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Scaler Energy

Water is a part of energy system. Pyramids are basically antenna. The whole cosmos are this big web of super luminal light traveling many many times faster than the speed of light. It's almost instantaneous. It's like water filling the gaps of space in between subatomic particle. When you look at atoms, you look at the nucleus of a particle, a nuclei. Once you get below the fundamental particles, its geometric patterns of energy. This is scaler energy. They can make weapons with it. In the case of pyramids and cones, it acts as antenna capturing those energy from the sun from the earth from the cosmos. Because it's been discovered by Nassim Haramein and others that the center of all planets and the suns, we got this black holes, and in the center of galaxies. What black holes really are the super luminal suns. They are like inter-dimensional portals. The science call it dark matter, dark energy. It's really superluminal light. So pyramids capture that. They create toroidal field around, but they also create a spiral energy going up to the tip. Same thing with the cones.

These devices are energy machine, purpose being one we know is healing enhancing agriculture and life for hundreds of miles around with this large pyramids and cones; probably interstellar communication because these scaler waves don't diminish in the way transferred waves do. They can go out many light years into space. Speed of light, when you look at the galactic scale, is slow but scaler wave can travel across the galaxy instantaneously. That's why it makes sense that extraterrestrials build these devices may have used for interstellar communications.

They also structure water. People who are getting healed at these major diseases in the pyramids and the tunnels, they are drinking the pyramid water. And it's highly structure meaning, waters are liquid crystals so the H2O molecules are grouped together into a group of 6 and form these patterns. Also these pyramid waters are high in monoatomic elements and extra minerals which are bioavailable. So when you drink it, it raises superconductivity in the body and jacks up superconductivity of DNA, brain-nural pathways, nervous systems where acupuncture meridians are. The acupuncture meridians are the deposits of these monoatomic elements, they are superconductive. As above so below; just like the galaxy is this web of interdimensional portals with this scaler energy flow through the planets and the suns, with our body we have the same thing going on: this web along the nervous system that correlates with the acupuncture meridians.

So this light energy (scaler energy, this energy of consciousness) flow through all those black holes within our bodies, in the DNA along the nervous system in the brain neural pathways and slow down to coagulate into the matters that we are composed of. This is why practices like Tai chi, Chi gong, Tibetan rites, Kundalini yoga, anything that you visualize and manipulate energy heal people that's because of this energy of consciousness. It can create ultra matter. Human's cells sends scales back in time to get the pattern of the healthy cells to regenerate cells. If you've got damaged cells especially damaged DNA which is the root of the blueprint of how you're going to heal something. DNA is not the genetic blueprint, it is the carrier of the genetic blueprint. DNA is a superconductive antenna that fix up the blueprint from the consciousness of the organism itself.

So when you drink pyramid water it raises conductivity and it brings in a whole lot of light (scaler energy) which increase the body's ability to regenerate and recreate matter inside the body, so you can get amazing spontaneous healing from even terminal illness. This consciousness flow through everything, it's in spaces in between subatomic particles . You see the pathway of this energy, it spirals as it travels from the center of galaxy and travel through the cosmos, spiraling and branching (fractals in science term). Just look at the structure of the earth: trees, plants are fractals, our bodies, our nervous systems are fractals, our lymph systems are fractals, even our language is structured fractally, this was on Psychology Today. Our whole existence is structured fractal - materially and energetically. This energy also permeates in different dimensions. It also operates in other frequencies. It is multi-dimensional. The Eastern practices call this chi or prana. It goes both ways. Our brains are like radio stations, we receive the waves and rebroadcast locally. We are part of this galactic sircuit of consciousness.

Science has proven that the energy of consciousness creates matters, not the other way around, so it's not that we have to have our physical bodies to pick up vibrations. So the personality is there first as energetics of consciousness, as geometric construct of energy, at subatomic levels, at this geometric patterns of energy that turn into the particles of matters and that creates the physical structure. Science already knows that the universe is holographic basically and is made of light. Nassim Haramein shows it in his lecture Black Whole. The energy branches out of galaxy and returns in toroidal form so it's constantly recycling.

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One Radio Network, June 24 2019 Part One

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