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Cell Salt Remedies

#1: Calcium Fluoride (Calc. flour.)



Heart Trouble

Bone Health

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Varicose Veins

Eyes and Teeth

Other Important Indications

#2: Calcium Phosphate (Calc. phos.)


Phosphate of lime (calc. phis.) is a major chemical constituent of the bones, and it is one of the major cell salt remedy. It is given for its restorative powers following acute diseases and infection. It is specifically called for in al bone problems. It is very important in general nutrition as well. It is the primary remedy indicated for children who are not developing properly.

When symptoms indicate a need for one of the other cell salts, it is often advisable to take calcium phosphate also. This is because it tends to intensify the action of other cell salts. It is a main constituent not only of the bones but also of all the cells and fluids in the body. It is interesting to note that calcium phosphate is a main ingredient in the most productive soils; the gardener who in not familiar with calcium phosphate is a poor gardener indeed.

If you suffer from indigestion, a dose of calcium phosphate should be taken after every meal. If will help break up the food and promote healthy digestion. It will also help when there is an accumulation of gas.

  • Anemia

A shortage of calcium phosphate results in a shortage of red blood cell. A low red blood cell count, in turn , affects the bones. Quite often those who have a calc. phos. deficiency will have a waxy pallor to their skin. They suffer from headaches. They may also suffer from vertigo.

  • Teeth and Bones

This remedy is valuable for both old and young. Children who need this remedy often have poor memories and bad temper. They also tend to complain of muscle pain. They also have trouble with digestion and elimination. The best known use for calcium phosphate is in treating teething problems related to poor nutrition and slow development. Doctors often prescribe calcium phosphate for pregnant women. It is especially beneficial for those who have had trouble carrying children to term in the past.

" Helped when I had Cracked Ribs " by jbg on September 18, 2011 (product review on Amazon) I used calc phos when i had cracked ribs. there's not much that you can do for cracked ribs except wait for them to heal, which can take weeks. i have a very physical job and can't be down for weeks, so i looked for ways to speed up the healing process. i did no lifting for 3 days and took calc phos cell salts every 4 hours. at the end of that time i eased back into my regular work and continued another week with the cell salts two times a day. I've talked to others who have used calc phos to speed healing broken bones (one person had a broken pelvis, one a collarbone).

  • ​Other Indications

When the head is terribly sensitive or is throbbing and burning, try this remedy. Often, patients with a calcium phosphate deficiency have a large, flabby abdomen even when they are generally thin. Problems with indigestion calls for this remedy. Back pains ma yield to this remedy. Stinging or shooting pains in the toes are still more indications of a need for calcium phosphate. A "creeping" sensation of the skin, along with coldness and numbness of the limbs often yield to the effect of this powerful cell salt.

  • The Skin

Calcium Phosphorus can be used with other indicated remedies in treating various skin problems, specifically facial eruptions that contain albumious fluid. Freckles disappear with this remedy is used, or at least you will see less of them. In older people, annoying itchy skin can be helped if calcium phosphorus is taken along with kali. phos.

#3: Calcium Sulphate (Calc. sulph.)


Skin Ailments

Other Kinds of Wounds


Blood Purifier

Other Uses

#4: Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrrum phos.)


Who Needs Ferrum phos?

Menstrual-Related Problems


Digestive Problems

Bladder Problems



Loss of Voice


#5: Potassium Chloride (Kali mur.)


A Powerful Cleanser

Overtaxed Liver

Regaining Youthful Energy



Other Uses

#6: Potassium Phosphate (Kali phos.) SOOTHER OF JANGLED NERVES

A Remedy for Heart and Soul



Other Indications

#7: Potassium Sulphate (Kali sulph.)


Kali sulph. and Pulsatilla

Hair and Skin


Other Indications

#8: Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. phos.)


A Healthy Team

The Mag. phos. Personality

Neuralgia and Headaches


Chest Pains

Other Indications

#9: Sodium Chloride (Natrum mur.)



Double Vision

The Power of Natrum mur.

The Natrum mur. Personality

#10: Sodium Phosphate (Natrum phos.)


A Helpful Combination

Back Pain and rheumatism

Eye Problems


#11: Sodium Sulphate (Natrum sulph.) A MIRACULOUS REMEDY FOR ASTHMA

Diabetes and Digestion


#12: Silica (Silica)


Silica is a fascinating trace element. One of the most abundant of the earth's solid components, silica comes from rocks worn down by weather into dust. This dust is absorbed by plants and becomes the supportive element, of "grit," in the plants, just as it is the supportive element in our connective tissues.

Silica is the cleanser and eliminator. When the skin is not perspiring enough for noxious materials to be eliminated, a dose of silica is perhaps the answer. On the other hand, someone who perspires too much and produces an offensive smell should also take silica. The person should find in a few days that he will never again have to worry.

  • Body Odor

The effect that silica has on perspiration is a fascinating one. Usually if a person needs this cell salt, the bottom part of her body does not sweat at all. And the smell is unpleasant --- especially on the feet. At the same time, this person sweats too much on the upper part of the body. Silica will help this kind of perspiration problem.

  • Infection

Silica is called for in some serious meters, too such as when the body is trying to expel white pus in wounds. It is especially helpful for elderly people. A German study of 26 patients showed that over a period of 3 months using silica, most patients were able to avoid having surgery to remove cysts. The cysts went away to ally in 18 cases. In 6 cases,the remedy helped but was not completely successful. In 2 cases, the silica had no effect so surgery was necessary.

  • Is Silica for You?

If you find that you have several symptoms indicating the need for silica, a cure may take a while. This is because silica is an intense remedy. It is slow but profound. The ailments it cures are often thing stat have been bothering the patient for a long time, such as itchy skin, acne, dandruff or dandruff or splitting fingernails. Silica is sometimes called the "homeopathic surgeon." Before the development of potent anti-infection drugs, doctors of the last century often relied entirely on silica in dangerous cases.

  • Skin, Hair, Nail Problems

Why is silica such a good remedy for the skin? It helps the epidermis eliminate wastes. Because silica hastens the suppuration of wounds and abscesses (bursting pimples and popping blisters are examples of suppuration), it has been called the "biochemical lancet." It was recognized long ago that this remedy sometimes eliminated the need for surgery.

When your skin is dry and brittle and your hands are always chapped, silica is indicated. Try silica any time you have unhealthy skin with inflammations tending to generate pus. Stop the use of the remedy when you see results.

  • Arthritis

Silica can dissolve the irate of soda found as deposits in arthritic joints and in case of gout. The irate of soda is flushed away through the lymphatic system (lymphatic vessels being the intermediary vessels between blood and tissues). When homeopathic silica is taken from seabeds, it is especially valuable for arthritis. During the centuries spent on the bottom of the sea, the silica becomes impregnated with valuable trace elements. In some cases, arthritis suffers who become bedridden suddenly felt better after taking silica.

  • Psychological Symptoms

Silica is indicated for many different psychological problems, because a lack of this essential nutrient directly affects the brain and nerve tissues.

One of the long-recognized psychological symptoms that strongly indicates the need for silica is a sense of internal sinking. If you feel a strong desire to restore your strength by eating or you have a strange sense of exhaustion and nervous problems, you must take silica.

Dr. Hahnemann first recognized just how important a remedy silica was when he realized that all people who tended to be ill-humored; who had an aversion to work and tendency to anger quickly; or who were excessively excitable, agitated, irritated, or discouraged --- need tis cell salt. A spotty memory, a general inability to think because of dizziness, vertigo, and headaches in the forehead from noon until evening, where also conditions that immediately tipped him off to the need for silica.

  • Diarrhea

It became known as one of the greatest remedies for chronic diarrhea during the American Civil war. When soldiers became sick from sleeping on the damp ground and eating things which affected their stomachs and bowels, silica was used to cure a number of their diarrhea problems.

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