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The Source Field

Chapter 10 Summary

Genes are not responsible for building the body.

  • Human body has 70,000~90,000 proteins. Scientists believed there must be at least one gene for each protein.

  • But only 34,000 genes were discovered in human genome, and about 24,000 genes were found in primitive worm. Human has only 10,000 more.

DNA attracts light

  • Gariarev and Poppin, 1984 demonstrated that DNA acts like a miniature black hole (The DNA phantom effect)

What if light itself contains the DNA code?

  • V. Budakovski, 2000 recorded a healthy raspberry plant tissue in a hologram with the read laser. Zapped a tumor with the hologram. The callus (tumor) developed into a healthy raspberry plant. Modern biology has no explanation for this.

  • Implication: The entire genetic code can be "enfolded" into a single photon of light. (Photon itself is much much larger than the smallest particle = Plank's constantso there is a lot of room in the fractal photon structure).

  • Implication: The DNA is written into the background energyof space and time (David calls it "digital" biology).

A.B. Burlakov Fish Egg Experiment

  • Example of energetic vampire

  • May be a holdover from animal kingdom of survival / survival of the fittest

Dr. Glen Rein

(David thinks he is Einstein reincarnated)

Undifferentiated cells from human placenta put in test tube. Tube given to people trained in accurately creating human emotions. When people felt anger, DNA unwound and "died". When people felt love, DNA rewound healing an otherwise "dead" molecule (measurement was done with the amount of light absorption).

  • Conclusion: loving energy heals the DNA molecule.

  • Angry/aggressive people can absorb vital energy from others.

Life evolve in the presence of stress ( you need to work through it )

Caenorhabditis Elegans

Normally lactose-intolerant microorganism. When placed in a lactose-only environment, most of the organisms die. However small percentage survive. Evolution occurs in a rapid almost instantaneous scale. The worm spontaneously changes the shape of its mouthto be able to digest lactose.

Certain life forms heal their own DNA from pure information

  • Drosophila Fruit Fly research

Take the single fertilized cell forming the embryo. Remove all the DNA that makes the eyes. Fruit fly is then born without eyes.Breed it with other fruit fly without eyes. No matter how the scientists do this, the eyes are automatically replaced (within 5 generations).

The immortal jelly fish

It refuses to die no matter how smashed it was. The paper was first published in 1996. Shin Kubota in Japan found that Scarlet jellyfish were caught in the plankton net and spikes were removed. It reverted to its original embryonic polyp state. He has been studying this since 1976.

Can we access the pure information and make DNA from "nothing"?

Dr. Luc Montagnier, 2011

  • Two hermetically sealed tubes of water. One tube has trace amount of DNA in it. The other doesn't. Electrify both tubes with a 7-herts EM field. Water molecule in the second tube rearranged into DNA.

  • Thus DNA appears to be a "quantum field" effect that does not require other life to exist first.

  • Lifeforms arrange spontaneously

Ultrastractural and light microscopy analysis of SAPA bions formation and growth in vitro

  • Prof. Ingacio Ochoa Pacheco

The 2016 Conference on YouTube Summary

Let's look at fractals

A fractal is a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale.

What is the original fractal of the universe?

What is the original Mandelbrot set ?

What I am obsessed with is these five forms of geometry

Platonic Solids

These are all fractal to each other. In other words, they are all nested inside each other and they all grow out of each other.

Cube inside Dodecahedron

... like a rooftop on each face of the cube.

Tetrahedron inside Cube

...notice there is no overlap

Octahedron inside Tetrahedron

Icosahedron inside Octahedron

...there is a tilt

...the ratio of this tilt is Fibonaccci

Dodecahedron inside Icosahedron

Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka ---The Amplituhedron

They discovered that all of space and time are emanation of a single geometric form.

Sir Roger Pensose in the 1970 got pretty close but he didn't quite nail it but he got a lot of math right. These two guys came in and basically completed his work, and it was actually simpler geometric pattern than what Penrose thought.

It's basically 4 tetrahedron stuck together. The geometry doesn't just sit there. It's jiggling.The jiggles of the geometry are actually expanding out to the entire cosmos moment to moment. The only thing that exist is this shape. If you fit Amplituhedrons together you get Merkaba.

The first act of creation was light - the photon

Recall: DNA attracts photon. Photon carries genetic code. Photon can make DNA molecule out of water. Photons can re-write sick tissue into healthy tissue. The photons are the energy force that is sucked out of you via energy vampire. Geometry is enfolded into the photon.

Energy = h X Frequency

E: energy

F: frequency

h: Planck's Constant

Max Planck discovered that all energy is moving in individual packets. The size of the packets increases as you pump more energy into them.Their size always increases by a set amount, suggesting a consistent structure.This creates a ratio (constant). It is measured by looking inside a cube of space and giving it a volume of 10 units.

  • A tetrahedron fills 1/3 of the volume of a cube (0.3333...)

  • Two tetrahedrons fill 2/3 or 0.6666out of a volume of 10

  • Planck's constant is approximately 6.6

  • There is a slight drop from 6.6666 due to the energy of the vacuum.

  • Thus all photons are tetrahedral merkabas!

Tibetan Buddhist Mandala

The light that we see is the fractal. There is one seed that the whole universe was made from. Nothing exist in the universe except for photons. They are all images of the original. The original photon is now discovered.

Thus the UMPLITUHEDRON IS THE FIRST PHOTON IN THE UNIVERSE but it is the only photon in the universe because everything comes from the light.

This photon fractalized into the first star (primordial sun). It fractalized into a big sphere.This fist star fractalized into the first galaxy, it eventually fractalized into a super-galaxy.

The blueprint of this is still visible. The universe has octahedron shape dust pattern at far edges.The stars are held by the geometric fields.

The scientists call it "egg carton universe"

Nebula formed on two octahedral energy fields

Another one

Galaxtic hexagon

Galaxies are not curving.

We didn't know.

Dr. Robert Moon worked on original Manhattan project and developed nuclear bomb. Nucleus of atom is not just a big ball.A proton is in shells.

These are how protons appears inside nucleus.

We were taught that protons are particle. NO.

Dr. Moon's model says protons are waves.

Waves are geometrics, soeach proton is a corner of geometric object.

e.g. Oxygen has 8 protons. In Dr. Moon's model, oxygen is a cube sitting in the middle.

Cube has 8 corners = 8 protons.

Each time you inhale oxygen, you are inhaling all these little cubes. A cube is a fractal of the image of the original photon of the universe.

How the Elements Arrange

  • Cube (8 protons) - Oxygen

  • Octahedron (14 protons) - Silicon

  • Icosahedron (26 protons) - Iron

  • Dodecahedron (46 protons) - Palladium

Microclusters: Another unsolved mystery explained by quantum geometry (YouTube 2:02:44)

They shoot atoms out of a gun one at a time. The atoms then bundle together in certain patterns. They preferentially form geometric shape. They don't stay in the same shape. They are constantly moving. As the wave of energy move the shape change but the underlying geometry is always there.

What about DNA? Yes. On dodecahedrons.

David Wilcok's website :

His slide presentation in 2016

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