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Homeopathy - Skin/Muscle/12 Cell Salts

Twelve Cell Salts

Cell salts are low-potency mineral salts that are found in the human body. These preparations come in small, easily dissolvable pellets. They treat many physical conditions and work where there is a biochemical insufficiency in the body. These salts, originally prepared by Dr. Schuessler of Germany.

They duplicate, in salt form, the vital building materials essential for growth, balance and healing in the physical body. Using these salts during pregnancy, for example, helps the fetus to develop strong bones, healthy blood and a strong cell structure. An effective sore-throat cure comes from mixing two homeopathically prepared cell salts of NATRUM PHOSPHORICUM 6X and KALI SULPHURICUM 6X. If this preparation is taken at the onset of a sore throat it can bring instant relief and stop it from developing further.


This salt gives tissues their elasticity. It works on connective tissue and the surface of the bones as well as the enamel of teeth, where it is deficient or discolored. Whenever there is a weakening or an overly relaxed condition, this salt is indicated. It is good for sluggish circulation, cracks in the skin, loose teeth and muscular weakness caused by overstraining or over stretching muscles, ligaments and joints, especially in active, loose-limbed people such as gymnasts or athletes.


This salt works on growth and nutrition. It is used to restore weakened organs and tissues. It is also used for bones and teeth and is particularly appropriate when a child is not growing or is slow to develop. It also aids absorption and digestion of food in the body.


This tissue salt is a blood purifier. It cleans out accumulated non-functional, organic matter in the tissues and throws off decaying organic matter. It is used for all blood impurities.


This is the preeminent cell salt first-aid remedy. It is the oxygen carrier and is the remedy primarily used to quell fever. It is good for congestion, pain, high temperatures and a quickened pulse. It can also be given in the early stages of acute disorders and should be administered frequently until the inflammation subsides. It is good for illness in old age and in young children and it is a useful first-aid cell salt or muscular strains and sprains.


This cell salt is for sluggish conditions. It works on skin problem, such as eczema and warts, on mucous membranes and wherever pus occurs. It is also used to cleanse and purify the blood. Use Kali muriaticum when the tongue has a white coating and when the liver is torpid and dysfunctional. It is also effective in treatment of colds, sore throats, coughs, tonsillitis, bronchitis and in all children's illness such as measles, chicken pox and also mumps.


This is the nerve nutrient. It is a wonderful remedy for nervous people, or for those under stress and faced with intense demands. It also helps to keep schoolchildren contented, happy and sharp witted. When children are fretful, ill-humored, bashful or lazy this remedy helps restore balance. Good for nervous headaches, sleeplessness, lowered vitality, depression, weariness, grumpiness and other conditions where vitality is low.


This remedy helps respiration when a person feels they cannot get enough air. It is also indicated when there is a sticky, yellowish discharge on the skin or mucous membrane. It works on eruptions on the skin and scalp accompanied by scaling. It will help eliminate a sore throat.


This remedy is an antispasmodic. It works with the nervous system when there is pain. It is indicated for neuralgia, neuritis, sciatica and headaches with shooting, darting pains or that start in the nape of the neck. It will relieve muscular twitching, heartburn, cramps, hiccups, convulsive coughing and sharp twinge-like pains. It works best when the pellets are taken with a sip of hot water.


This remedy works on water distribution. It maintains the proper balance of moisture in the cell all. Excessive moisture or excessive dryness in any part of the system can lead to a deficiency in salt, which is what Natrum muriaticum is. Take these cell salts for low spirits, despair, depression, headaches with constipation, colds with discharges of mucus and sneezing, a dry painful nose, and throat symptoms. Also good for heartburn, a tremendous thirst, toothache and facial neuralgia with a flow of tears, weak eyes, hay fever, muscular weakness, unrefreshed sleep and the after effects of alcohol.


This remedy is known as the acid neutralizer. It is good for a wide group of ailments arising from too much acid in the blood. This remedy controls the assimilation of fats and has an affinity with the digestive system. It is indicated for dyspepsia, pain after eating, highly colored urine, worms and nervous irritability. It also works for sleeplessness from nervous indigestion, and for rheumatism, lumbago, fibrositis (inflammation of the fibrous connective tissue, usually affecting the back) and associated ailments.


This remedy helps eliminate excessive water. It controls the healthy functioning of the liver by promoting the free flow of bile and is indicated for biliousness and sandy deposits in the urine. It is the principal agent for treating flu, humid asthma, malaria and other conditions associated with humidity. A few doses will help dispel the languid feeling experienced during humid weather.


This remedy is the cleanser. It throws off non-functional organic matter. It can initiate the healing process by promoting suppuration, which is one way the body releases toxins, and by breaking down pathological debris in the blood. It is good for abscesses, skin and nail weakness, and for strong bones. It acts as a nerve insulator and is good for toothache and other forms of acute pain. Use Silica for offensive perspiration of the feet and armpits, and for when pus forms or there are abscessed, boils or styes. It can also be used to treat tonsillitis.

For Musculoskeletal System


  • Arnica montana --- When cramps are in the calf and are caused by exhaustion.

  • Arsenicum album --- For cramps in the calf muscles.

  • Ledum palustre --- For any type of cramp.

  • Nux vomica --- When cramp starts at night, affects the soles of the feet and the person feels the need to stretch.

Backache and Spine Problems

  • Hypericum perforatum --- When the nerve ending of the coccyx are injured

  • Ignatia --- For pain with a strong emotional component where the structure of one's life breaks down and there is grief.

  • Ruta graveolens --- For pain resulting from overstraining the muscles and when the bone feels bruised.


  • Arnica montana --- For all injuries accompanied by acute pain and tenderness to the area.

  • Rhus toxicodendron --- For ruptured ligaments and tendons. Give Rus, Ruta graveolens and Arnica montana together for acute situations and relief of pain.

  • Ruta graveolens --- Good for all sprains to tendons and ligaments, and for inflammation of the joints.

Dental Problems

  • Apis mellifica --- When there is swelling, inflammation and pain.

  • Arnica montana --- To alleviate dental shock and to control pain and bleeding.

  • Calcarea carbonic --- To strengthen teeth and prevent decay in children with early decay symptoms. Give one dose monthly to help with teeth. Use a 6X only for this treatment. Also use when the pain of toothache is made worse with cold drinks and air.

  • Calcarea fluorica --- For teeth in poor condition.

  • Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort) --- For sharp darting pains following drilling. Whenever there is nerve pain.

  • Kreosotum --- When there is a toothache without any sings of inflammation or gumboils.

  • Phosphorus --- For excessive bleeding following drilling tooth pulling.

  • There are two herbal tinctures that help teeth and gums:

1. Calendula tincture (to heal a pulled tooth)

2. Fragaria tincture (to strengthen weak and bleeding gums)


  • Rhus toxicodendron --- For discomfort that is worse in cold, damp weather and at night.

Painful Joints

  • Belladonna --- When joints are swollen, stiff and painful.

  • Rhus toxicodendron --- When there is rheumatism and pain.

Bones (fractures, bruising)

  • Arnica montana --- For a bruised feeling in the bones and for the shock of a break.

  • Calcarea phosphoric --- For slow-mending fractures or pain when bones grow quickly.

  • Ruta graveolens --- To mend bone injuries well.

  • Symphytum --- For broken bones, to aid healing.


  • Apis mellifica --- When the joins swell and are red and painful.

  • Arnica montana --- When the joints feel bruised.

  • Bryonia alba --- When there appears to be no relief from pain.

  • Rhus toxicodendron --- When you awake with stiff joints and feel better on movement. Symptoms are worse in damp weather.

  • Ruta graveolens --- When the limbs feel tender and sore

Materia Medica

Arnica montana --- best known for the treatment of shock, injury and trauma. It is different from aconite, although it is used for the same conditions. A person requiring Arnica montana never outwardly show fear but is always fearful. It alleviates bruising, bleeding and pain; it is also a good remedy for aiding recovery from jet lag.

Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort)

A major remedy for injury to spine and nerve ending. To be used for injuries to all parts of the body that are rich in nerve endings, especially the fingers, toes and coccyx. And for shooting pains along the nerves that have the sensation of crawling or numbness. Also to be used for the effects of shocks and all injuries as an emergency treatment.

Homeopathy for Skin


For general car bathe affected parts in Calendula tincture or rub with ointment along with the indicated homeopathic remedy below.

  • Belladonna --- When irritation is accompanied by redness and throbbing pain.

  • Hepar sulphuricum --- When there is pus and the skin is sensitive to the touch.

  • Hypericum perforatum --- When the skin is tense and painful.

  • Silica --- After discharge of pus, use 3 times/day for 3 days as a cleanser.


  • Belladonna --- For people with red faces.

  • Hepar sulphuricum --- Where many pustules are present.

  • Pulsatilla --- For people with fair complexions.

  • Silica --- when the skin becomes scarred from pustules.

  • Sulphur --- In case that resist conventional treatment of any kind.


  • Apis mellifica --- For insect bites and stings where there is burning, or a stinging pain made worse by the application of heat, or that are red, swollen.

  • Cantharis vesicoatoria --- Suitable for insect bites with serious inflammation with burning.

  • Hypericum perforatum --- to bring the swelling down.

  • Ledum palustre --- When there is a tick, spier, cat or dog bite, with puncture of flesh.

Abrasions and Cuts

  • Arnica montana --- to stop the bleeding.

  • First-aid for minor cuts --- Clean the wound, cover it and moisten with a few drops of Calendula tincture several times a day. Hypericum cream helps cuts heal without sepsis.


If deeply infected hair follicles (folliculitis) spread to surrounding areas, it is called a boil or furuncle. A collection of boils that coalesce to form a larger mass draining through several opening is called a carbuncle.

  • Apis mellifica --- for boils that are red and swollen, hot and stinging.

  • Arsenicum album --- Pus-filled boils that burn.

  • Sulphur --- For boils that are slow to develop and slow to heal


  • Apis mellifica --- For sties that sting and are better with a cold compress.

  • Hepar sulphuricum --- When the eyelids are swollen and painful, and feel bruised.

  • Hypericum perforatum --- For sites of the lower left eyelid with a sharp, sticking pain.

Mouth ulcers

  • Borax --- For mouth ulcers on the tongue and inside the cheeks. The patient is restless, nervous and sensitive.

  • Magnesia Carbonica --- For chronic sores in weak, allergic and hypersensitive people.


  • Arnica montana --- For bruising that result from falls, injury ore trauma. I can be given every 2~3 minutes. As symptoms eases, spread the treatment to every 2 hours. Arnica montana will bring the bruising out and the skin will be discolored, but the deep trauma will be released and the pain diminished.

  • Hypericum perforatum --- For bruising to toes, fingers and nerve endings.

  • Ruta graveolens --- For bruised feelings to the bones and tendons.


  • Ledum palustre --- For puncture wounds. Take 5 doses on the first day and the 3 doses the next.


Use calendula tincture immediately to clean out wounds and to use after removing a splinter.

  • Ledum palustre --- Use if the splinter has penetrated deeply.

  • Silica --- To expel the splinter.

Skin Problems (for sensitive skin)

Use Rescue Remedy cream to alleviate discomfort

  • Argentum nitric --- When the skin is blotchy.

  • Calcarea carbonic --- When the skin feels better when scratched.

  • Graphites --- When the skin is cracked and there is weeping eczema.

  • Mercurius solubilis --- When the skin itches and is worse when hot.


  • Sulphur --- For burning, red, itchy and unhealthy-looking skin.

  • Graphites --- For oozing, crusty types of irritation


  • Cantharis vesicatoria --- Can stop blistering if taken in time. To be taken every 2~3 minutes.

  • Causticum --- For painful scars and to help them to heal.

  • Kali bichromicum --- For complementary treatment of serious second-degree burns.


  • Cantharis vesicatoria --- After a day in the sun when the patient has been highly exposed to the sun's rays.

Materia Medica

Heper sulphuricum : impure Calcium Sulphate --- A remedy for skin eruptions, glandular swellings and mental anguish. Suited to chilly, hypertensive people with splinter-like pains. The patient is made worse from drafts.

Cantharis vesicatoria (Spanish fly) --- For bleeding, irritation, sunburn, blister, mouth ulcers. Oversensitivity in all parts of the body. Raw burning pain.

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