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Polarity Therapy

The Principle of Polarity

Just as the earth and sun have north and south magnetic poles, so do our bodies. In fact, everything that stands upright on the planet

has a positive charge on top and negative charge at the base.

Head + Right Side +

Feet -- Left Side --

(These charges are commonly measured using sensitive voltmeters.)

When the positive and negative poles of magnets are put together, there is an attractive current between them. Similarly, polarity energy is directed magnetically along its lines of force to align and establish the vital polarities of the body.

Blocked areas create an imbalance in the body's natural energy field. The polarity practitioner treats imbalance by connecting:

Right (+) Hand to the Left (--) Side of the body.

If you are working on the vertical center line:

Left (--) Hand is placed above in a relatively more positive area (Your left hand goes above)

Right (+) Hand is placed below in a relatively more negative area. (Your right hand goes below)


When giving a polarity, you will see the greatest results when a person needs help the most. A healthy, happy person who experiences polarity will probably feel very released and at peace, while someone who is very much out of balance will often feel completely rejuvenated.

Polarity energy balancing recharges the life-force in a person. This balances the subtle electromagnetic fields around the body. The nerves control the muscles, and the muscles hold the bones. It is not at all surprising to see bones literally fall back into place after a polarity.

Here is a way to see this for yourself. When Client is lying supine, note the position of each foot before the polarity begins. Are they even, or do they go off at different angles? In many cases a polarity session will properly align the bones, so the two feet will be noticeably more even.

Because polarity works on such deep levels, do not be surprised to see very great changes in the person you are working on. Emotionally upset people may stet releasing, forgiving and relaxing. If a person wants to cry, it should be gently encouraged. Other people may go into a very deep state of conscious sleep. Allow a person to rest as long as she likes. If it is cold, be sure to cover the person. Sometimes, people feel like getting a night's rest after the polarity. Other times, people feel as if they have just awakened from a night's rest. Sometimes a person may feel very hot or may shiver as blood is directed toward the skin or to internal organs. Sometimes, people go into states of bliss or ecstasy. What ever happens, be confident that it is exactly what the person needs at that time. Life-force will go only where it is needed to bring on the changes that are necessary. It makes people feel better.

Life-force does not differentiate between physical and emotional pain. Both are simply expressions of blocked life-force. Over the years, I have watched polarity help the young and old suffering from many different conditions. In many cases, polarity offers effective pain relief without medication.

People giving polarity sessions are circulating life-force, so they too may experience benefits. When a circuit is created, all in the circle are uplifted.

Chronic Conditions

In chronic conditions and in severe situations, a series of polarities is highly recommended. Do not expect instant results from the polarity. It took perhaps 10 or 50 years to get the system so far out of balance. Therefore, it may take a series of polarities plus improved attitudes, exercise and nutritional habits to bring about the necessary changes. You may, however, get instant results in the form of pain relief or better functioning of the system.

A polarity sessions 3 or 4 times a week can work wonders. When the condition has shown definite signs of improvement, 2 polarities a week will suffice. For those who appear to be healed, one polarity a week as a tonic is an excellent benefit. It is far better to give a series of polarities than an occasional one.


When giving polarity to the elderly, there are special considerations. Frequent short polarities are most appropriate and beneficial. A strong polarity by itself could start a healing cleansing process, releasing long accumulated toxins which the older person may not have enough life-force to eliminate. It's much better to go slowly and easily.

Along with frequent sessions -- i.e. 3 times a week -- a cleansing diet is essential for seniors.

Getting Wet

You don't need to believe that this system will work, in order to profoundly experience it. You don't need to believe in the ocean to get wet; however, yo do have to jump in.


Finishing Moves

Now that the deep release work has freed blocked life-force, we will use subtle touch techniques to polarize the energy. Rub your hands together briskly before each move, and throw off static energy after each move, shaking your hands as though you were throwing off water.

Position 16. Hand and Foot

Stand on Client's Right:

Your Right Hand holds her Let Food

Your Left Hand holds her Right Hand

Leave your hands in place as long as you feel any tingling energy in them. Is she breathing deeply?

Position 17. Hip Rock and Shoulder Hold

Stand on Client's Right:

Your Right Hand on Let Hip Bone

Your Left Hand on Right Shoulder

Rock the hips back and fourth rhythmically for a couple of minutes, then stop. Leave your hand in place while energy feels strong.

The other side:

Your Right Hand on Left Shoulder

Your Left Hand on the Right Hip

When the rocking (hip only) is stopped, both you and your friend will likely feel a rush of life-force. You will feel it in your hands, and she will experience it rushing through the entire body. I usually experience the tingling in my hands from 1 ~ 5 minutes.

Position 18. Forehead and Navel

Stand on Client's Right. Make relaxed fists with both hands so the thumbs are pointing downward.

Right Thumb to a spot slightly Below the Navel (Gently)

Left Thumb chanter of the Forehead (3/4" off : no physical contact)

Leave your hands in place a few minutes. The energy is contacted nicely when the left thumb is about 3/4" off the forehead. You may experience a sharp tingling in your left thumb. It is not uncommon for Client to see beautiful colors and go to sleep. Be as comfortable as you can in this position.

Position 19. Crown Spread (no physical contact)

Evenly spread your fingers above the forehead, while your thumbs are above the crown of Client.

The thumbs do not touch each other.

This is a very relaxing and powerful move. Leave your hands in place as long as you feel a strong energy exchange.

Position 20. Spinal Charging (Prone)

If Client has back problem, this move is especially important.

Your Right Hand on the Sacrum

Your Left Hand at the bottom of the Neck

Rock gently with your right hand a few minutes, then leave your hands in place as long as you feel the life-force. Same manner as tummy rock. After a minute or two with your hands in position, lift them slightly and keep them at a level where you feel the greatest charge in your hand.

Position 21. Center Charging (spine)

(Don't forget to) rub your hands together vigorously, and when you feel a strong charge in your hands:

Your Right Hand over the Heart (1~2" off)

Your Left Hand over Forehead (slightly off)

Keep your hands at a level where you feel the strongest charge in your hands. Let Client rest as long as she wants. This is a good time to rinse off your hands in cold water. When you get a sense that she is ready, proceed with Positions 22 and 23.

Position 22. Back Brush Off (sit up) Help Client sit up when you feel she is ready.

Gently stroke the back with your fingers in the following pattern:

•Right Hand on Right Shoulder + Left Hand on Left Shoulder

•Brush across the back so the hands cross around C7 and continue to the shoulders then move downward.

•Your hands cross over again around lumber area.

Do this for about 10 times. Start with a firm stroke and get lighter and lighter each time, until you are barely touching. Continue without touching. Throw off static energy each time you brush off. This is a good move you can do when you have only a few minutes.

Position 23. Front Brush Off (sit, hands on the lap)

Starting from the top of the head.

•Your Right Hand will go down the Left Side. Your Left Hand will go down the Right Side.

•To the shoulders, arms, legs, and feet.

Do this about 10 times. From firm stroke to feather stroke to air stoke.

At this point, allow Client to rest as long as she pleases. Rinse your hands in cool water again to remove any static energy. Be sure to give her a glass of water, juice or herbal tea.

I recommend that you practice the three lessons of the general polarity session before going on the the specific moves. Specific moves work best in conjunction with the general polarity session.


Specific Moves

Specific moves are designed to concentrate the flow of life-force through those parts of the body which express the most blockage. Use specific moves after Position 15. Which is before the finishing moves of the general one-to-one session.

Reflexive Harmonics

Our bodies can be divided horizontally into electrically positive (+), and neutral (0), and negatively (-) charged zones. Positively charged zones harmonically reflect the condition of other positively charged zones. The same is true for negative and neutrally charged zones. The application of pressure stimulation or introduction of ice-force into a positive, negative, or neutral zone will be transmitted and harmonically reflexed into other similarly charged zones.

Horizontal Polarity Zones

Every portion of the body can be divided horizontally into positive, neutral and negatively charged zones. The area from the shoulders to the top of the head can be split into positive, neutral and negatively charged zones. The region from pelvis to the shoulders, and from the feet to the hips can be classified in the same manner. The palm of the hands and the sole of the feet are also sectioned into the same three zones.

Positively charged zones harmonically reflex other positively charged zones. The same is true for negatively and neutrally charged zones.

Center Line

The body can also be divided vertically. We can drew a straight line from the nose to the bellybutton, and call this the center line of the body. The big toes will reflex to areas near the center line of the body, whereas the smaller toes reflex to areas farther away from the center line.

Locating Sore Spots --- Principles

Principle 1: Sore spots will be found in corresponding locations of like charged zones.

You can use the vertical and horizontal zones to formulate specific moves.

Principle 2: What is true for the left side is often true for the right side.

Principle 3: What is true for the front is often true for the back.

Principle 4: Sore spots will often be found around the major joins of the body.

Source: book Your Healing Hands - the Polarity Experience- by Richard Gordon

Writings of Randolf Stone DO, DC, ND (1890 - 1981) have been digitized, indexed and made searchable for Polarity students, practitioners, and teachers.

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