The Cosmic Secret

David Wilcock: Everyone in the UFO community is faced with a seemingly outrageous challenge, to try to make sense out of enormity of material that there is to study. How do you navigate effectively the course through an incredible body of material that encompasses many different ancient civilizations that have megalithic architecture, giant do you bring in the element of secret societies and the occult ceremonies that are taking place within these societies? What is the relationship between those secret societies and the governance of our modern world at the elite level? Is there a deep state? Is there some sort of supernatural cult that is actually controlling the world? And then, how does this knowledge gel with the concept of a spontaneous quantum leap in human evolution that could be coming our way. A good starting point for this esoteric investigation is to rethink everything that we thought we know about history.

ACT I : WHO ARE WE? - Disclosing our Cosmic History -

Michael Cremo (Author and Alternative Archaeologist): Some people use the term OOPArts, that means Out-Of-Place Artifacts.

According to what most scientists believe, humans existed in a very primitive state for many hundreds of thousands of years. Human ancestors like Australopithecus and Homo Erectus, Neanderthal, and so on. According to the standard ideas, the first human like us came into existence about 200,000 years ago.

4 million year old hammer found in Texas

And they think the first civilized humans began to exist about 10,000 years ago.

But if yo look at some of these out-of-place artifacts, you can see some really amazing things. Some of them are pretty extreme. We have this very interesting thing in Africa and this area is called Klerksdorp.

2.8 billion year old

One of the more extreme examples were the Klerksdorp spheres. They're made of the naturally occurring type of iron ore called hematite. These spheres, in multiple cases, have a ver clear structure of three lines that are all parallel to each other, directly along the Equator. To me, that opens up the possibility that these metallic objects with these parallel grooves that go around the center of each one, were made by someone with human-like intelligence. What's really interesting is they're found in mineral deposits in South Africa, that are about two billion years old. They are clearly artificial. They are clearly not a geological formation. They are carved by someone and this opens up another huge category of information, which is what has been referred to as Ancient Builder Race.

Corey Goode (Secret Space Program Whistleblower): Because of my access and clearance in the program, I was able to learn a lot more than what is generally available about the history of our solar system. During the tie that I had this unprecedented access, I also started to look deeper into the history of our cosmos. I started to find little bits and pieces about an ancient race that they refer to as The Ancient Builder Race.They found ancient structures throughout our solar system and other solar systems that were around two billion years old.

Wilcock: This is also a distinctly fascinating correlation because for many years, I have found connections between what the insiders are telling me about the Secret Space Program, and a unique body of material called The Law of One. The Law of One material claims to be given to us by extraterrestrials through a telepathic communication. I lived with the people who did this telepathic communication for two years. Their group is called L/L Research. The source of the Law of One claims that they originated on the planet Venus, when Venus was Earth-like. They sere similar to us, as in third density/dimensional. They said that they date back 1.6 billion years ago. And yet, the dating that they gave in the Law of One, for when they were third dimensional like us, is exactly the same as the dating of the Klerksdrop spheres. And best of all, in The Law of One, they say they had a particular affinity for the pyramid shape, and they built it extensively.

Therefore, it does appear that the solution to the mystery of who is the Ancient Builder Race is that it was the group identifying now as Ra, the group that actually gave us The Law of One material. The same group contacted Corey Goode appearing as Blue Avians, now in sixth density, billions of years later, after they were like us, they are the most evolved extraterrestrial group that has ever been involved with humanity.

Goode: One of the few things that we do know about this Ancient Builder Race is that they had created this giant defensive grid around this local stellar neighborhood that we're a part of. Fifty two local stars clustered together. And they had created these giant Death Star types of ships that were the size of moons and planets that set up a grid around the entire local star cluster that prevented any types of intruders from coming in. This grid kept our stellar neighborhood safe for billions of years.

Wilcock: It does appear based on some very understated things they say in The Law of One, that they had quite a vast civilization, that they spread out to many neighboring stars. This is the Ancient Builder race, they colonized all the neighboring stars in our solar system. Then you have to ask yourself, "What in the world could've survived for two billion years?" It's very fascinating because throughout our solar system, we have, what has been referred to by various insiders I've spoken to as a "Cosmic Junkyard." It is a collection of crystalline ruins. These ruins are made of a glass-loke material and the material is not glass, it is actually a transparent aluminum. And there have already been alloys of transparent aluminum made by various companies now. When they stress-test these alloys, they find out it's five times stronger than bulletproof glass. As our secret space program has apparently gone beyond our solar system with reverse-engineered technology similar to what they got in the Rosewell crash, which is over 70 years ago, they found that all of the approximately 54 different stars in our own local group of stars, they're all gravitaionally connected. Every one of those stars has planets and moons and satellites with these crystalline ruins on them. Obelisks, pyramids, domes.

Buss Aldrin: Visit the moon on Mars. There's a monolith. There is very unusual structure on this object that goes around Mars once in 7 hours. When people find out about that, they're gonna say, "Who put that there?"

Wilcock: Those obelisks, pyramids, and domes only constitute what is visible on the surface. The Ancient Builder Race spent a lot of more energy building inside these moons and planets, than they did on the surface. We are talking about vast regions that are habitable, where all you need to do is seal off the door and reintroduce air, and you've now pressurized an environment that can be reoccupied.

Richard C. Hoagland (NASA critic) : What I believe is in 1976 when Viking did this incredible reconnaissance in the bicentennial summer. They photographed something that was a mystery, was at the center piece of the NASA raison d'etre for going to Mars, the search for life, and they then never followed up. It's a set of pictures, two separate sets of frames at two different sun angle that show a collection of pyramids, and astounding geometric regularity in this layout. We don't have to prove they're artifacts, all we have to do is provide probable cause to suspect they could be, and then the ethics of science say, you gotta go and test.

Wilcock: When you go back to the original NASA imagery of the Martian surface from 1976 there are two frames that really matter. When you compare what's on these frames, you clearly see you have a city of what obviously looked like pyramids. Which again was emulation of the Ancient Builder Race crystal pyramids. There is a gigantic pyramid, estimated to be a 1.5 mile wide. And this pyramid is clearly pentagonal, five-sided. But what is more fascinating than that, there are two of the five corners at the top that are narrower than others. When you actually look at the pyramid, it is the five star pattern of the human body. You can superimpose the Vitruvian Man on top of what's called the D&M Pyramid on Mars, and it precisely fits. What does that mean? The five-sded pyramid on Mars is anthropomorphic. It is a pyramid built in a human image. So, believe it or not, pyramids and obelisks have been found on the Moon, on Mars, and on other moons and satellites throughout our solar system that are very damaged, and very very old. Over two billion years old. This civilization that was on Mars was very aware of the Ancient Builder Race. As the civilization evolved, they discovered these ruins were very extensive, they're always made out fo crystal, and there's all these different places you can go, where you can go inside a moon and find an enormous city's worth of pace.

Dr. Michael Salla (Author of The Secret Space Program book series) : Japanese scientist released in 2017 that their luar probe discovered moon cave in 2017. One of these caverns is big enough to house the entire metropolitan region of Philadelphia within it.

Wilcock:The people that were involved in this Ancient Builder Race seems to have mysteriously disappeared. The cultures that came after them worshiped them as gods, and they wold emulate their architecture, and the people that were on Mars, that we call the Progenitor race, actually built their own structures that were very similar to what they found all throughout our solar system.

Goode: We had Tiamat, which they say is basically a super massive Earth and we had Maldek which was Mars, much smaller than Earth, was behaving as a moon around Tiamat. Two different civilizations had developed and they were very similar. They all had these elongated skulls that we've seen in various studies. But they were slightly different. The beings on Tiamat were slightly taller. The beings on Maldek were slightly skinnier and smaller, but they were genetically related. They were considered, basically, cousins. They had royal families from both sides. They were in competition with each other and warred with one another. At some point, this group that we call the pre-Adamites, entered into warfare with another civilization, that is in our local 52-star cluster. They developed this plan to harness the Ancient Builder Race grid, and to use it as a weapon against their enemies. This grid works through what we call "the cosmic web." Every star, every planet is connected with an electromagnetic filament. That's how portal travel works. You travel through the electromagnetic filaments,

Wallace Thornhill : The term "the electric universe" has a history going back many decades and has been used by some top scientists. It is an idea which actually had currency in the 19th century. And for those who care to go back into history, and look at the major scientific journals of that period, you will notice that articles on the electrical nature of comets, and the possible electrical activity on the Sun were topics of discussion.

Unfortunately, in the early part of the 20th century all of that was more or less suppressed. Something that, of course, we're brought up to believe, that is that gravity is the controlling influence in the universe. It's what caused the planets to orbit around the Sun, the Moon around the Earth, and to cause the tides upon the Earth. All of that is true up to a point, but the thing to remember is that, basically, there is no understanding of gravity. Einstein's theory doesn't explain gravity. It has matter somehow affecting space in a way which is completely unphysical, in other words, warping empty space. There's no explanation as to how this might happen, or what it even means. So, we have more equations, but without any real meaning. What I'm suggesting is that we don't have an explanation for gravity. Until we do, we will not understand the limitations of that theory.

Goode: 2017, on my website, I released two DIA reference documents that had never been released before. These documents were given to me by Washington, D.C. beltway insiders. They wanted me to release them on a certain date.

Jordan Sather (Journalist): The interesting thing about this particular DIA documents, the documents that was written for the AATIP program that the DOD conducted between 2007 and 2012, is that we've never been able to read them in the public domain. What's really interesting is that at the end of 2017, Corey Goode has actually released two of these 38 DIA scientific papers to the public in full. This has actually shocked many of the people even who wrote these scientific papers. Dr. Eric Davis confirmed that Corey Goode was the first person to leak some of these papers out into the public.

These DIA documents support the idea that wormhole travel is actually possible through the cosmic web. Using the same web is how the Ancient Builder Race built this galactic protecting grid around our local star clulser.

Goode: What the pre-Adamite tried to do is to use this feedback from this grid to cause the star of their enemies to go supernova, and then destroy the civilization. But they didn't time it right. The way that energy passes through this cosmic web, and they chose the exact wrong moment, and it caused our sun to super flare. When it did, it destroyed Tiamat and ripped atmosphere away from Mars. Then also affected the atmosphere of Earth and all of the other planets. Their trajectories changed in this event.

Salla: The most important researcher supporting the Exploded Planet Hypothesis is Dr. Thomas Van Flandern. He was the head of the US Naval Observatory, in Washington, D.C. He came up with this theory that between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, the present asteroid belt, there was once a super Earth, a very large planet that was in that orbital region. He came up with a paper that actually explained how this planet existed at some point and how the asteroid belt is evidence of this planet's destruction, through an event that we can speculate about. Dr. Thomas Van Flandern supported this Exploded Planet Hypothesis by studying geologies of Mars. What he found was that half of Mars as basically 20 miles thicker than the other half and that was evidence of it facing this exploding planet and receiving all the debris. And this was also an explanation for why the atmosphere of Mars was suddenly evaporated hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Wilcock: I heard about it in secret programs that did much more research than Tom Van Flandern where they called it code name "Brilliant Pebbles." One of the fascinating things when I first met Corey Goode is that he knew what "Brilliant Pebbles" meant. That was one of the many fascinating connections.

Goode: In the 1980s, scientists wanted to know what used to be where the asteroid belt is. They knew about Tiamat, but they didn't know there was enough debris there to actually corroborate there was a planet there at one time. They developed this algorithm that traced back over time where these pieces would've been one piece, and where mathematically all of the other planets would've been. They were able to extrapolate that, yes, there was a planet but most of it had been blown further out of the orbit. Interesting enough, though, there was a project Brilliant Pebbles in 1987 by the beginnings of the Secret Space Program, SDI, enacted by President Reagan, that had to do more with a missile shield. And often, they would reuse... within a certain set of programs, they will reuse name, so that they have plausible deniability of higher, more secretive programs. They would layer them within the same name. That way, if someone would mention "Brilliant Pebbles," one of the scientists would be able to say, "Oh, no. That just had to do with a missile shield, it's nothing to do with anything extraterrestrial."

Salla: There's a CIA document that actually has a transcript of a remote viewing session, where the remote viewer was asked to look at what happened to Mars just before a cataclysm that occurred up to a million years ago. Joseph McMoneagle was the remote viewer who looked at Mars at the time of it undergoing some kind of planetary catastrophe, probable associated with the exploding super planet. What he saw was that these surviving Marians getting on this spacecraft on these planetary arcs and evacuating to another planet which had a very equatorial region with volcanoes and so forth. This is where the Martians evacuated to.

Goode: After the great destruction of Tiamat (super Earth), Maldek (Mars) was damaged beyond repairing itself. These pre-Adamites took the Moon as a giant ship, a giant conveyance. It was in the vicinity of Tiamat. They hijacked the Moon and flew it to the Earth, and tidal-locked it with the Earth to keep it in place. And they lived on the Moon for thousand of years, observing the culture, the development of civilization going on their planet below and at the same time having certain colonies down where they knew Ancient Builder Race remnants were.

Wilcock: Survivors of the catastrophe that were in Earth's moon then suffered another massive cataclysm 55,000 years ago, which we now know was a solar flash. A massive emission of light, energy and matter from the Sun. Part of the problem when you have these solar flashes is, that in addition to an enormous heating of the atmospheres and even the surface of planets, that could be up to 1,000 degree Celsius, we're literally talking about something that melts stone. You also have the Sun throwing off a whole lot of debris, a whole lot of chunky molten material that will strike the surface of planets and moons. This solar flash is in what now is being called a micronova. A supernova is where a star completely explodes and nothing is left except for a red dwarf or brown dwarf, whereas the micronova causes an incredible flash to occur, but the star maintains its stability and structure in the aftermath. Latest NASA research came out last year proves that there are multiple documented examples of micronovas everywhere we look. Stars do this naturally and it is a very normal aspect of a given solar system.

Goode: After this pre-Adamite group from Tiamat and Maldek had moved to the Moon, there were there for thousands of years. As we know now, the Solar System goes through a cycle of destruction. We had another solar event that wreaked havoc on the Moon.

Wilcock: It would appear based on the historical record that the people living inside the Moon did not know that the solar flash was going to happen, this was being kept secret from them. I once had an insider who we call "Bruce," who described that faction of the military-industrial complex was only able to go inside the Moon in these inner passageways a total of six times. These were covert missions that they sent people in through and they found a vast amount of control systems, where you walk into the room and all the lights come on, and you have this giant screens that are very wide, that have displays on them, and there is a control surface in front of it, and it was gorgeous. It goes on for miles and miles and miles. Everywhere you look there are those bodies that have not been cleaned up. Because it is so vast that huge regions inside the Moon have never been cleaned up. There is a stench in there from the dead bodies still.

Goode: The remnants that survived that new catastrophe of pre-Adamites loaded up into their last three mother ships from their home planets, and they flew those down to Earth. They were damaged and it was more of a crash landing. Later on, when our Secret Space Program located the remnants of these ships under the ice in Antarctica they named them the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. When these mother ships crash-landed, the pre-Adamites that inhabited them began to cannibalize the technology and materials to build out a great civilization, and this civilization would later be known as Atlantis.

Salla: Another important historical reference to existence of advanced civilizations is Plato's description of Atlantis. He described an island continent with incredibly advanced technologies, with a wonderful canal system and concentric rings, that this was something that was built in a series of islands, and it was the center of vast empire that existed beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Many people speculate as to where Atlantis is, I believe Atlantis is probably the western portion of Antarctica, especially around the Palmer Peninsula. Prior to 9,700 BC this was actually ice-free.

Wilcock: They landed in Antarctica where there is apparently a pyramid that if you could see it without the ice, it's much larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. And that pyramid also represented a landmark for the surface feature of something that is predominantly underground. There are enormous Ancient Builder Race ruins underneath the surface in Antarctica. The Progenitors crash-landed in Antarctica. At that time, the Earth was on a different axial tilt, and Antarctica was not covered by ice.

Salla: In the15th century, the Piri Reis map was produced. What it shows is the coastline of northern South America, Africa, as well as what appears to be Antarctica, the Palmer Peninsula as well as part of Neuschwabenland. Now, this was well before Antarctica was discovered. When we explore the idea of Antarctica being ice-free, we have to look at the evidence of pole shifts. The person who's most associated with theories of pole shifts if Charles Hapgood, who wrote a book called 'the Earth's Shifting Crust,' who's book was supported by Albert Einstein, he wrote the forward. He basically believed that Hapgood was correct in terms of his theory, how the pole shifts approximately 40 degrees from one age to another age.

Goode: This pre-Adamite group, while their civilization was thriving on Tiamat and Maldek, became very very proficient geneticists. They brought that with them to the Earth. Wh they got to the Earth they found inhabitants that were humanoid beings. They started to play around with the genetics of these early humans, and developed them into a number of different species, including hybrids with animals that they used as a slave force.

Wilcock: The people who crash-landed in what we now call Antarctica, began to introduce their DNA into genetic human stocks from Earth, those people who were cloned out, had elongated skulls. There were apparently two royal lineages that go all the way back to the source planets themselves, and they have slightly different physiology. When you look at the elongated skulls, some of the elongated skulls have a distinct bun-like bump. It looks almost like there's a ball there, the surface of a ball. Other elongated skulls that you'll notice, have a very smooth slope and do not have that bump. This apparently refers to the two major types of extraterrestrial lineages from this exploded planet.

Goode: The pre-Adamites thrived for thousand of years and became the Atlantians. 11,800 years ago, our sun had another micronova, and this was one of the more severe micronovas. As the ejecta from the micronov left the Sun, it impacted the Moon and also Earth.

Salla: According to the maps Charles Happgood supplied and ice-core samples, two British researchers, Rand Flem-Ath and his wife, Rose Flem-At wrote the book 'Atlantis Under the Ice'. What that book show is that in West Antarctica, the Palmar Peninsula in particular was actually 40 degree north of its present location in the temperate zone. And that approximately in 9,700 BC, this coincide with what Plato told as the time Atlantis collapsed into the ocean, and this is when the pole shift occurred, so that coincided with that region of Antarctica moving down towards the South Pole, and it being frozen over. Everything that was in that continent was flooded and flash-frozen.

According to the maps and ice-core samples, what we can see about Antarctica is that indeed West Antarctica has been ice-free for signifiant periods because the ice-core samples only go back several thousand years at most. Whereas, when we look at the ice-core samples from East Antarctica, these are millions of years old.

Goode: Wen the Earth shifted on its axis, it cased Antarctica to move from a lush tropical zone to a colder region. It did so very quickly that it flash-froze the waves that were leaping over the continent.

Salla: Several years ago, the CIA declassified a document that was authored by a geologist by the name of Chan Thomas. The document is called 'The Adam and Eve Story.' It describes a cataclysmic series of events associated with the pole shift of up to 90 degrees, where the Antarctic and the Arctic both flipped approximately 90 degrees so they are now at the equatorial zones of the planet. When you look at the ice-core samples it doesn't support a pole shift occurring to the extent. Not 90 degrees but certainly 40 degrees or less. These cataclysms would result in large loss of life throughout the planet and there would be portions of the planet however would escape the worst of these winds and of these tsunamis. Those would be the survivors that would build civilization again, from the ashes of the great catastrophe.

Wilcock: Thanks to the insider testimony of Corey Goode we have now discovered that the people with the elongated skulls, are survivors of a catastrophe that took place in our solar system. What I find uniquely fascinating is that once they crash-landed on earth 55,000 years ago they quickly made a treaty with each other, even though they were at war. They decided to co-exist on the Earth and one lineage said, "We will take what we would now call Africa ad Europe." The other lineage said, "We will take South America, North America, and Eastern half of Asia." What is really fascinating is that when you look at the pyramid architecture that occurred in the aftermath of this treaty, and what you have is each of these original lineages having a unique architectural style. For example, the pyramids that you see in Egypt and in other areas of Africa and how those pyramids have smooth walls going up, that they are very distinctly not terraced. But then, let's took to Mesoamerica and we notice there is a distinct variance in the architectural style where you have step pyramids almost consistently with different courses.

Dr. Sam Osmanagich (Author & Researcher): Officially they've been programming us that the pyramids are built in Egypt and Central America and that's wrong because the pyramids have been built on all six continents. Probably at this moment in time, there is no loving soul who have visited and investigated more pyramids than myself. In China 250 pyramids near the city of Xi'an. We have pyramids in Indonesia.

Our friend, Dr. Danny Hilman discovered pyramid in the western part of the island of Java. It is known under the name of Gunung Padang, "the hill of light."

Cambodia, the Koh Ker, in the north eastern part of the country, a beautiful pyramid.

Australia, two hours ride from Brisbane to the north, Gympie Pyramid.

In Africa, 155 pyramids.

The island of Mauritius 4,000 kilometers away from the African continent, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, seven beautiful stepped pyramids.

More than 3,000 pyramids in Peru.

In Tucume pyramids in northern part, more than 200 of them. The biggest one, of course, Hucaca del Sol, "the Pyramid of the Sun." near the town of Trujillo.

There are probably well over 100,000 pyramids, may be up to half a million. But more than 97% are still hidden in the jungles and forests.

Wilcock: At Angkor Wat, we have a very unique outlay of different pyramidal type sites. According to the work of Graham Hancock, those different architectural sites, although they appear to be randomly positioned, actually aligned with the constellation Draco. What's best of all is that there is a drift in the Earth's axis called the precession of the equinoxes.

And the alignment of where the land forms in Angkor What lie up with the position of this Draco constellation. It only works if you go back to12,500 yeas ago which is precisely the same as the alignment that everybody is familiar with, of the Pyramid of Giza with the stars in the belt of the constellation Orion.

Another thing I want to point out, that's very fascinating about Angkor Wat, is that you look at some of the temples in that area, and I wanna specifically focus on one called Baksei Chamkrong.

It looks exactly like the step pyramids in Mesoamerica!

Tis is not a different society. This is a unified society. But wait a minute, we've got Mesoamerica and we've got Cambodia, separated by the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, yet they are using the same architecture.

The elongated skull physiology has been found all over the planet. We see it in Boskop, South Africa, we see the same type of remains being dug up in a dig in Siberia, in a town called Omsk. We also see reports that the Mongolians the Huns as they were conquering and going west, had these strange skull features as well. We actually see these skulls in the tombs of the elite in Europe.

Then interestingly enough, you have a different strain in the Americas. I find it interesting that we have this evidence hidden out in the open and we see the elongated skull all over but we don't ask the deeper questions. This becomes a very important element of how the modern-day Illuminati, or "deep state" or cabal, actually believes that they are the remnant of these people with elongated skul

Robert David Steele (former CIA Officer): The deep state consists of the Rothschilds, the British royal family, the Vatican, and then Chabad cult, which many Jews do not consider to be Jewish. They consider it to be a Caesarean criminal organization. The secret societies are higher than the countries in terms of the loyalties of their membership.

Whether it began with stellar-civilizations...I've met someone who purports to be from a stellar civilization. And I've been informed they don't like the term "extraterrestrial," they prefer "stellar civilization." Be that as it may, it's clear that there on Earth there's a 1%, there's a 99%. In 2012, the forces of good started to win. The Mayans and others have predicted this and the way I explain it to myself is that the collective meditation and prayer that was being done, ended up bringing in the positive stellar civilizations and now the negative stellar civilizations are on the run and the elites are on the run. I think human beings are an experiment in free will, and I believe that if we can resurrect our individual sovereignty, there is no power in the galaxy that can stand up to us.