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Restoration of Brain Receptor Sites

Many children, young adults, and adults have tendency of hyper-focused; hyper-distracted; hyper-sensitive, or hyper-compulsive. We are all kind of having it today in this hyper world. Parents will go to a doctor and a doctor prescribes Methamphetamines: basically Ritalin or Addreall. They have same effect on the brain as cocaine. I tell parents to try giving small among of coffee to the child. They are afraid of giving coffee but they give Methamphetamines."

Coffee works through a different pathway than cocaine and Methamphetamines and sugar. These are all high dopamine stimulator.

If you over-stimulate the brain, you get really excited, something gives you pleasure. Dopamine is produced by pleasure, by motivation, by focus, by interest. Whenever you hear something new and you're interested in it, huge amounts of dopamine gets produced. When you have this spike in dopamine and goes above certain level the brain responds and starts giving less dopamine receptor sites.

If we over-stimulate, then you actually lose receptor sites." You need more stimulation to get the same effect when the receptor sites are temporarily lost.

Success stimulates dopamine. Danger stimulates dopamine. If I am a successful person, I wake up in the morning to be successful at something. Therefore I have a steady supply of dopamine. Let's say I'm a kid who doesn't really have belief in myself and family support and opportunities to be educated and successful, How do I get my aliveness" Well, just join a gang and I'm suddenly in a dangerous situation and that becomes my addiction, so to speak.

Arguing and fighting, yelling, is a bib dopamine stimulator. Some people are addicted to the danger. Quite often women, and some men, get addicted to over-giving. If you don't have a steady supply of dopamine, or you have the dopamine resistance, I need higher levels of stimulation. Before I could make cookies for my kids. Now I got to make cookies for the whole class. One of these ADHD symptoms for women is over-gibing.

Here's a mind blowing stimulation of dopamine, which is grieving. I couldn't say this out loud, but you can become addicted to it if you don't have the right nutrition. When you're feeling pain, huge amount of dopamine gets produced, at that time you start depleting your body of all these nutrients. They did a study at UCLA of parents who are chronically grieving the loss of a child. Now that's the most devastating thing I could imagine is to lose a child. What they found is that many never get through the grieving process. They're chronically feeling depressed and hopeless. They can't come back to being happy and fulfilled in their lives. They did brain scans on these people and found that the same part of the brain light up, during the grief moment, as if they were taking cocaine. This is this dopamine stimulating part of the brain.

Unstable blood sugar is a real key thing. Dr. Atkins had a vey balanced perspective on things. He discovered so many things that most poodle don't know about. He's just famous for diet. He said any person who as anxiety, who has depression, who has problem sleeping who has marital distress, who's bi-polar, who's schizophrenic, who has dementia... all has blood sugar issues. Just like you get the dopamine resistance, you are getting sugar resistance. Which is insulin resistance.

I have many friends who have insulin resistance and gave up sugar, but they didn't heal the insulin resistance. We have to restore the receptor sites. There are two supplements that I recommend for that. One is Dr. Nieper from Germany, he has a product called Membrane Support, which he bonded calcium, magnesium, potassium into something called 2-AEP Aminoethylphosphate to restore the cells.

What we're discussing is the unstable brain chemicals, but a lot of this craving for dopamine is actually coming from the unbalanced sugar level. We crave the sugar, which spike the dopamine, which down-regulates the receptor sites. Now we crave more sugar. Then we have a society of pre-diabetic and diabetic. Getting stable cell membrane is so important. There is also Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium 2-AEP. It is membrane support. Calcium regulation is essential in the Body.

Anybody who's depressed, their brain is generally not making enough gaba because there's a problem with calcium regulation in the body and in the brain. We know that heart disease and other issues are the inability of the body to remove the calcium so the veins become stiff. We have to have vitamin K2 (which is rich in grass-fed yellow butter) to regulate the calcium. Not only does it help us for heart disease, but it also helps the brain receptor sites to remove the calcium.

When people eat sugar, one of the number one minerals they lose is lithium. One of the functions of lithium is also to regulate calcium in the brain receptor sites. The food that has the most lithium is beets. When we eat beets as food you would have all the fiber which slow down the release of glucose, but also you would get the lithium. When you eat simple sugar the body utilizes its won lithium in the metabolism of sugar. That's another one of the miracle things like 2-AEP, you suddenly get the lithium orotate in little doses. It's an inexpensive supplement and can make a world of difference for people.

Another one is Dr. Revici. There is a book on Amazon. He's the doctor who cured cancer. But none of his products are available to the public today. The Congress and FDA shut it down. He went to Harlem and gave out his supplement, which was a form of sulfur and selenium. He gave it to 2000 people who were addicted to heroin. They all went off their heroin within 3 days with no side effects except some tiredness in the process. He was also a forerunner of the liposomal vitamins. That's the vitamin of the future, liposomal. They would become lipid-based and be absorbed by the body. He was able to give the body very high doses of selenium that was embedded in fat. That's how he got the guys off their addictions. The selenium was necessary for the up-regulation of the brain receptor sites so they had no side effects. MSM is also fantastic for dealing with the up-regulation of these receptor sites. The body needs the raw materials to do it along with good gut bacteria.

Glutathion is our proaction against all the stress and the oxidation and the free radicals. We need to be able to make it. This is how I helped deal with my Parkinson's, glutathione to neutralize the oxidative stress of being a high performing person. Undenatured whey protein is magnificent for producing glutathione. These are like the magic formulas for people. I started doing this wonderful shake everyday along with goji berries. I was in Tibet climbing a mountain, almost died of hypothermia, and people that rescued me were all drinking this little goji berry tea. It is an amazing substance, a tremendous adaptogen helping the adrenals. I helped founding Himalayan goji berry in the Western market.

Dr. John Gray shifted his main focus to relationship & brain health around year 2000, because he started experiencing early stages of Parkinson's. He was able to reverse it. In doing that he was able to cure his ADD which he didn't know he had all his life until all the symptoms of ADD disappeared with Parkinson's.

Source: Bullet Proof Radio

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