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Bio-Hacking Your Health

Open Minds with Regina Meredith - Series 6 / Episode 9 (February 2016)

Purple: solar spectrum of hydrogen, the 1st element on the periodic table. Hydrogen is known as the chameleon. It is able to change any atom on the periodic table to allow it to do things

In order to deal with my health problems, I had to biohack the periodic table of elements to allow it to do things that it needs to do. If you understand fundamentally what life is, what evolution is, it's about change, it's about adaptation, it's about transformation. Once you understand how life uses it, it becomes extremely important and coherent to the message that I'm giving people because that's who I am now. Purples, blues, and violets have a very special physical meaning. It actually is able to make light bend much more frequently under the force of gravity and turns out that life uses that in extreme detail to set the atomic clock in your head.

Leptin is the master hormone of the body that is secreted by fat cells. It's in the hypothalamus. Leptin basically works on circadian biology that's a term that's tied to light and dark cycles, night and day. As I went further and further down this rabbit hole, I started to realize that all the things that I had been taught in medical school, and what I had told patients that you need to exercise more and eat less in order to be fit turned out that it was completely backwards.

What do a bird and man have in common? --- They have huge mitochondrial density. Why? Birds need to fly long distance when it's disconnected from earth. Why does man have it? Because because its brain allows it to disconnect from the natural cycles on earth.

I call them the natural three legged stool.

• Light

• Water

• Magnetism

All the time I spent time in the medical school library brought me down there. Every single point that I went down brought me back to one of those three legs. I started to realize that NASA, any place it looked for life in the cosmos, always used the same three principles.

I started to look far outside the boundaries of science that I was classically trained in. I started to teach myself cosmology. I started to look at geology, started to look at quantized ecosystems. But the key ones was quantum physics. The key thing that I realized in Florence was this is a story of mitochondria.

What do birds and men have in common? --- We have huge mitochondrial density.

If you know anything bout he power plant of the cell...What is the input? --- electrons

What is the output from cytochromes? --- protons.

Most people in my profession believe that being will is about good. But what they don't realize is that all foods get broken down to what? --- electrons.

On the back of every election, there is photon which is a light beam. The more I learned quantum physics the more I realized that we are begins of light. We are not what we think we are.

Most of this research was done in Russia. I had to go back to Russia and translate papers. They understood this in 1923. That was a gentleman named Alexander Gurwitsch. I jumped down that rabbit hole. I had no training outside basic physics.

After putting all through this .... I began to realize on the flight home from Michelangelo I had a new perspective. I took every Delta napkin and started writing down. I put 30 different levees. Me in New Orleans.... we call levees something that protects the city. So I came up with the idea to protect our cells in our body.... I came to realize that if I use circadian biology to alter my environment. I found that I could eat more and exercise less, do exactly opposite what I was taught in medical school. I came up with something called the Leptin Prescription and the Cold Thermogenesis Protocol.

Leptin Prescription basically is a synonym for Light.

Cold Thermogenesis is a synonyms for Cold, or Magnetism.

I went back home, and in 3 months, I lost 77 bounds. In 11 months I lost 133 pounds. I realized those trays I am in the operating room doing surgery, I had to mitigate my risks so I packed myself with ice. That's an extreme, but realizing that my environment that I placed myself in as a neurosurgeon in the operating room is also extreme.

Six steps.

As soon as you wake up early in the morning, you need to go outside and let the sun hit your retina. You can't have glasses on, you can't have a window in front of you. And you have to eat a very large protein breakfast within 30 minutes of rising. That's key.

You're looking just to reset the atomic clock in your head at that time. Then eating protein actually resets the atomic clocks in your gut. You are trying to get them yoked together. When you consistently do that, what you find over 4 ~ 6 weeks, what's the Key? Food craving goes away.

You can use eggs, bacon...people call it Paleo/Atkins...I don't call it that because, really what you're trying to do is you're using protein as a tool. That protein is trying to give a message to your micro biome. Vegans can do this. I had several vegans in my community. They're using whey protein. A lot of them are not hard-core vegan, so they'll use eggs to their advantage. I can be done, but there's the problem. The rate of assimilation, the rate of change is slower. And usually vegan and vegetarians have lower redox potentials. What does that mean in English? It means that the battery that drives our biochemistry is lower. So just like a car, if a car has a bad battery, the key may start a car, but the horn and the lights may not work. The peripheral systems are off. We don't realize that we're creatures to our beliefs. My job as a physician is not to tell you how to live your life. My job is to tell you what I found. Though this whole evolutionary biology story... what am I doing? I'm taking you from biochemical levels down to quantum levels, to electrons and protons.

I'm going to tell you fundamentally that the electrons that are in a vegan or vegetarian diet are radically different than the ones in a DHA seafood based diet, then I'm going to explain to you why it's different. Then you're faced with the beautiful opportunity. What quantum physics gives you is changing your reality. You change your mind.

Light controls another atom in us called nitrogen, and this process in us is called ubiquitination. Light and nitrogen controls carbon flows. What did I just say there? Light and nitrogen together control food. We have a belief that food is the primary driver of both epigenetics meaning our environment. We have that in medicine, ancestral health, just about every alternative community. What I'm saying; that's not true.

All you have to do to see that I'm right is open up any book or anything from PubMed that tells you that ubiquitin, meaning it's ubiquitous in plants and animals, is a process that's driven by light on nitrogen. Why should this be important, both for carnivores and for vegetarians?

Do you know that chlorophyll has got a magnesium ion in the middle surrounded by four nitrogens? Do you know that plasma in your blood, hemoglobin, has four nitrogens around ion. Every place you find life in any kingdom, you have nitrogen around the metal(middle?). That's the key.

The thing is we are now coming to the point in biology where we're beginning to realize that ubiquitin and what it does to protein is the key driver for epigenetics. The problem is that information's bing published in research, but it's not hit clinical medicine yet. It's a light driven process.

After the six weeks, then the craving went away, Then I added the magnetism side. How do you increase magnetism in anything on this planet? Physics told me the answer. It's called curie point. The Curie Point shows that anytime things get colder, it gets more magnetic. Anytime the temperate rises, it gets less magnetic.

Well, what does your mitochondria fundamentally act as? A tiny nano electromagnet. If you increase a magnet's strength, what do you do? You increase energy. What was my belief at that original biohack that I did? If I could increase energy flow from light and from magnetism, I could decree my mass. Did I believe that it would work? I'd be honest with you. I didn't think it would. But in 11 months, I became a very small person. Everybody in my hospital was asking me,

You have to realize, from my perspective as a's a paradigm change. The way I like to describe to even my patients in the clinic --- like you take my fist here and you take flashlight here. If I shine a light on it, you look at the shadow cast on the wall looks like a fist. What happens when I turn my fist to different angle. You'll see a different shape on the wall. The two thermodynamic events haven't changed but the shadow is different. That's the interesting thing that happened in biology. It changes your perspective.

When you perspective changes to a physic's level, you start to loos at proteins, redox potential, cells, the way the cells are put together completely differently. That's what really got me on those six papers. Those six papers really made me realize that I had to stop thinking like a doctor and think more like an engineer because it's about thermodynamics.

In my weight loss, the big one was cold. The cold was like throwing the gasoline. I started off with cold shower and found that it didn't do enough on skin coverage. Then I started to look in the NASA data, also I started to look at a SEAL training, and things that the military was doing and I realized that I didn't have to reduce my temperature in the core. I just had to lower the surface temperature.

My goal was maximum weight loss. So I packed myself with ice. In fact, one night, when I came back from doing five or six fustian operations, I packed myself in the tub, had my wife dump 160 pounds of ice on me and I slept for 12 hours in there. here is the coolest part of the story. I lost 5 Lbs that night. This is a very interesting story to follow. Mass General 2007, 2008, they came up with something called cold sculpting. That's plastic surgery for ladies without a scalpel. They take a metal plate and put it on fat and freeze it. In 6 weeks, that fat goes away. Where did they get the idea? 1950 Korean War, black soldiers where exposed, got frostbite, they started to lose all their fat around their face. So when I read this, I went in back to all things I had read. What I found was that leptin biochemistry was tied to cold receptors on the surface of the skin. That's where I came up with this idea.

People put their stories down on my website about what brought them to the point they are now --- I always tell people, when you get to be sick and tired, that's when you're really ripe for change, it's like when Einstein said, if you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result, that's insanity. Unfortunately, that's what I realized. That's what Kate realized. She put her story on the forum. It was a shocking story. She was in her later 20's. She was married to a person with Asperger's syndrome. She had two children that were densely autistic. She was oleo overweight, 350 Lbs. She applied the principle. 18 months later, she lost 157 Lbs. The coolest part of the story was this September, I went to a biohacking conference. I just put her picture up and showed it and I told them you guys may be amazed about her eight loss, I'm not because she did exactly the same thing I did. That's not the shock. The sock was her tow kids are no longer on the spectrum.

The whole family did what mama did. They lived in Michigan so they had a bigger opportunity to use the snow in the cold. Yeah, the kids did it too. When she sent me the kids' data from the pediatrician that they're no longer on the spectrum and that ever her husband improved, I was shocked because that's not why I innovated this. So when I presented this at this biohacking conference, two movie producers came up and said, look, we don't believe this. We'd like to go and interview her. So they did, and the movie producers came back and met with me 6 weeks ago. Here is the funny part of the story. I've never met Kate. The producers, Sarah and Harry said, "Jack, this lady is just magic. She's completely changed. Her kids have changed." This is the point that I would make to people.

Just thoughts can change your DNA, and I was not taught that in medicine. To be honest with you, until kid of Kate came into my life, I didn't think that was the case either. That's when I started to realize that when you put down thoughts that are tided to nature, that follow some very fundamental rules, anybody can have optimal health. It's a choice. No one started this process more as a skeptic than me. I was taught that disease manifest within my DNA. I now know that DNA is not the problem. The environment that we allow our DNA to sense is the critical problem.

Food, Light, has to do with consuming algae. You should not be separating algae from the fish, that uncoupling that is happening. You do need to know a little science, but it's not hard.

Everything in biology is coupled, meaning that it has one side and the other. The best way to think about as a Venn diagram. Two circles come together, the overlap is what matters. Let's talk about algae.

Algae, in the sea, are designed to make a chemical called DHA. Most people know that as fish oil. Fish oil has a very specific purpose in biology. It's designed to take sunlight, turn it into a DC electric current and vice versa. It can go from a DC electric current back to sunlight. Here is the key factor. DHA has never been replaced in the kingdom of life we live in.

We are part of the eukaryotes. Prokaryotes and Archaea are the other two kingdom of life. There is only three. 600 million years, I want you to think about that. In evolutionary time frame it's never been replaced one time, yet we know from Darwin's work everything gets replaced. But this hasn't been replaced. That tells you right there it's really important.

Algae make DHA in the sea from photosynthesis, from the sun. Plankton have to eat the algae. Why is that staff critical? DHA, when it's first made, has to be in a certain position. Anybody in biochemistry knows that all fats are based on a carbon chain. The three carbon chains. DHA, to be used in mammalian tissue, specifically for the brain and the heart or the CNS, has to be in SN2 position, has to be in the middle position. And the reason for that is because when it's in the position, it's called paramagnetic. What does that mean? It's drawn to magnetic fields.

What did we say about mitochondria? They are nano electric magnets.

Why DHA paramagnetic? Because it's drawn to tissues with huge amounts of mitochondria.

The reason why is because it has to turn light into electrical signal and vice versa. That's the key. If you just eat algae, you are not getting DHA in the SN2. It's in SN1 or SN3, so it's biologically not active. It doesn't work for us.

Fish eat plankton that means the DHA is in the SN2 position. Therefore eating fish is the key. Now do certain fish have higher levels of DHA. I have a blog post about this called "Brain Gut Six." The simple one is the smallest fish in the ocean that form the basis of the food chain for big fish, are sardines. They have the highest amount of DHA in them. The other key thing is, fish all swim in different columns of water, you want the fish in the coldest water because it has more electrons in it. Remember, cold water is more dense. That's why it falls down. Ice is on the top so the fish can swim underneath it. Mackerel happens to be a good one.

The fish you want to stay away from are the predator fish at the top of the apex. Tuna and swordfish are the things you want to stay away from. Why? Because it tends to collect toxins from the lower ends that are not good. I don't want anybody to think that tuna and swordfish are not fish that you can eat. They're far better choice than, say, rabbit, or eating paleo diet, because the amount of DHA even in predator fish is very high. And you need that. But the best is shellfish. The number one thing, that has more nutrient density for a mammal, that has three pounds of DHA in its head is an oyster. Just so you know, one raw oyster is equivalent to one pound of grass fed liver.

Remember, why grass fed, this is where the paleo guys get it right. They stumbled in by luck, DHA is the key because where's DHA on the land chain? It's in grass. The problem is cows are designed to eat grass, they no longer do in our country because we feed them grains. Grains are not good because they're loaded with omega 6s. You need that specific omega 3 to make signaling everywhere in your body work correctly because when signaling doesn't work, you get bigger, or you get sicker, or you get an autoimmune disease, or you get neuro-degeneration...Alzheimer, Parkinson's...

There's a story that goes back to the quantum physics, Warm water tends to'a a dead zone. If you look at the equatorial waters around the planet, Fish don't really populate there. The highest density, the biomass of fish are on the poles where it's cold. Why? Because there's more electrons in the water, there's more oxygen in the water there. Why is the Gulf of Mexico different? What happened there 65 million years ago when the age of mammals began? When an asteroid hit the planet and create a giant crater in the ground 166 miles wide. It's called the Chicxulub crater. That brings the surface magma, magnetism. Guess why? This is in the last chapter of my book. This is the reason why the Gulf of Mexico is teeming with life because the magnetic field is more powerful there than in any other place around the planet. This is the interesting part about physics. Remember, we talked about three legged stool:




If you go outside tonight and look up, no matter where you are you'll see our nearest neighbor that is Mars. It has light, it has frozen polar caps. It has no magnetic field. It's a dead red desert. Two out of three is good for meatloaf but not for life. We need all. On our planet, you need to realize that you need to supplement your battery inside you, I call it the mammalian battery, when you live a disconnected life, you have to have more DHA in your battery.

When you live more like a plant, say around the equator, you can live off more of the photosynthetic side of the battery, which is tied to water chemistry, which we haven't talked much about. Most people know photosynthesis takes thin air, CO2 with light and form sugars. You have the availability to do that partially in your body, but we supplement it with DHA on the other side. And it's equivalent to something we have talked about off camera about the John Deers tractor. When you have a car battery and you put a key in all the time, the key starts --- say, for 40 years, today it didn't start. So what do you do? You go out and pull the battery out and look in, pull the top off, there's no water I'm dehydrated. So you pour some water in, put the key in. It still doesn't work. Then you say, OK, what's the problem? May be it's the cell in the battery. So you call your friend up, you jump the battery. It still doesn't work. Now you're left with the conundrum. The conundrum is the battery truly dead or is it just needs to be charged. So you take it to Firestone. Firestone finds out it's dead or not. You got lucky. Now how do I do clinically?

First thing I do, is if we could do this I would grab you on your tibia. Why your tibia? The tibia bone comes closest to the surface. I squeeze it with my finger. I want to see if your bone is soft. If I can't do it with my finger, then I take my reflex hammer and push against it. It's called tibial compression test. Why do I do that? I tells me if your vitamin D status is low. What is vitamin D correlate to? How are you designed to make it? Sunlight. That tells me that your DC electric current is bad. How did I know that? What is the cell in your battery? DHA. What did I say it earlier? It turns sunlight into a DC electric current. So if i know your bone is soft, I know which side of your battery is bad. That bring us to the key point. Why is DHA destroyed.

We are the only animal that can control the environment. Therein lies the problem. And the problem is modern humans don't realize the degree that they control it. I call this the electromagnetic fields we allow. We have native fields. The native fields is what we've been talking about. It's about the earth's magnetic field. It's about 50 microteslas normally. Then we have sun, day and night. Those are electromagnetic fields. That's what our biology was designed around. The problem is now we have non-native fields.

What's first non-native field. We wear cloths. The first mis match our species made was 700,000 years ago. The last humans that lived the way they're supposed to is the American Indians. What'd they have on? Loincloths. They expose themselves all the time. Their solar panel was up. Today we have the belief that the sun is bad. Which is actually almost comical when you understand.

It's the sunlight, dense protein breakfast, also lowering your body temperature for a sustained period of time, depending on how sever your condition...

What's the other key? In our houses, we all have electric cabling. It runs on 60 Hertz. People don't believe that has an effect. I promise you this book will cover everything you need to know about non-native electromagnetic fields. It's called "Going Somewhere" by Dr. Andrew Marino. This person is one of the people, papers that I read of those six papers that I told you about --- turns out that he's got a book that basically takes all of the papers that I read, with a key researcher called Dr. Robert O. Becker, who just about every doctor knows especially if you're in my business, because he figured out how bone physiology works. He was an orthopedic surgeon at SUNY Syracuse. He realized that bone regeneration occurs by semi-conductors in all mammals, including us. It is very counter-intuitive for doctors to realize that semi conduction work on us.

Let's talk about some of the older people. They used to have an analog telephone. Today, everybody has a cell phone. Cell phone works on a chip. Your computers, cameras...all run on chips. Those chips work on a specific type of electrical current. There is a difference between the electricity in the wall and that electrical current. What's the difference? The electricity in your battery or in the wall doesn't work well in the cold, but guess what happens in semi conduction? It works phenomenal. Why did packing myself in ice work? You can do the biohacking yourself at home. Take your iPhone put it on the hood of your car in the summer, you'll get a temperature warning. Take the phone and put it right in the freezer, and guess what happens, it works like a charm. Why? This is the counter intuitive part of physics.

You need to understand that not all electric currents are created equal, and the one that's in us is a big deal. Marino's book, "Going Somewhere," is key reading. When you realize that non-native electromagnetic fields have tremendous implications on signaling in our body. What's the major effect? Not to get too deep into the science, it's simple. Calcium, everybody's heard of that.

Calcium acts as a cement in your cell membranes. Basically, it allows calcium to go and the cell membranes unwind. What do cell membranes do in our body? They are electromagnetic antennas for sunlight and magnetism. That's how biology works. When you can't keep that cement in there, can you get the signal? Just think about it. You are driving, we used to have AM radio, remember when you drove under a power line you heard that jamming noise, that exactly what happens when you're in a non-native field to your mitochondria, inside your cell membranes. And you have too much jams, guess what happens? You get sick, you get diseases that come out of nowhere, like autism, like autoimmune diseases.

I'll give you a perfect example. If you look at my Robins pathology book when I was in medical school in 1986, it talks about Hashimoto's thyroiditis. It was less than 1% of cases in women. Now it's 90% to 95%. So my profession says, well, it got to be genetic. Well if you know anything about genetics, genetics can't change in 30 years that fast. It's clearly epigenetic.

The problem is, for autoimmune disease, at least from conventional medicine, we still don't have a good answer for that. Then we have alternative health practitioner who make things up to try to fit the story. I get angry about this, just as well as I get angry about conventional medicine. I don't want people to believe woo. I want people to understand. There is a reason for this. And the reason is a quantum one.

It's tied to the way we handle electrons and protons in mitochondrion and in our cell membranes for signaling. When signaling breaks down, it's like that little game that you probably played when you were younger called telephone. You say something and you get to the end of 30 people, and the message comes out completely different. Well, that's fundamentally what cancer is. When that message goes from the cell all the way to the mitochondria deep in the cell, the message isn't the same as it was from light or from the magnetic filed. It's radically different. What happens? Biochemistry alters.

Blue light is the biggest one. How do you explain simply, let's build on the concepts that we've already talked about. We talked about how incredibly important DHA is to eukaryotic kingdom (mammals) are. 600 million years, blue light destroys DHA. DHA in your eye has higher concentration that is in your brain. Many people don't know that. That's by evolutionary design. Why is that? What is your eye designed to see? Light. Blue light destroys it. When DHA gets destroyed, it gets broken down to three chemicals --- resolvins, protectin, and aresins. Not important if you don't remember it. Just realize that those chemicals are antioxidants. They help us, but you have to replace the DHA after the blue light comes in. If you don't eat it, you can't replace it. Why? Humans have left less than 1% ability to regenerate DHA endogenously. So we have to eat it. And you have to heat it consistently.

If you are a neurosurgeon and you're around electromagnetic fields from x-ray machines, and blue lights, and microscopes, what might that effect be? You destroy DHA slowly in your body. What does body do? It puts inflammatory omega 6s from our diet in its place. Then what happens when they break down? They can't break down into maresins, protectins, and resolvins. So you develop inflammation.

What is inflammation, fundamentally? It's a positive charge. How do get rid of positive charge? Negative Charge. What did we say before about water and seafood? Net negative charge. So you have to have DHA back in the system to do that. What blue light does is when it destroys DHA, because you have more of it in your eye, there's a thing on the top of your optic nerves that goes right before your brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. That nucleus is your atomic clock.

Now I got to teach you a physics lesson. Everybody knows that they have a GPS device, either in a garment or on their phone. What you don't know is how it works. Up above us right now, there are satellites that have atomic clocks that work 38 microseconds faster than your cell phones on this planet. The reason that has to happen is because of Einstein's relativity. Blue light bends under the force of gravity. People don't realize that time is relative. So the same thing happens in biochemistry. The reason why you have to have more DHA in your eye --- it has to run the atomic clock in your head faster than the one in your breasts and your belly. in your uterus, or in your feet in order for signaling to work properly. When you don't have enough up here, this runs slower than the one down there. That's a problem.

I always use the analogy with FedEx. If FedEx has arrivals and deliveries come at the same day instead of being yoked, would you want to be in the warehouse at the time? No way. That's exactly what happens in biochemistry. And when that kind of chaos happens in the cell, what do we call it? Chaos. What's a synonym for chaos? Inflammation. What's a synonym for inflammation? Positive charge. a lack of negative charge. We are back to DHA again. See, everything comes back to DHA.

Seafood is always first. I'm going to keep hammering back the point, 600 million years, it hasn't been replaced. You need to realize how important it is. Why? The clock mechanism has to run faster than everyone else.

Cortisol is highest in the morning when the sun rises and melatonin is highest when it's dark. So when you have a circadian mismatch, what do you get? You get something called adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is a circadian mismatch between light and dark. Your brain and your cells can't tell night from day. Why? Because you've created an artificial environment that has destroyed that. What did we say is the key driver to everything in biology? Light. Not food. Food is the third coupled cycle.

The first cycle is ubiquitination which is driven by light. Second on is the cell cycle. Why is that important? Cancer. That's the reason why colon cancer in 1900 was the 39th cause of cancer in the U.S. Today is number two. What dives it? Higher ubiquitination rates from the environment that we allow. So here is the best message I give people. The prescription for wellness is built into you.

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