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Michi's Natal Chart

10th House (MC) is the area of material action. It represents the place one will take in public. It becomes more important as one grows older.

Cancer in the 10th House (Cafe Astrology)

She likes contact with the public, the crowd. Profession that involves meeting a lot of people.

Cancer in the 10th House (Astrolabe)

You have the unique ability to strive with great energy and initiative to reach the top of your chosen field and at the same time, not make anyone feel bitter about how you got there. Your strong sense of compassion and sympathy and true caring about the needs of others makes you respected and loved by your colleagues and those you supervise. Very sensitive to the moods and feelings of others, you pick up "vibes" quickly and can turn them to your advantage. Avoid smothering of people in your care.

Sun in the 10th House (Astrolabe)

You want to make your mark in the world and to be in charge of your own destiny. If your past and early upbringing has supplied you with proper goal structures and a sense of discipline and dedication, you should have no problem attaining your desired ends.

Sun in the 10th House (Cafe Astrology)

The urge to work toward a goal, for success and accomplishment, or power is part of your make-up. You are uncomfortable in any position in which you must "take orders' from someone else. Recognize your ambitions and your need for authority without going overboard. It is crucial that you accept the part of you that is ambitious, but take pains not to over-indentify with an image that is not really you. Successful career is guaranteed, but may come late.

Midheaven sextile Uranus (Astrolabe)

Your ability to see things in a fresh light and to suggest new and unusual solutions to problems will be a great asset in your career development. However, your demand to be free to call your own shots and proceed as you fit will probably not go well over the long haul --- your career may see many changes as you move from one interesting set of challenges to another. You are naturally attracted to fields requiring the ability to understand and effectively deal with highly complex technologies.

Midheaven sextile Venus (Astrolabe)

You are very creative and artistic and have a gentle manner about you that suggests good breeding and good taste. You tend to lack aggressiveness and think that things should come to you --- that you should not have to dirty yourself with sweat in order to better yourself. And you may just get your wish, because you have the ability to delight others with your presence so much that often they are quite solicitous of you. You make people want to mother you an take care of you. (cf Mars in Libra)

Midheaven sextile Venus (Cafe Astrology)

Whe has good taste, an affectionate nature, her love is warm and deep, based on intellectual understanding and common tastes. Her friends are useful in furthering her career. Good reputation in the professional world. Well-liked for what she does for a living.


Mercury Conjunct Venus (Casey)

You have a certain charm and graciousness in your manner of expression. You have an artistic sense which can come out as beautiful penmanship. People like you and will often seek you out. You, in turn, are good at helping others express themselves. You are courteous diplomatic, and good at paraphrasing because you hav an overview that comes from a multifaceted perspective.

Mercury Conjunct Venus (Cafe Astrology)

She looks on the bright side of life. She is gay, agreeable, optimistic, sociable. She enjoys speaking and writing, and she does both with charm and artistry. Her intellectual pleasures are very much influenced by her feelings. She is amorous and sensual. She likes beauty, the arts, traveling, frequent changes of scenery. Aims for diplomacy, very charming.

Casey: Your professional success is related to your ability to serve others behind the senes. Your profession is likely to be performed behind closed doors or in private. Activities linked to secret information, medicine or investigations would be very favorable. (Ruler of 10th House in 12th Hose)...does this mean Uranus in 12th?

Casey: Your income is related to some kind of service in connection with healing and welfare, or helping the less fortunate. You may have difficulties evaluating your self worth, which may impinge your level of income. Earning money is in direct relationship to our self-esteem. If we consider ourselves valuable, money flows and come into our lives. Work done with love and pleasure doesn't weigh us down and offers a better profit. (Ruler of 2nd House in 12th House)...does this mean Pluto in 12th?

Venus conjunct Uranus (Casey)

You are true "sensitive" who are able to call upon your inner being to be highly creative in art, music, and writing. With your many very unusual talents, most of which were originally developed during a productive lifetime in ancient Atlantis, much will be required of you as far as making the choices which are best for your soul growth. These choices in social relationship and dealings with the opposite sec are frequently delicate ones which you usually make with a certain finesse.

You therefore make friendship very easily and are able to tap -- mysteriously, without knowing how -- a great deal of creative power from these associations. With aid from angles and spirit guides, you have the resources to pass on this help to others in unique, inspired ways. You are particularly suited to service in the healing arts and in stimulating spiritual attunement/higher consciousness experiences in others.

Venus conjunct Uranus (Cafe Astrology)

The ability to get along with people from all walks of life as friends is strong with this position. She can readily see through insincerity in others. In relationships, tolerance is the most important "ingredient" to her. Her Her sexual preferences can be somewhat unconventional, Her style in love can be somewhat free and breezy, and possibly noncommittal. Independent in love. Her love life is rich, possibly with passing love affairs. Traditional marriage may not be for her. She has that little something that attracts others.

Venus conjunct Uranus (Astrolabe)

Your need for freedom of self-expression is so strong that you find it difficult to settle down in lone long-lasting relationship. You would rather play the field, continually searching for unusual, exciting, interesting and different partners. The worst thing someone con do to you is to try to bind you in any way. The best thing that can happen is for others to allow you to do your thing, no matter how unconventional that might be.

Venus conjunct Pluto (Cafe Astrology)

Her emotional and sex life can be powerful and rich. She lives out truly passionate love affairs. Extremely resourceful, she is also excellent at determining the value of material things. She can help others to discover their own worth as well. She is naturally attracted to relationships that transform her, that are intense. She can use her strong intuition and understanding of others for good or for bad, and this depends largely on other aspect in the chart. She can be highly devoted and passionate to the things/people she loves. She can be quite persuasive.

Mars in Libra (Casey)

Your energy is refined and you genuinely desire harmony. You can be a master of compromise. You get what you want in life through your ability to compromise; however, you are easily influenced and over-conciliatory. You have bursts of anger at times to prove you are your own person. This is, however, reactive. Your life is better and more even when you establish real independence that comes from a feeling of spontaneous well-bing.

Mars Trine Jupiter (Casey)

Whatever you put your attention on comes to something. Your material lot in life improve as you get older. You have the ability to believe in yourself and your projects. This single attribute is responsible for directing the energy of the universe in a way favorable to you. In this sense you are truly lucky.

Mars Trine Jupiter (Casey)

The warlike wrathful forces is greatly moderated or positively overpowered by Jupiter dimension. Prior lifetimes prompting you to experience these dimensions include one in ancient Rome. In other words, anger and to attract destructive conditions are well under control. In addition you wield considerable influence on groups of people, including different social classes with varying levels of education and the public at large. Your strong influence on others is shed through the magnetism of your personality, which shines through your unique individuality or soul force. You are helpful in making associations with those in power -- whether in the workplace of elsewhere -- which makes for developments towards brotherly love.

In the present, once your own purpose and ideals are corrected or prioritized in yourself first, then you may aid in correcting uplifting again on a large scale the spiritual, moral and social order of others. If yo keep to this high level of spiritual development, you are a soul who may make your peace in such a manner as for there to be none of the turmoils of the earth in its experience again. While the application of your spiritual principles and abilites whould first be personal, at the same time they will be a universal, mass-oriented nature. Following this individual - yet - universal approach, you are bale to go as far as a keeper of records, data and activities in which the basic principles are for higher, protective, healing influences in the lives of many others. Yet these tenets are first to be personally and continually applied by you through your day-to-day lifestyle and philosophy of living.

From a constructive past life as one in authority you developed as a soul and thus earned your experiences in Mars and Jupiter. Such a previous incarnation also contributed to and carried positive karma into the present form - your choice of a fortunate resourceful soul flight path from these two planetary dimensions at your birth.

Sun in Leo (Astrolabe)

It is imperative for you to find an area in which you can shine and truly make a significant, personal contribution which matches your INNER SENCE OF NOBLENESS. You must HAVE A DOMAIN, one which is yours alone to shape and fashion, according to your own inner dictates. Unless you are acting from your own heart, from your own core, you are not fulfilling your destiny. Thus you will resist imitating and being dictated to by others, for your task is to find your own inner light and radiate it. Once free from the great allure of your ego, you begin to fall in love with the creative process itself and to experience a great joy in being a part of life expressing itself, not only through you but through others' lives as well.

The Sun is in Leo (Cafe Astrology)

There is an unmistakably regal air to Solar Leos. These are dignified --- even noble -- folk. Leos so feel important, but this takes the form of wanting to change the world in some way --- to make the world a better place. They are generally motivated by affection for people, and often have big dreams and plans to make people happy. Leos are attracted to the good things in life, and they know they have to work to get them. The worst thing you can do to a Leo is accuse them of bad intentions. These happy, jovial people become mighty hurt when others don't see them for their noble intentions.

Short Description: She is masterful, she likes authority, she aspires toward an ideal. She likes to give advice. She is honest, open, and sincere. Possible Issues: Pride, Vanity, Arrogance, Presumption and disdain for others.

Sun Opposite Lilith

There is a self-destructive side to you that should be managed by confronting your fears. You might worry about a friend betraying you, although others might find this person full of charm.

Saturn Quincunx Mars (Casey)

Overcoming a lack of confidence, fear of expressing or asserting yourself, a discouraging early life is part of your karmic package in this lifetime. You will struggle against oppression, from a parent, circumstances your own inhibitions and fears, and may receive very little external support. Difficulties and frustration in sexual or creative expression, with men, with authority is likely. If you don't allow yourself become resentful and bitter, you can become strong and self reliant through patience self-discipline, persistence, and building your dreams one small step at a time. Healing your wounded male side will be an important key to your eventual fulfillment.

Saturn Quincunx Mars (Astrolabe)

There is a continuing tension in your life that you find very difficult to handle. You have very definite needs and wants and the desire to go out and get them, but you feel overburdened by restrictions. You often feel angry and embittered and have periodic outbursts of temper. If you can resolve these tensions by lowering your expectations and narrowing your goals until they become truly realizable, the symptoms will become somewhat alleviated. She will learn how to be happy in love, gain more assurance and sense of self-worth in the second half of life.

Saturn Opposite Venus (Cafe Astrology)

She doesn't always know how to express her emotions. She may be frightened os showing her love and has doubts, can be suspicious, worries too much, and insecure.

Grand Cross Saturn/Chiron ⏹ Nodes (3H-9H)/Jupiter ⏹ Pluto/Uranus

Saturn Opposition Pluto 1 (Casey)

You have an opportunity in this lifetime to clear away some very deep and destructive karmic patterns. Both ancestral and related to group experience, as well as personal. In order to release yourself from the psychic wounds you carry, you will have to enter into the darkest regions of humanity and your own soul. Periods of isolation and deep loneliness, or being cut off from all external sources of support are also a part of this pattern. In whatever ways you find to clear away the fears, hatred, bitterness, desire to retaliate, that you harbor from those times, you will be contributing to healing these atrocities on a mass level as well. You may also carry a powerful unconscious charge of guilt related to your own past abuses which can lead to self destructive urges Bringing this into a place where forgiveness/release can happen is very important soul work for you.

Saturn Opposition Pluto 2 (Casey)

You feel that you must work very hard and struggle against tremendous odds which block your chances of fulfilling your life. Severe problems with your father or those in authority are indicated. If you can overcome your feelings of loneliness, bitterness, or isolation, and direct your energies into constructive arenas, you can be immensely effective for your tenacity and potential for achievement is great.

Saturn Opposite Pluto (Astrolabe)

There is a continuing tension in your life between your need to build a stable/structured existence and the opposing need to honor your feeling that dramatic changes are necessary in order for you to be comfortable. You tend to alternate between periods of relative stability and times of radical transformations, and you feel guilty when at either extreme. It would be helpful if you could realize that both needs must be met. Perhaps a good start would be to do the most constructive and innovative thing that you can imagine. Plan it out consciously and make sure that you approach it in a step-by-step fashion

(CF: Saturn Trine Pluto from

As with the sextile aspect, this indicates that you will have a good organizing ability, using your concentrated willpower to make the maximum use of your talents and resources, provided that you have clearly defined your purposes in the light of your real potential. The concept of a manipulator of energies - or magician - is evident; and you will naturally use subtle energies to help achieve your will; this may be applied either consciously with deliberation, or as an unconscious psychological projection or emanation from you. This ability can be developed through forms of self-training; and you are likely to be attracted to occultism, astrology, magic, yoga and science, appropriate areas in which to investigate subtle energies through personal experience. You may have a sense of underlying purpose in your life, perceived as a fated path which is unfolding naturally from within you, yet is a path that you feel you have to follow towards an unknown destination. It can be that this meaningful path of purpose threading through your life has the effect of stimulating essential change and transformation in the lives of yourself and others and is a 'calling' from the transpersonal dimension as reflected by Pluto. You are capable of handling wisely any leadership or managerial responsibilities that you achieve; and you should be able to obtain the co-operation of others by your sensitivity to their feelings and openness to their ideas.

Basically, you value people and have respect for others; and you use your powers of persuasion not to abuse the trust of others or take personal advantage, but to develop constructive harmony. You accept the inevitability of change in life, especially in social spheres; and you may apply your talents to social transformation. You are less accepting of change in your intimate relationships, however, as you prefer things to remain in the same pattern once it has been satisfactorily established. You may feel inclined to use your 'subtle forces' to protect and restrict such a relationship; and whilst it may be quite protective in effect, you do have to remember the necessity for personal growth and development, and that an atmosphere of mutual freedom is preferable. If you choose your partner wisely, there is the potential for a relatively stable partnership to develop, where both can unfold their unique potentialities over many years.

(CF: Saturn Transit by

Every 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. The text below is the interpretation of Saturn transit when Trine Pluto

Saturn Trine Pluto

It is likely that you can finish what you have started. This cycle often involves completions, and they typically occur with greater ease than usual. While it is true that most people prefer beginnings over endings, conditions are right for you to close chapters that need to end successfully. In this way, you can move on to the next task and clear the ground of unnecessary clutter that may prevent you from reaching your objectives. Circumstances probably give you the option to become more efficient by eliminating whatever is inessential, but it is up to you to exercise the advantage.

Strategic planning can ensure future benefits since you tend to come to terms with the reality of what is possible and what is not. Laying the foundation for a secure financial future and for a resolution of any present financial issues is an appropriate course of action. Your vision tends to center on what is directly in front of you while recognizing the broader implications of any action. By being more aware of consequences than usual, you can make important decisions now that help shape your direction. Attending to important matters now, especially those that you may avoid, can bring you greater stability and a secure sense of being in command.

Events may bring you a deeper appreciation of power, your own and others?. It is possible for you to accomplish great things now, and you can concentrate your energies on very specific goals with profound effects. Wasted efforts are unlikely since matters of fundamental concern usually catch your attention. This is a cycle of depth that can produce significant yet practical experiences. Whatever you discover is generally something that you can use to further your development. One of the gifts of this period is the dispensation of the trivial in exchange for meaningful occurrences that can help you realign your life toward a more fulfilling end.

The setting is right during this period to strengthen what is overly weak and to weaken whatever is too strong. A balance of extremes can occur that can have you function within your limits without exceeding them, thus making you very effective in whatever you pursue. You generally do well with a minimum of resources because you typically recognize what is essential to any situation. By organizing various aspects of your life and reducing wherever possible, you are left with only what you need. From this position, you likely see clearly the steps you must take to achieve what you must have.

Saturn Opposite Uranus (Astrolabe)

Your life seems to be filled with endless irritations that interrupt the smooth flow that you seek. This causes you to become extremely angry and frustrated, and you must vent that steam somewhere. Be careful not to let your loved ones bear the brunt of your wrath. Don't look for scapegoats, either. You must learn to strike a compromise between your desire to conform on one hand and your desire to be free on the other. This will head off temperamental outbursts and unplanned irrational acts.

Saturn Opposite Uranus (Cafe Astrology)

She does not like routine, whether at work or in her emotional life. She fights to keep her independence, her freedom of action. She would gladly re-make the world.

Saturn conjunct Chiron

Your fear of voicing your opinion or exerting your power allowed people to take advantage of you and overwhelm you. Having a strict/critical parent could have damaged your self-esteem, resulting in an emotional wound that has not healed. Don't let a bad experience with a parent, teacher or other authority figure prevent you from taking control of a situation.

Saturn Square Nodes (Astrolabe)

You are not at your best in social situations. Although you're probably perfectly at ease with your immediate family, you're afraid to lose control in situations where you don't know all the variables, so you consciously set things up so that you don't have to be out of control. Because you tend to think that casual relationship will work out poorly for you, it may be best to structure your life so that your social interaction is mainly with those you know well.

Venus Square Nodes (Astrolabe) You have a great need for close, loving relationships. In some way or other, you'll be attracted to almost everyone you meet, and will attempt to form a special bond with them. Your rather democratic approach to friendship and lovemaking, however, may make people who want an exclusive relationship with you quite nervous. Jealousy and bickering can result if you're judged to be unreliable, inconsistent or overly flirtatious. Your naivete can be your worst enemy, giving you a reputation that you may find difficult to live with. Be careful that your actions do not produce negative feelings in others.

Uranus Square Nodes (Astrolabe)

You find it extremely difficult to form any sot of long-lasting relationship (except maybe in the case of those with whom you're most intimate --- family and loved ones, for example). But casual relationships don't go well if you're not allowed perfect and total freedom of self-expression. Any deviation from this causes you to become quarrelsome, irritable and restless in the extreme. This can lead to misunderstanding and separations. If you try to structure your life in such a way that you're not committed to any set routine in your daily doings, you'll feel much more comfortable dealing with people in social situations.

Pluto Square Nodes (Astrolabe)

You seem to keep getting involved with other people that make you feel overwhelmed by their presence and vice versa. There seems to be a great deal of intense and often quite negative energy surrounding your dealings with others. You have such high hopes for your relationships that you tend to make impossible demands on people, expecting them to perform at superhuman levels. This forces them to oppose you, sometimes quite dramatically. If you would like to lessen the tension and frustration of your daily routine, try to lower your expectations a bit and let people proceed at their own pace.

Jupiter Square Pluto (Casey)

You learn about life, yourself, and your value system by seeing the kind of difficulties you attract. Yet the worst disasters in your life seem to leave you unscathed and this type of luck should give you deep gratitude.

Jupiter Square Pluto (Astrology King)

You will face many tests and challenges in your quest for success but this is the nature of the square aspect. It is through these challenging life events that you gain the necessary experience to perfect your talent. Some tests will be very painful due to the extreme and dark nature of Pluto. This may involve criminality, violence, prostitution or general trouble with the police and legal system.

With Jupiter ruling wealth you may face some ups and down with your finances, ranging from bankruptcy to very big windfalls. Extremes may also be experienced regarding your belief system or self-belief. Learning to moderate your behavior and beliefs is vitally important to avoid such traps as addiction to drugs, sex or gambling. You may feel so strongly about a particular brand of faith you have perfected that you try to convert friends and family.

Jupiter Square Chiron (Astrolabe)

One of your greatest challenges is learning when to all it quits. you don't know what it means to be hungry or full, and instead of stopping when you are satiated, you will eat long past the point where you've had enough. You may have been raised to believe that you would be punished if you were not a good person. Convinced that you are always fight, you may not tolerate opinions different than yours. Learning to respect the viewpoint of others will make you a better teacher, community leader, parent and friend.


Michi's Grand Trine - Saturn/Chiron ▵ MC ▵ Neptune

Saturn Trine Neptune (Astrolabe)

You have a natural tendency toward asceticism. You have the ability to "do without" especially if, by doing so, you think that you are furthering some important and worthy cause.

The problem comes for you when you think that your goals are not being realized fast enough or that they may ultimately be impossible to bring about. Then, all sorts of nagging doubts and fears and insecurities creep in which, if they become chronic, can cause a continuing sense of depression and gloom. If you notice this happening, try to relax more.

You have chosen a long and difficult path. The rewards will be few, but they will be worth the effort.

Saturn Trine Neptune (Cafe Astrology) - Her plans are realized in a methodical fashion. She works hard to achieve success.

Chiron (

For those people feeling rejected by parents and carrying that banner throughout life, relief is near. Should you be sensing wounds that simply will not leave no matter what is done, a solution stands near. And if feelings of displacement, alienation and disconnection prevail within yourself, the healer has arrived. Soon, with use of the essence of this relatively new healer, Chiron, the way clears for a stronger sense of self with spirit invested in body. This sense of self works to reestablish healthy relationships with others. Chiron was the wounded healer, or the healer who wounds. His mode of healing works to bring up the hidden issues, overcome denial, offer penance, then go on in greatness. He was one of the immortals, with a god as a father who rejected the son. The mother disowned him because of his ugliness (half man, half horse). With no place to go, Chiron became an avid learner studying with the great ones, devouring all knowledge. Accidentally wounded at an event using ceremonial wine unceremoniously, his immortality became a liability as the healer could not heal his own wound. He persisted in life feeling pain that he, the healer, could not heal. His pain includes parental rejection, unworthiness and in today's terms, soul loss. Chiron opted to end the eternal pain at all costs. He took a voluntary task in the underworld, coming out with the ability to ascend to the heavens as granted by Zeus (Jupiter). He represents being able to take on healing directly, clearly and intently. He symbolizes our willingness to go into the caves of consciousness and examine our nature. He grieves, then heals. This powerful healer comes before us encouraging the clearing of all things within our psyche. After this occurs the path opens for our spirits to fully fuse with our physical being.

Chiron Trine Neptune (Astrolabe)

Optimistic, spiritual, and idealistic, you have a never-ending faith in the human spirit. Compassionate and sympathetic, you always keep your door open to those in need, including stray animals and others not as well off as you. Your naivete and sweetness endear you to whomever you meet. Since you always lend an ear and a helping hand, people enjoy being in your company. Professions that utilize your admirable qualities include being a religious leader, teacher, counselor, evangelist, or spiritual healer.

Chiron Trine Neptune ( You have a free pass to travel into the heavens whenever you want. Your consciousness drifts in and out of your being without the need for any passport. Simply you get to take your attitudes and emotions on refreshing spirit driven vacation many times a day. This way you stay invigorated, attentive and involved in your life. While you're traveling take time to notice directives, ceremonies and healing rituals that come to mind in those lofty, inspired places. It would be recommended that these be brought back with you. Should you explore the full extent of these insightful gifts, you'll find your involvement in the real world getting easier. Thus you need less of the escapist type of reverie. Your spirit driven retreats into the ethers maintain more of defined quality. They, too, become more powerful. You probably are beginning to realize that you can create awesome incantations, chants, songs, prayers, affirmations and ceremonies for yourself and the rest of the planet. Raise your spirit. Raise your voice. Raise the rafters.

Chiron Opposition Uranus ( The sensation of being mentally and physically out of synchronization causes doubt about your ways. Really the issue is one of finding a place for your supercharged energy to go. Often you experience this with other people. They tell you to settle down, get a grip, ease back on the throttle. If you knew how, you would. A starting point is to gain a sense of grounding your energy. Every working electronic circuit has a ground. With this symbolic Earth point, energy flows productively through the components. Take notes. Find the Earth and connect with it. In indigenous traditions this is mother/grand mother. Sink roots. Feel the pulse of the Earth. This will align your heartbeat with that of the Earth. This connection stabilizes your energy without limiting it. With this knowledge you help others reduce any inner disequilibrium, hyperactivity or even erratic thought patterns. You become a healer of the electrical system. Remember to be a lightning rod if you work with others. Discharge all excess and unwanted energy back to Earth.

Chiron Opposition Pluto ( Whenever a life difficulty becomes insurmountable, the teacher with the greatest expertise in the problem area magically appears. Part of the good karma profile, the tasks before you require constant, intentional work. The benefits come in the form of metamorphic transformations as if a million butterflies store their magic in your spirit. Next thing you know, you'll have at your fingertips the ability to pop open the tightly woven cocoons of others.

Chiron in Pises (Astrolabe)

Intuitive and imaginative, you may have difficulty in verbal communication. This often gives the false impression that you are confused and unintelligent. You may have been teased by other children, leaving you feeling vulnerable and distrustful. Retreating into the sanctity of your own world may have filled many lonely hours. Your compassion and sensitivity can contribute to your success in the helping professions. You are a wonderful friend who is ready to answer the call when anyone needs you. Therapy is an excellent way to improve self-esteem and to view yourself as the remarkable and unique human being.

Chiron in Pisces (Cafe Astrology): You have a distinctly soft side, and you’re ready to consider people’s backstories–or presume they have valid ones–before casting judgments. Your main problem can be forgiving others too quickly. While forgiveness is a strength, if it’s taken too far, it can keep you in an awkward place, perhaps holding onto things that would be better off left behind you. Consider that you take on far too much guilt. You can be an excellent counselor, but you tend to give more than you get, and you’re often behind on your own self-care in the process.

Chiron in the 6th (Astrolabe)

You are a dedicated worker who often places responsibility and duty ahead of having fun. It is not uncommon for you to work into the wee hours of the night. Don't feel guilty about relaxing and enjoying yourself. Being saddled with physical limitations has given you insight into health problems and a fierce determination to overcome shortcomings. You make an excellent healer, social worker or teacher.

Chiron in the 6th house (Cafe Astrology): It may indicate a preoccupation with health issues, maybe to do with accidents when you were young. You tend to obsess about your own health. You have great healing ability and when you have come to the point of dealing with your own issues, you will achieve great success in this field.

6th House = the area of learning by material transaction (Cafe Astrology)

Saturn Trine MC (Cafe Astrology)

She is ambitious in a calculated well-balanced way. She is preserving, and orderly. She climbs the ladder slowly but surely; if need be, she is willing to change her ideas. She is wise and experienced.

Neptune Trine MC (AstroMatrix)

Neptune represents our subconscious mind. It is associated with dreams, inspiration, psychic receptivity and illusion. It is also associated with intuition and spiritual enlightenment. It is also a planet of mercy and compassion. In your chart, if Neptune is well aspected will indicate a great inner sensitivity, to manifest dreams and become highly creative. Negatively, it will indicate deception, deceit and addiction.

Neptune Trine Midheaven

You are very idealistic in your attitudes toward the world, and you want to be as free as possible of values and possessions that limit you or prevent you from encountering the world. You may be less interested in material possessions than most people of your age, feeling that the burden of taking care of them is more trouble than it is worth. Besides, you value emotions, ideals and other immaterial concerns more than possessions. Very early in life, you show how unselfish and giving you are, especially to people in need. You like taking care of people or animals and trying to make them better.

As you get older, you will have a strong need to be of service to others, putting spiritual and moral ideals above personal gain. Even if you do not always succeed in living up to that ideal, it will be a very powerful force in your life. You are very sensitive to other people, so you are a bit reserved and shy until you know you can trust them. Your feelings are easily hurt, and a misplaced gruff word can make you very unhappy. Your family should try to understand this and treat you a bit more gently. They should realize that they will be rewarded with your devotion. Even while quite young, you are fascinated by the mysterious and supernatural. You find the worlds of fantasy stories and fairy tales more interesting and alive than this world, which is so full of dull concerns and mundane preoccupations. Of course, you must learn to relate to this world, anyway, and you should try to see the mystery that is inherent even in the everyday world.

Well Aspected Neptune (Casey)

Your insights and ideals give you the ability to rise above the circumstances i your life that seems limiting. Your comprehensive and ever-expanding outlook can be a source of inspiration for others.

おまけ: Neptune sextile Pluto (Astrolabe) generational

You are fascinated by ideas that deal with the alteration of consciousness and with spiritual matters in general. you consciously seek out new and unique answers to the traditional questions of why we are here and what occurs afer death. Your experiments will probably prove to be enlightening as long as you are genuinely seeking truth and understanding and not merely trying to escape from the stagnation of a dull lifestyle.

Uranus conjunct Pluto (Astrolabe)

You belong to a generation that can effect positive and constructive change in society as a whole. You will sympathize with causes and concerns that have been unpopular and neglected in the recent past. The changes that you bring about will be known for their originality and will dramatically alter the way people look at things for years to come.

10th House = MC (Astrolabe?)

Your personal contribution, your reputation and what you become known for.

Sun in 10th (Cafe Astrology)

You are uncomfortable in any position in which you must take orders from someone else. It is crucial that you accept the part of you that is ambitious, but ☝️take pains not to over-identify with an image that is not really you. Successful career is guaranteed, but may come late.

Sun in 10th (Astrolabe)

You want to make your mark in the world and to be in the center of attention. If your past and early upbringings has supplied you with proper goal structures and a sense of discipline and dedication, you should have no problem attaining your desired ends. A consummate achiever, you must learn to cooperate with and tolerate and respect the authority figure in life in order to ease your path.

Casey- Your MC is in soft aspect with Venus (charm), Saturn (maturity), Uranus (inventiveness), Neptune (inspiration). They can help your career. Your MC is Square to Mars. Anger can hinder your career.


Mars in 1st House (Casey)

Your general enthusiasm and focus on endeavors is a winning asset. You are courageous and a good soldier for any cause. You generally know what you want in life and how to get it.

Neptune in 2nd House (Casey)

When you believe that you have plenty of worldly resources, money comes to you steadily. As soon as you worry about money, a problem develops. Have faith and the situation always stays healthy.

Neptune in 2nd House Unafflicted

You profit from complex financial arrangements which involves many people and perhaps government institutions.

8th House = the area of emotional security and security of soul (Cafe Astrology)

Venus in the 11th -friendship- House (Astrolabe)

Very sociable, you love good company and good times. An avid team person, your grace and personal harm adds to any social occasion. Your openness and sincerity makes you popular and sought after. Friends and associates are an endless source of pleasure for you. You prefer creative, lighthearted people---those who are too serious strike you as being dull.

Venus in the 11th -friendship- House (Cafe Astrology)

She tends to focus on a person's unique qualities --- those traits that make him stand out --- as the most attractive. Her relationships must possess some kind of unconventional element in order to keep her interest levels high. She may meet lovers through group activities. Although she values friendships and group affiliations highly, she might jump into friendships without much thoughts.

Venus in Virgo -preserver- (Astrolabe)

You express your love and affection through selfless service to people or causes. You have a tendency to underestimate yourself and doubt your self-worth. This is very demeaning and should be avoided. You are attracted to relationships based on duty and responsibility. You are supercritical of yourself and others, and, at times, prefer to be alone rather than deal with any imperfection in yourself or other.

Venus in Virgo -preserver- Cafe Astrology)

Venus represents in interest in emotions, values, exchange with others.

Venus in Virgo people are not flirtatious sort. Instead, their appeal lies in their dedication, their willingness to work on the relationship, and to make the relationship work in real terms. Unlike Venus in Leo, they wont try to impress you with grand gifts or promises. Their gifts are less showy --- gifts of devotion and attention to details about you. Venus in Virgo natives quietly and slowly make their way into your heart. They are quite sensitive in love --- even insecure --- and this reserved loner-like quality is part of their appeal. They prefer to play it safe in their relationships, and they need to be confident that you like them before they make a move. They are great listeners and they make t a habit to observe and learn all of your ins and outs. Their love can be of the kindergarten variety --- they show they care by nagging or criticizing. Venus in Virgo is attracted to nondescript people who have largely gone unnoticed. Show-offs and know-it all turn them off.

Leo on the 11th (friendship) House (Astrolabe)

You take great pride in your friendships and associations. Because it takes a major creative effort to attempt to work out group rather than personal goals, you gladly donate your time, money to worthy charitable and community projects. You are attracted to associations with those can advance your own power, prestige and influence. Beware of a tendency to be arrogant of those you consider your inferiors.

Leo on the 11th (friendship) House (Cafe Astrology)

Friends are not always chosen by chance. Even if the feelings of friendship are sincere, friends often bring something --- professional help for example.

Mercury in the 11th -friendship- House (Astrolabe)

You do your best mental work with others who share common life goals. Very gregarious, you need the support of others in order to feel that you are making a contribution. Your humanitarian impulses usually allow you to rise above personal judgements and to work for the good of all. You enjoy testing your mind on your friends and associates, and love puzzles and strategy games.

Mercury in the 11th -friendship- House (Cafe Astrology)

She has lots of friends. She likes intelligent, cultivated people around her with whom she can enjoy verbal sparring. She likes debates, interminable discussions. Often has friends who are younger, or friends come and go.

She is endlessly curious about people, group interactions, community affairs, trends, and teams. You are attracted to people who bring new ideas into your experience, and who have something novel to contribute on an intellectual level. You are very forward-looking and fair-minded. Fair plya, impartiality, and unselfishness are important ideals for you. There can be many challenges or fluctuations in your personal wishes, dreams. You might attract friends who come and go.

Pluto in 12th House Unafflicted: Be careful, your Pluto is in Virgo=constant mind chatters (Casey)

You have deep inner strength. Your emotions are profoundly linked to the river of life. Your imagination is focused through creative instinct of the mind. This means that when you think about something long enough, it happens. Make sure you know what you want.

The Centaur Report (

The Centaur clan offers valuable attributes in our everyday life, psychological healing and spiritual growth. Consider the powerful remedies offered by these bodies:

Chiron - healing psychic wounds of rejection, restoring spirit to body

Pholus - overcoming substance abuses, restoring peacefulness of spirit, use of daily ritual Nessus - defining need and want in money and relationships with healthy balance

Asbolus - development of and use of full intuitive faculties

Chariklo - assessing personal boundaries, both psychologically and energetically Hylonome - healing grief and regret

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