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Pure Gum Spirit of Turpentine

Candida Cleanse with Turpentine & Sugar - by Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Step 1: Get as much waste out of the body as possible. This is critical.

You cannot eradicate a parasite if your body is filled with its favorite food. The most neglected portion is the small intestines. Final cure involves the immune system dumping yeast from all over the body into the small intestines via the bile duct.

Cleansing the small intestine can be accomplished by drinking 1 QT of water for each 60 LBs of body weight each day. Then take castor oil (3 ~ 6 TBS) once a week, or 1 bottle of magnesium citrate weekly or Dr. Daniel's Vitality Capsules daily.

Note: if you are having 3 or more bowel movements a day, your small intestine is most likely clear.

Step 2: Stop eating candida's favorite foods.

All processed foods. Power bars, granola etc. Also, convert all beverages to water. No alcoholic beverages. Stop eating breads, meats and dairy. These are full of parasites that stress your system.

Step 3: Strengthen the immune system with food that is organic of locally grown.

The diet I advise is raw fruit, green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and squash. Also overcooked grains such as quinoa, millet and brown rice or black rice and one raw salad a day. Spices to use are any green leafy herb, curry, garlic, pepper, cumin, cinnamon.

Notice that nuts, beans, cooked fruits and dried fruits are absent. These foods create a hostile environment. Dried fruits and nuts absolutely aggravate candida. Trail mix is an abomination and destroyed the health of many a health nut.

Step 4: Supplements should be minimal as the candida eats your supplements and, like any good parasite, gets fed first.

Here is a list of what I recommend:

  • 2 B-complex 50, 2 ACES two times a day. ACES is a product made by Carlson. It is a combination of antioxidants in a particular ratio so that you do not deplete other nutrients by oversupplying one nutrient.

  • B12 sublingual 1,000mcg

  • Trace minerals twice the dose on the bottle.

  • 1/4 cup brown flax seed --- soak overnight in 1 cup of water. Stir and drink in the morning.

Step 5: Kill and repel parasites that have not yet left.

This is when you use turpentine. If you weigh bet. 40LB and 240LB, the MAXIMUM dose is 1 teaspoon a day.


Turpentine may be taken in the morning but most people complain about burping the taste of turpentine thoughtout the day. It can be taken in the evening at least 2 hours before bedtime.


It can be taken with our without food. It seems to be equally effective.


1. Take 3 Sugar Cubes. They must measure 1 cm or less on each side.

2. Stack one sugar cube on top of the other.

3. Take one tsp of turpentine and drip onto the top sugar cube.

4. Keep dripping until the turpentine begins to enter the bottom cube.

5. Place the top sugar cube in your mouth, chew about 3 times and chase with water. The water is used to help you swallow the candida cleaner and move it from your mouth down to throat. Repeat with the 2nd then the 3rd cube.

If you are unable to find sugar cubes 1 cm or less, you may use granulated white sugar. One rounded teaspoon. Pour 3/4 tsp of turpentine over the spoonful of sugar. Some granules of sugar should remain dry. If every granule is soaked with turpentine, discard it. Do it again with less turpentine. Place in your mouth and chase with water. No need to chew. 1/2 tsp will give less die off and discomfort. If this dose does not give any benefit, it is ok to increase to 1 tsp over a period of 4 doses.

For people with candida symptoms for more than 2 years, you may benefit from taking the candida cleaner once a day for 4 days then, 2 times a week. The long term dosing is once a month or 2 times a year like our ancestors did.


Repeat this dosing 2 times a week. This complete the 5 steps. I allow 1 week to complete each of the 5 steps. These steps must be done throughly or there will be candida die off caused by candida that are trapped and unable to leave the body.


First of all, there is a company call Merck. It is a pharmaceutical company. Merck produces something called the Merck Manual. Now the Merck Manual discusses all diseases that have been identified of the ones that it feels are most important, and talks about various types of therapies that are appropriate and accepted for them. The Merck manual was first published in 1899. If you look up turpentine in the 1899 manual of Merck, it will let you know that turpentine therapy is effective for the following:

  • Gonorrhea

  • Meningitis

  • Arthritis

  • Abdominal difficulties

  • Lung disease

The list goes on and on. Fast forward to 1999, the Merck Manual, a much thick book, and look up turpentine and all you find is turpentine poisoning. And it talks about destruction of the kidneys and destruction of the lungs. I can say to my observation, I have been taking it now for a good 10 years and observed at least 100 people taking it. I have certainly not seen any of those effects and neither has anyone I'm aware of who has chosen to avail themselves of turpentine. The reason may be the dose. The dose I used with great results and minimal side effects was one teaspoon.

Source: The Candida Cleaner


Dr. Jennifer Daniels – One Radio Network Interview - November 14, 2013



BETTER THAN ANY BODY SCRUB OR BODY SUGAR and I ... ByAmazon Customeron September 20, 2016 i placed two droplets in a 12 oz bottle of coconut oil (natures way - organic) and leave on my counter for daily use. BETTER THAN ANY BODY SCRUB OR BODY SUGAR and I have tried them all. Even the 100 to 300 dollar gold flake items. I digest a mixture of 4 tbs of raw honey mixed with 1 tbs of turpentine into a seal-able jar and 1tsp of that anywhere from once to twice a day. i do this for 2 weeks then i take a break from it for a week I use one droplet on my toothbrush with my toothpaste each day to keep my teeth pearly white and it costs lest than the teeth whitening session I scheduled with my dentist. I looked everywhere over the last year and used other products for my general needs. I have no specific ailments just remembering what my mother used to do and my grandmother for certain things which were costing me hundreds of dollars a month.

This item is good for rashes, worms, human mites, candida, and so much more. In the days of Christ, anything which ate away decay and restored was a "healer" or miracle. Here is your miracle in a jar. Most items only SUPPRESS the problems and we believe it is gone until week to weeks later its back and we fault ourselves for not taking it properly or enough. no, you did right....just had the wrong item. I grew up with a pure gum tree in my back yard close to the tank we fished from. My dad, anytime he had a toothache, would go pick the gum off that tree and chew up and he would be like new in less than an hour. Same for my grandmother when she had her pains after being diagnosed with cancer. That tree healed a few in my family coming up. Then they progressed that land and built buildings on top of it. These trees are miracles. The people at Diamond Forest are WONDERFUL people as well. Very down home family oriented. Thank you Diamond G Forest!


Powerful Natural Medicine Works ByAmazon Customer on August 9, 2016 This was a natural medicine before big pharma lobbied Washington to stop its medicinal use. Why? it cut into their profits. (Both my grandparents and their parents used it). Mix 2-3 drops with a carrier oil (like natural sweet almond oil), blend it w/ a Q-Tip, put it on your soles, put on socks while you sleep. Or a few drops on sugar, sugar cube or a bite of something sweet like a cookie (When taken internally sugar is an activating agent - it attracts yeast, some microbes, parasites, etc). Yes it helps on a surprising large host of health issues from Lyme disease to GI issues to skin issues, etc. I've been using it for months. Data mine its healing powers on the net and you'll see. Remember before Big Pharma there were natural medicines and they still work. This is Not the same turpentine as you'd get from the hardware store. This pure gum spirits of turpentine, it comes from certain kind of Southern pine tree, just like maple syrup comes from maple trees up north.


Incredible, affordable natural product by company in business since 1924. By Kindle Customer on July 10, 2016 I bought this wonderful turpentine product not knowing what to expect! I know that it isn't sold for medicinal purposes, yet that is why bought it. I've had a terrible, chronic infection that had become debilitating (loss of mobility in left arm, chronic fatigue and pain, other awful symptoms too personal and horrible to mention). I've been cleansing and eating a strict, clean diet and using all kinds of treatments (from prescription meds for the particular infection that I have, following strict protocols as outline in medical journals, as well as herbs and alternative treatments, from H202 to DMSO--though very carefully and sparingly and only when they gave good results).

This has been a ten-year journey. I have been very down about how hard life got and how it seemed like I might never get my health back. Recently I ordered a 4 oz bottle of Diamond G Forest Products pure gum spirits from Azon. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before. I'm from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Appalachia, though I don't get back often. My grandma, of Blessed memory, used Folk Medicine. Still, some book on the internet, some post in some forums, or something similar, gave me the idea to try gum spirits to combat my increasingly debilitating infection.

After only been two days and I almost could not believe the results. I'm crying as I write this, I guess I didn't realize how despondent, desperate, and despairing of ever finding anything that would help, I was. I am having a near-immediate healing response. There are some cleanse symptoms, very minor, but largely my infection seems to be resolving, as with each day that passes I get healthier and healthier (I am definitely killing off candida and parasites and as horrifying and shocking as it is to physically experience, I am deeply grateful). I cannot thank Diamond G. Forest Products and their beautiful family enough for their business and wonderful products. My gratitude to them for creating a high-quality product made from South Georgia pine trees based on historic methods. I hope that they will remain in business always, and experience deepening abundance, joy, happiness, and all good things, forever. I then bought the 16 ounce bottle as I may need this for a while. From the heart!

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