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Cosmic Disclosure

Corey Goode interviewed by David Wilcock

Series 7 Episode 8 : The Process of Disclosure

February 21, 2017

According to Sigmund and his men, they have made major discoveries. In 1939, the German expedition to Antarctica had discovered big slabs of rock with ancient writing on them. And tyeu had taken a bunch of photos with them. After that , they started a lot of secret expeditions.

David: These are things that would remind us of stuff like Stonehenge, or the pyramids, or something like that?

More like Pumapunku or something... it was really torn up and scattered. After Germans had discovered this, they started to not really excavate for archaeological reasons. They started to clear out areas and begin to use them that they found in cave areas, ancient civilization artifacts and they moved them out, and moved their military groups in, and created bases. They weren't really interested in archeology in the beginning, which sounds not very much like the Nazis, since they had archaeologists combing Asia looking for certain...

David: Especially groups like Black Sun and Vril, where it seems like they are very interested in ancient history.

Right. It seems their mission was to hurry up and build this base. That was the primary operative.

David: Well, the clock was ticking. They knew that they weren't going to be able to pull throughout on World War II.

Right. So they had been looking into it, doing some digs here and there over the decades leading up to where they ended up working with the Americans, the military industrial complex. They were doing excavations all throughout the decades, going all the way back to the 50's and 60's.

Since then, in around 2002, they stated bringing in actual professors and archeologists from universities. These are some people that we would know. And these people have been told that --- you know, that's 14 years of research they can't tell anyone about, and they've been promised that they are going to be brought out in front of the press and allowed to give a briefing and present the documentaries they've made and all of the information they've collected.

David: And one of the stunning things was that you were being told we had to write "Endgame II" as fast as possible. And two hours after it comes up, tabloids like "The Mirror" and "The Sun" start repeating this same data that we were getting. And the next day after we put the update up, one of those same tabloids I believe was "The Mirror" actually said that there was a team of scientists that had been in Antarctica since 2002, which you'd already told me on the phone.

Right. I was being told that we were going to get scooped that we had to get the information out immediately.

What they were finding there is what blew my mind even. They were finding ancient technology. They were finding spacecrafts that had been cannibalized to create a new civilization, cities, and so forth. They found areas that were laboratories for genetic experiments which apparently had run amok among these pre-Adamites. We were finding all ties of different humans around, even humans with tails, short humans, tall humans, all different types of humans along with this original pre-Adamite being that crash landed here somewhere between 55,000 and 60,000 years ago.

David: What is a pre-Adamite?

The Alien group, non-terrestrial group, that inhabited Mars and Maldek. After there were catastrophes, mostly from their own doing in war.

David: Half a million years ago.

Right. They then end up on the moon for a period of time. And then somehow they ended up getting chased off the moon. There were some attacks that occurred. After that they fled but their craft was too damaged to leave our solar system or make it to another planetary sphere. So since they had to crash land on Earth, they decided they would go to this one continent that still had working ancient builder race technology that was ... the information that was given to me was... 1.8 billion year old.

David: What do you mean by technology?

Well, they only had the technology that they had on these three crafts with them. That's all the technology they had. So they had to cannibalize and repurpose that technology from the spacecraft once they had crash landed. And there were three that were extremely large. They were mother ships. They were referred to as the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

David: I want to point out that this was one of the absolutely stunning details in which I started to ask Pete on the phone, do you know anything about Antarctica? And he independently said, they're going to announce that they found a mother ship... he only knows about one... a mothership that was 30 miles wide, mostly circular in shape, that's been found under the ice.

Right, so far they've only exposed the area about the size of an ocean liner. But in doings they've gained access to one of these ships, and they've been going in flying the craft around that were inside it, checking out...

David: Whoa, whoa, whoa. They went inside this 30-mile wide mother ship, and they found craft inside the mother ship? And they've been able to fly those crafts?


David: In the mothership, or also outside the mothership?

Outside. Outside of our atmosphere even. They found a number of different types of craft that had different uses, one of which was a very ornate craft that was sort of stupa shaped.

David: Like the Tibetan shrine that we see so often?

Right, and they were referring to them as Vimanas. Inside the program, they were calling them Vimanas. Whether they are or not, I don't know. These were only for transporting around the royals. They were different than the other craft. They were decorated, and had gold on them.

David: You said that the being that were inside these craft were pre-Adamites. Could you give us a description of what that means?

Yes. They range 12 to 14 foot tall. They have elongated skulls. They were very spindly, thin.

David: Like Akhenaten, Nefertiti...

Right. And the men had a flabby pocket on their chests, kind of a flabby chest.

David: Who do you think or were you told shot them down when they made it to Antarctica?

Apparently, these pre-Adamites have been in conflicts with the reptilians for a while. These pre-Adamites, they stated, were not good guys at all, but were in some sort of a conflict with the reptilians and had actually kept the reptilians in check here on the Earth during that time that they had crash landed here. There had been a couple of other smaller catastrophes that had happened where they had lost their power. And the reptilians always find an opportunity to come back in in a moment of weakness.

David: Does it appear then that wars between pre-Adamites and reptilians occurred almost from the beginning of when they got here?

Exactly. But after these cataclysms that occurred on Earth, the pre-Adamites and the reptilians sort of had a truce or a treaty. And after that point, the reptilians pretty much controlled all of Antarctica. And the pre-Adamites had zero ability to get access to their ancient technology, their libraries, everything was down there.

The people that survived the cataclysm were mostly the genetic experiments. They had created hybrids because they could not operate in our environment very well. And they created hybrids of them and the humans that were here on Earth. All of the main pre-Adamites that were pure blood were down in Antarctica when the cataclysm occurred.

So there was a group of this pre-Adamites bloodline that was in the Central America, South America region. And there was another completely different bloodline group in Asia and Europe. Both royals.

David: Now when we're looking at the descendants of this original civilization, you said that they came here in three mother ships. I want to be clear that these are the 30-mile-wide motherships that we're talking about. Is that the largest type of mothership they had?

They found other ships down there as well that are fairly large, but would be like sort of another just a smaller vessel in a fleet.

David: So it's just that there's three big ones, and there are other crafts as well that were found.


David: I want to get into the connection to biblical scripture because one of the scripture that's from the same time as the Book of Genesis. The Book of Enoch was removed from the Bible, but it's referred to by Jesus. It's referred to by a variety of people from that era as a very highly revered text. And it described 200 fallen angels crashing the Earth, being giants, and then becoming cannibals who are actually hostile to Earth's population and were ultimately judged and that they had to be wiped out in a big flood. It sounds like we're talking about the same thing here. What's the connection with the Book of Enoch?

It is. And the information that I received was that these pre-Adamites had come down in a... they were in the grand experiment. They shouldn't have been down here living openly amongst us, #1. And #2, they were now... you know the 22 other genetic experiments that these genetic farmer races were conducting down here... this pre-Adamite group started co-opting it and interfering with it. So they had to be dealt with.

David: Just in case somebody has jumped in and they didn't see those episodes, you described that when the protective grid went down 500,000 years ago, after the planet blew up and became the asteroid belt, that we then have right away these so-called genetic farmer ET races that are then able to get in immediately and begin taking DNA from all over the galaxy and tinkering with Earth DNA.

Yes. As we have been exploring more and more of the ruins down there, we've run across rooms that...they were a series of corridors that were sort of arranged the same way you would see a circuit board. And they were made out of a gold-copper alloy that had weird kind of circular carvings in them that they said were not for people to walk through. It was obviously for channeling large amount of electricity.

Not far from there, they found the genetic labs where they found all these different types of beings in different stages of being developed. And I did confirm that it was partially technological, partially biological. They would create a zygote or whatever and then implant it in a human or another animal, have it grow, and then that's how they incubated them. They didn't have all of their technology. They were in survival mode from the moment they crash landed. They had to cannibalize all of their technology from inside of these crafts, these big motherships. There's huge areas where the stuff's just been ripped out.

David: If they're trapped on Earth because they've crash landed, but then you said that there are crafts that were found inside that can be flown around, doesn't that mean they could have left Earth and gone anywhere else they wanted?

Well, yes they could but all of what they had left of their society was now down here on Earth. And these crafts are not long haul vessels. The little craft that they have are for scooting around the solar system. They were stuck here in this solar system. And we have other 22 different genetic farmer races. We have the reptilians. And it's a hostile place for them to fly around. Their numbers were small. They were not in a good tactical position.

David: So they could theoretically visit moons of Jupiter, moons of Saturn, places like this. But they didn't have enough duration of fuel, let's say, or whatever travel capability to actually leave our solar system...

Correct. And it was pretty hostile out in space during that time. They didn't want to risk an asset by flying it to Jupiter or whatever. They could lose that asset. They had very few assets left. But this civilization controlled the entire planet. What little resources they had, they were able to control the planet.

After this last cataclysm occurred, none of the pre-Adamite survivors had access to their technology. So we mentioned the group that was in Asia, pre-Adamite group. And there was another one in South America, Central America. They could no longer visit or communicate with each other. They were separated.

David: After the conventional Atlantian catastrophe we're usually thinking of.

Right. Andy they had always had some sort a competition between those two bloodline groups even before the cataclysm. The whole bloodline of these Cabal or illuminati-type people, they trace their bloodlines through pre-Adamites.

David: In Book of Enoch they're describing this group as the fallen angels. So you're saying these pre-Adamites with the elongated skull, that is the fallen angel storyline.


David: But we do have this Cabal. And this is one of the things that our insider Bruce has been saying whether or not you believe this, what matters is that they do.

Exactly. Their religion is what... I mean their religion is everything. It's behind everything they do.

David: Where do we see this pre-Adamites culture developing? Where do they hide out in the Americas after this catastrophe?

In South and Central America is where they had set up most of their enclaves. They had been set up around other pre-Adamites structures that were now destroyed because of the cataclysm. There were huge earthquakes that basically liquefied the ground. And a lot of the buildings, massive building they had, just fell apart and sunk into the ground. They were running the hemisphere. They were mixing their genetics with some of the indigenous people of South and Central America. That's why we have elongated skull beings that have a different colored skin, and different genetic mix. They were mixing their genetics with whatever group they happened to be around after the cataclysm.

And going back to the Illuminati religion being based on a lot of what this group (the pre-Adamites) did, you can now see why all of these interesting people have been making trips down to Antarctica recently, including John Kerry on election day, and even some of the royals have gone down there.

David: Now I'm speaking about the idea of some very interesting cargo that was found in those motherships. Could you describe what this precious cargo was that they still had on those ships?

They had a number of being that were in stasis. The information I received was that the surviving pre-Adamites, the bloodline that originally came from another planet, had put themselves in stasis before this cataclysm occurred about 12,800 years ago. They have not awoken them yet. They were trying to decide what they're going to do.

Now another interesting thing: note --- we do have these archaeologists and employees of various universities that are down there excavating and documenting all of this, but what they have done --- 'they' being the Cabal, I guess you'll say, they have used these large electromagnetic submarines that I discussed earlier to take a lot of archaeological items that they had found in other digs that they were keeping suppressed from humanity (and they had them in huge warehouses).

They were taking some of these artifacts down to Antarctica and seeding them in this one large dig that these archaeologists are going to make public. They are also removing any body that does not look human. And a lot of human bodies, they don't look like they were slaves, they have tunics that have gold thread weaved in the tunics, they look royal. So they're planning on giving us a sanitized disclosure.

And then over time, they will disclose the military-industrial complex Secret Space Program. And after they do that, they'll say, "Oh, by the way we've got this very advanced secret space program and we've been to other planets and we found very similar ruins as we have found in Antarctica." So they're going to try to trickle the information down over decades and not immediately tell us about the ships they found, and the high technology, and non-humans.

David: You are saying that they are actually finding those genetic remains down there now.

Right. And a lot of the human, I mean, like us, humans that they found under the ice.... and they had obviously been hit by a huge ocean wave and then somehow flash froze. And all of the bodies, they jokingly, tongue in cheek, referred to it as the "Pompeii on ice" because of the way all of the bodies were found, some of them huddled together. It was very similar.

David: Could you describe for us what you have personally seen? Obviously you're getting no-question-briefings. But what have you personally seen of what you're talking about?

I was taken by the Anshar in one of their egg-shaped craft down to Antarctica. And Gonzales was with us. When we were taken down there, Gonzales had this, like a rucksack, you know, that looked like it was military, human military. When we went down there, he was taking out this, like a core sample thing that had a handle on it and a little camera on the end with those long needle-looking things that twisted on. He was walking up to each of these bodies, taking either a picture or video I don't know and then sticking the core, the needle, in the body, twisting it, pulling it out, and then dropping off the core sample in these little plastic test tubes, and then putting them in the bags as he was going.

David: When you say these bodies, you mean like pre-Adamite giants ?

Pre-Adamite bodies, there were these hybrids. I personally saw in a fetal position a very short human that had a tail. You could see the folds of the skin going down on the back and then the tail kind of twisted out and was frozen. So he was taking genetic samples. And in the meantime, just before this, the Inner Earth groups took us through a wall that hadn't been excavated. You could see just a piece of stone sticking up out of the ice and snow. And it wasn't far at all, there was an excavation going on. There were tall lights on tripods pointed down into pits and they were excavating. They walked us right through the snow in the wall and this room lit up.

And the room was full of scrolls, books. It was obviously a library. The two Inner Earth beings walked up to one particular area like they know exactly where they were going, opened up this collapsible box, and started grabbing these metallic scrolls and putting them in the box. And these metallic scrolls were like laser-etched with symbols.

David: Are you saying that the scroll was metallic or that it was a metallic container for a paper type scroll?

They were sheets of metal rolled up. And it crinkled as they were picking it up. It sounded similar to tin. They were removing those before they were located by the people doing the excavation. I still don't know what was on the scrolls or the significance of them but when we left, they took them with them onto the craft.

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