I tossed them into a pool of water, I told him, Now you must LIVE the life of ECK." 'There is no other God but SUGMAD!' And he disappeared. Whatever had happened, his presence seemed to have woken me up, as I no longer felt the heavy thoughts. He (Tabriz) was right. I (Rumi) was getting hung up in the mental machinations of the Soul Travel techniques and such, when the only thing that was of any importance was that we are here to serve in love as channels for the Light and Sound of SUGMAD'

[Sri Rumi of Afganistan] - 30. Sufi Teachings

It seems Rumi was born in Afghanistan in 1207 and was admitted to the Sufis in 1230. A professor of theology, he was well traveled and spent many years in Persia. In 1244, he met Shams-i-Tabriz. Sumus was one of the great teachers of the Order of the Vairagi and that Jalal-ud-Din'l-Rumi was his successor. It was Shamus who inspired and encouraged Rumi to write the Masnavi so that the world would have something of the great ECK teachings for that day and period. The two men spent three years of intense study together. At one point Shamus was surrounded by some jealous students of Rumi, They were going to kill him, but at the moment they struck, Shamus cried out, "There is no other God but SUGMAD!" Then he disappeared totally.

Rumi was quite accomplished at direct projection in his day. Direct projection is an individual skill similar to mastering a violin or any other craft. This is but one aspect of Soul travel It offers the separation of the physical body from the spiritual --- from Soul. This will give one the experience of Spiritual liberation, of freedom from the blindness of the earthly senses and bodies. But there are many other techniques that will give the same result Another form of direct projection is just moving one's attention away from the body for the moment. Have you ever noticed when you are experiencing pain such as in the dentists office, that if you focus your, that if you focus your attention on the pain it hurts more. This is also Soul Travel or direct projection only it is your attention moving from the outer body to one of the inner bodies to experience something on one of the inner planes, while the physical body remains in the same place.

There are varying degree of sight, and it depends upon which body you are viewing the situation from. Things will look slightly different on the Astral Plane than in the physical. When you look at life on the Astral Plane, you are using the Astral eyes. Remember, soul viewing life on the Soul Plane may not see much of anything, as there is less to see.

One must always be aware of the goal of such experiences. Are these visions and experiences taking you, as Soul closer to your goal of spiritual liberation; or is it just a matter of seeking some sort of lower gratification for being able to do tricks? A far greater skill is that of knowingness. The individual may go beyond direct projection into direct knowingness no longer needing to go through mechanical means such as Soul Travel or any other projection techniques. When one needs to know something, he places his attention on the ECK and simply knows.

God is not divided but always one, and consciousness is one, so it's just a matter of Soul, the knower of life, tapping into its true home, into the pure consciousness of the One. Hence, Soul knows all.

The Masnavi certainly has its merit for these of the day and perhaps, it will does for some today, but I wrote it for the men of man of my day, and that was over seven hundred years ago. Today, you have a Living ECK Master to speak to the men of today in their own language. His word is LIVING. When you read and study his words, you are not just reading words, you are opening your heart, so when you contemplate the ECK, you can partake of the knowingness with and open and pure heart. The words are important only in that they can act as keys to open the consciousness and heat of the seeker.

[Sri Supaku] - 32 Plants -

Each of man's organs has a certain vibration, and if there is either too much or too little of the ECK running through his body, an imbalance will be created and thus a malady occurs. Every disease known to an can be cured by the use of proper herbs, provided the vibratory rates are matched up correctly. Sometimes it will take a combination of herbs together to heal. Originally much of this information came to us through the continent of Mu over 26,000 years ago. Since then we've had time to perfect these systems and we're still working on them. Atlantian civilization has been in existence for about that long and has reached what may be its highest period now. If you compare this with your own civilization which has been around a mere seven thousand years, you can see that we've had time to work on these things. The life span of our people is twice that of people in your time.

We've been living in this present era without the use of money for almost two centuries now. Now the Atlantians have adopted some of the ethical codes that we as ECKists live by. Whether we use money or not is no matter to me. Whether man choose the life of outer material and power or whether he choose the life of inner nobility and love, again is not my concern. But if he chooses to make the journey to SUGMAD his life's work, then all my love and joy go with him and I shall care for him more than he cares for himself.


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