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Tonic Herbalism

Catching a cold? Impossible. Never.

So called common cold was solved 5,000 years ago in Chinese medicine. Back then it wasn't Chinese medicine: it was TONIC HERBALISM. What's tonic herbalism? Instead of taking herbs when you get sick, you take herbs every day as part of your lifestyle and diet so you never get sick. Here is another thing that's great about it: these herbs are dual directional they will modulate for you. If your immune system is too far up it brings don, if your immune system is too far down it brings back up. There's only about 30 herbs in the whole world that are dual directional.

The way I started was that I was cornered by a maniac in a health food know like... health food store guys... for two hours. So I was like..."Look, I will get Reishi mushroom and I got to get out of here." That guy was Truth Calkins. I started with capsules here and there. It says on the bottle to take 1~2 capsules. I don't really feel anything. "Dude, you got to take 9~15." I would go back and start taking 9~15. Now I understand what it does. We might be on the right track but we might not be taking enough.

We are all sold the pharmaceutical model --- "take two and call me in the morning." I'm saying "take two thousand and email me next month." You've got to get into it. Chaga tea every day. Reishi tea all day long. Put the water and the medicinal mushroom together, that's the tea, that's the base.

This guy who was unhappy, didn't know what to do with his life anymore came to my house started working with mushroom tea and started to realize..."Oh wait I could actually become healthy, I could start juicing, I could start blending my food, I could start getting these vegetables in mega amounts..." Anyway this guy got his act together and guess what he does now --- he is a professional Reishi mushroom hunter. He goes to farmer's market and show people how to do it. This area in Tronto, when I got Chaga mushroom going, I've got this guy going in Tronto. Now they all have someone there with Chaga, Reishi,

Get chaga in in any way you can get it in. I do it every way --- alcohol tincture, tea, base for soup, base for anything, wash your hair with it, put on your skin, anything. Eventually your body starts responding. It's a momentum based phenomenon where your body start to have an immunological response and you can deal with anything. You can fly any amount of distance.

Once you get immunological protocol built could be one thing...Chaga mushroom, Reishi mushroom --- when you see Reishi mushroom, it's striking. It's blood red, it's clear, bone smooth...once you see it you know for sure. Chaga is on living tree. Reishi is usually on a dead tree but sometimes on a living tree. Sometimes even coming out of the roots of a tree.

Reishi is usually on a dead tree. Reishi is the most studied herb in the history. Reishi is absolutely critical to all knowledge that we have on detoxification and immune system. It's all been built up on Reishi information over thousands of years. The thing that's amazing about Reishi is it's present in every forest ecosystem in the entire world. Can you name any single thing of any type tha'ts present in every forested ecosystem in the whole world.

So this combination of Reish mushroom with the carcoal, Chaga mushroom with the charcoal is pretty much unbeatable. I don't know a better system. If you live in the forest, you have no money you burn birch logs. What grows on birch ? Chaga. Once the ecosystem is established by pioneer trees I'm going to give you a little lesson about herbalism. If you get this lesson you can understand and crack many herbal system because that's more of what I'm interested in. I'm not interested in telling you about this plant or the other... but the ideas behind it. The you can educate yourself.

Here is the idea. Birch is a pioneer. Pioneer birch takes parking lot, bust some up and turns it back in the forest but once that humus that soil that was built up over generations of time what comes in as final tree in this ecosystem is hemlock. What grows on hemlock? Reishi. It's very interesting thing of herbalism. It's true of all herbal system. Shamans haven known it for thousands of years that is the dynamic interaction of the opposites. For example, Reishi ad Chaga are opposites. One grows on a pioneer tree, the other grows on the tree that come at the end of the eco system. If I took you to the jungle of Central America we'd be looking at cacao which comes at the end of the eco system like Reishi does, and then we'd be looking at the pioneer mucuna which comes at the beginning. They have been used together longer than cacao and vanilla have been used together. Mucuna the pioneer super herb is the number one thing ever discovered against Parkinson's which I have definitely conclusively proven in my own research that there is connection between glyphosate and Parkinson's disease.

Glyphosate disturbs the Shikamate pathway which is your ability to form neural melanin which is that substantial nigra in your brain which is a pigmented part of the core of your brain that controls your motor coordination. Glyphosate in plants disturbs the plant's ability to smells and colors...all COLORS (99%) in nature pretty much (with 1% another category) are produced from one amino acid in the Shikamate pathway which is TYROSINE that's a shocking statement. Under the glypghosate contamination I would really recommend that you look into what the SHIKAMATE pathway.

Shikamate, Shikimic, しきみ、樒

Main article: Shikimate pathway (Wikipedia)

Biosynthesis of the aromatic amino acids

The shikimate pathway is a seven step metabolic route used by bacteria, fungi, algae, parasites, and plants for the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids (phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan). This pathway is not found in animals; therefore, phenylalanine and tryptophan represent essential amino acids that must be obtained from the animal's diet (animals can synthesise tyrosine from phenylalanine, and therefore is not an essential amino acid except for individuals unable to hydroxylate phenylalanine to tyrosine).

The seven enzymes involved in the shikimate pathway are DAHP synthase, 3-dehydroquinate synthase, 3-dehydroquinate dehydratase, shikimate dehydrogenase, shikimate kinase, EPSP synthase, and chorismate synthase. The pathway starts with two substrates, phosphoenol pyruvate and erythrose-4-phosphate and ends with chorismate, a substrate for the three aromatic amino acids. The fifth enzyme involved is the shikimate kinase, an enzyme that catalyzes the ATP-dependent phosphorylation of shikimateto form shikimate 3-phosphate (shown in the figure below).[5] Shikimate 3-phosphate is then coupled with phosphoenol pyruvate to give 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphatevia the enzyme 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate (EPSP) synthase.

Shikamate was developed by extracting Shikamate flower (Japanese star anise). What this allow you to do is it allows you to cut ahead of the Shikamate pathway so you don't end up with trouble down the road. That's what Manuca does. Beets also cut you ahead of Shikamate pathway, the pathway ahead of where glyphosate can cause the problem. The thing that does the is in beets, chard, spinach, quinoa...but beets is the best. It got so much. It is the betalain pigment the red pigment in beets. We do not have time to waste with like...breads... it's not going to do anything for you. Everything you eat at this stage has to be something for you and could still be delicious, still fun to eat, could still be the best soup ever. You can make bread out of quinoa, out of chia seeds. We make a bread out of poppy seeds from my own poppy in the yard. I thought it was going to knock me out becasue puppy have sedative property, but actually didn't.

Charcoal piece is fascinating. There is no question that charcoal is the number one detoxifier that available for all of us. The number one longevity substance ever found that's available. I mentioned yesterday about the cold biters, the people in Scandinavia, Iceland...tend fire at home and it is cold outside. The cold biters eat the birch charcoal (the pioneer) and eventually they could have a transformation in their metabolism that cause them to become the most capable at farming, most resistant to the environment and the best fisherman in the fleet. Cold biters are the people who could stay out there the longest and deal with it.

If we are accumulating waste product we need to have some way to clean it off without burdening our liver kidneys, spleen, bowels, and skin. Today we've so much chemicals and stuff we don't even realize how toxic we are so this charcoal sucks it up and takes that burden off. I've got people coming to me... by the time someone gets to me... just imagine what they've been through. They bought into the doctor stories and all that... cancer, kidney dialysis... what ends up happening is that they've exhausted everything. So what do I do? Charcoal is the best filteration mechanism we got other than our own. Black. the color is interesting too. Birch is an edible tree. You can eat any part of Birch tree. The white stuff of Birch tree is called BETULIN --- number one of over 2,000 botanical substances studied against cancer.

What Chaga is doing? it's concentrating the stuff.. the birch polypore... concentrates that betulin. You'll get that concentrated form of it. You see what I am getting at. Over time, every day every day every day every day. Then you got the charcoal in you've got both sides: you got the immunological side of detox then you got the actual filteration side of detox. Then you've got to unplug the bathtub, that's called a colonic. If you're trying to lose weight: colonic, coffee enema, cacao enema. There is a good amount of disinformation out there "charcoal suck up the good stuff in your system..." 60 years of research failed to prove that. That's a shocker right there. Actually it doesn't interfere with any vitamins or any of the minerals. It doesn't interfere with carbohydrate metabolism nor fat metabolism nor protein metabolism. There is no questions in animal research that the longest lived animals are the ones with the charcoal.

If you're doing studies on mice and then want to clean up for the next studies, what do you feed them? Charcoal. Known fact in animal research but you've never heard of that. Never on the nightly news. How do I be immune to those plagues of modern civilization? that's important but we don't get any of these information on most media. The reason why I'm so successful in social media is that we put out what's important. We pay price for that because the system don't want anything important coming to you unfortunately. I literally put my life on the line. I'll fight these people to the very end. I know it's a spiritual battle. I know it's Moon-Saturn... I mean Monsanto. I always do charcoal in the morning, sometimes at night. The color is interesting. Black.


That's where the electronic medicine comes in, that's where herbalism comes in. So I gave you the little formula the whole Donna Krueger formula, what a great formula. So simple. 90 days:

  • Clove powder

  • Black Walnut powder

  • Wormwood powder

Throw the powders in a little glass of water or bottle, shake it and get it down. Tastes awful. It's mechanical. It's like a teaspoon twice a day is the best. Wormwood taste the hardest so do the least amount. Clove is relatively easy to do. Black Walnut, not too bad, Wormwood... oh my God. That's what gets the critters out. When people crave foods, that sugar, who's craving it? The worms, the candida, the parasites. Here is what I do. One teaspoon of Wormwood, one tablespoon of the other two.

These guys never had charcoal. "Let's do 2 TBS of charcoal in a litter of water". What happened was all of a sudden an hour later you are wide awake, sharp, alert on it like you drink coffee. except you are not drinking coffee. All you are doing is you are cleaning up your system so you are sharper, cleaner, more awake... Why do we need to sleep? Overdose of food. We are detoxifying. The biggest thing that's causing us to detoxify everyday is the food we are eating because that's the most foreign objects that's getting into our system. When you realize that you start wandering what's going on....Charcoal is GIVING YOU ENERGY. When you realize that charcoal is giving you energy you start wondering what's going on. We sleep because we need to detoxify.

This is another thing I wanted to get to. If you get horizontal, that helps you a lot. My God that helps you if you need to detoxify. What do they teach you in yoga? All the great yoga poses are INVERSIONS. That means your hips are above your heart. Everything we do in our civilization is backward including the way we sleep. Wee put a pillow under our head that means all night long your body has to put adrenaline on to keep your flowing blood up. As soon as you stand up you have to use androstenedione. This is the thing the scientific trolls hate about me. You have to use noradrenaline. You have to adrenalize to stand up. We are different from animals that walks on all four. We have completely different adrenal system. As soon as you adrenalize you are basically stressing your system at some level.

GRAVITY is a toxin, eventually it is going to compress your spine and you are going to squish. We get traction on our spine with inversion. When we get upside down you turn off adrenalin system then you have more energy and you detoxify much better. I've done thousands of events --- there are nights I've got one hour of sleep. There are times I've been in an airplane for 10 hours and get fluid accumulation on my feet. What do I do? Get upside down. If you get upside down for 10 or 15 minutes it transforms your life. My favorite yoga book was written in the 1930s. It's based on original yogic teachings. "Heaven Lies Within" by Theos Barnard. His master taught him that 3 and a half hours of inversion a day will cure you of anything and turn you into an immortal and you'll never age. So he learned how to get himself into a headstand for one hour.

Another thing is hot and cold --- expansion and contraction, we talked about that. One of the most important thing is jumping up and down so we rebound. What do I have in my yard? Giant trampoline. It's been there in the elements with rain and snow all these years.

Here is another thing --- a little thing you can take, the supplement. I got turned on to this by a famous scientist Dr Patrick Flanagan. METHYLATORS. You guys heard about methylation? In order for our body to deal with those chemicals that are contaminated, the first thing that has to happen is to chelate what's attached. METHYL GROUP, it's a carbon and three hydrogen, it's the basis of carbohydrate formation. Interestingly, there are a lot of methyl group in spring water, so spring water is good in that regard but you can actually buy supplemental methyl group.

- MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane)

- SAMe

- Vitamin B12 is often methylated so it's easy to absorb and detoxify

- The main methyl one that I'm interested is TMG, tri methyl glycine

What is the best methylater of all on food is Beets. It's got beatain and is the methyl group. The color of it, red, what does that mean? Just forget about everything you've heard. Blood. You see how fool we got.

- Black food is longevity.

- Red food --- cardiovascular system. I have a friend now who has menopause problem. She is bleeding a lot because her estrogen is higher than her progesterone and causing heavy blooding. We got her on progesterone, got her on ghee for the cholesterol molecule to form the progesterone and major amount of red food including cherry juice and beets to rebuild the blood. Of course green juice for chlorophyll because chlorophyll is blood builder.

- Yellow --- tissue building, immune system building. If you're healing from something, take yellow food.

- Green --- it's everything. Chlorophyll molecule is a very good heavy metal detoxifier that's why we hear about chlorella. Years ago I read my friend Steve Meyer's book... the search on the chlorophyll molecule that sucks wits out the heavy metal when it comes out as poop. They analyze poop and found in the middle of chlorophyll molecule is the heavy metal. It swaps out. What's in the middle of chlorophyll? It' the most important mineral...magnesium. What's the most important mineral for detoxification? MAGNESIUM. Magnesium oil every day. Magnesium is very important for building healthy bone, probably more important than calcium.

Detoxification Strategies

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