The Cosmic Secret


- Unveiling the Grand Experiment -

Wilcock: As I got older I found out that those fevers I had in my childhood were in fact most likely extraterrestrial in nature. The only way that these extraterrestrials that are working with us on the benevolent side can really change your DNA is through a virus. Remember, what does a virus do? It defeats the cell wall and it infects its own DNA into the cell. You can take DNA that changes what it means to be who you are, and use a virus to get it in there. I've now had dreams in which I remember having ordinary human-looking people like the old man in the robes, coming into my space, landing into this bus-shaped craft in my yard, bringing me on board, and actually giving me these injections of these viruses so that my DNA could change. I wold be on some sort of program that I didn't consciously have any objection to and I walk out of the doors like I always do to go to school then I wold notice everything is black. And I'd turn around and go back into the house. Now it appears that when that was happening, that I was getting spliced back in to that moment where I'm standing there with my backpack, and I have lost the memories of what would happen from the moment I was standing there to the moment I get put back in the same space. This is a very common element that you read about in contactee literature.

Goode: Right now, millions of people on this planet are already in contact with extraterrestrials and they don't even realize it. These being are contacting us through our dreams and through our subconscious, and many of the thoughts and ideas that we're coming up with don't originate from us. The purpose of contacting people through their dreams and subconscious, is to acclimate them and prepare them for open face-to-face contact.

James Gilliland (Author) at ECETI Ranch: ECETI stands for Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The beginning of ECETI actually came in visions. I kept seeing visions of this massive mountain, and when I first came on the property, it was just unbelievable. It was like a movie out of old testament..the mountains...the cloud started changing, there was giant lenticular lit up orange underneath. I got such a download. I was getting tears standing there looking at the mountain. This is it. I was focused on creating a healing center like a retreat center. I wanted to make it totally eclectic. I didn't want to pigeonhole it, or keep it with any one group. About halfway through of building this center, the ships started showing up. That was unbelievably bright. The first encounter was an all-day meditation. I was meditating and I had a beautiful transmission coming through about the Earth and humanity and our ancient history and who we are, how we've gotten where we are and what need to happen to heal, to clean up the planet and the consciousness here. I asked them where you're coming from. They said "We are actually on a ship." My sister and her friends came up banging on the door and said "Did you see it?" I said, "See what?' There is a huge light ship hovering over the house here. That was the first encounter where I realized I needed to start doing some research on tying in the higher dimensional being and spiritually technologically advanced off-world visitors into the spirituality side of things. When you go within and start expanding in consciousness, we find out we're not just body and personality. We are spirit and a soul, and that's a multidimensional aspect of ourselves. As you expand your awareness you start taking in these other dimensions and contact is a natural occurrence when that happens.

Barry Littleton (Stock Trader, Experiencer): It started off with childhood experiences, that's one of the things then I went into what I call "adult onset experiences,'" which included missing time. We are looking at.. almost 20 hours of my life was missing behind being on board of these ships. When I talk about it now it sounds very uniform, but it took a lifetime to put the pieces together. I was more into hiding it trying to be normal and tried to kind of blend in. I always heard, it is termed as demonic and dealing with demons and that labelling somebody as demons and crazy and put the most negative connection on it. That's a real way to block people from talking about this and ever coming forward. These beings only gave me information concerning the Earth and always the technologies and it was a lot of lover energy that came off them. There is a great risk of panic there, but the type of vibration coming off them, from their bio fields was very calming.

It started off with a bing of insectoid and when he would come and interact with me in my daily life...he was doing something with optic nerve to make him appear more human, but when I saw him on board the craft, he was definitely insectoid and ancient. Smaller...that being was the first one to step forward to me. There was another one that stepped forward as Mana, it looks like the Earth's brain coral..that's the way this being's head looked. Taller. Very peaceful and also very scientific to a degree. I've also seen small blue bings that claim to be from Andromeda, may be two and a half feet tall. Then there's the other portion that I had a hard time dealing with because there is no frame of reference for this. It's the being that are non-corporeal, non-physical, they have different containers for their consciousness like plasma or light configurations. Then this being looked like type of a fungus a type of a hard mushroom, they told me that these crafts are actually organic. If we're gonna become a Type 1 civilization we need to start just not incorporation the spiritual but also the organic components into our space travel, definitely.

I believe what is happening on the planet right now is a shift in consciousness I've heard it called other things such as ascension, we're gonna go to another dimension..I've heard all these things but in reality I think it's a shift of consciousness. At least, in my opinion, 85% to 90% of our population has had extreme contact but they can't remember, they are unaware of it due to the fact that our perception is so molded. Internet has helped with starting communication amongst what I call melanin-dominant contactees, experiencers. It was the indoctrination of religion kind of stopped to a degree. Right now certain people are coming forward and taken a few darts, making it more accessible to others and others more comfortable about it. I believe they are reaching out because they are wanting to help us with this shift in consciousness. What has been shown to me is humanity does have a free will but we are not allowed to destroy the Earth any more.

Robert Salas (Retired Air Force Captain) : I had an experience in the 60's at Malmstrom Air Force Base as a missile launch officer. When this incident happened right afterwards, we were ordered to sign a non-disclosure statement that had very strict penalties if we broke that. The incident was classified. However since it had been a long period of time they were gonna de-classify what I'll call the ECHO Flight shutdown, the shutdown of ten missiles. Ehe ECHO Flight incident happened March 16th 1967. Ours happened 8 days later, March 24th '67. In addition to that, there had been many other incidents involving UFOs at nuclear missile sites. It happened again at Minot in 1968 at Whiteman Air Force Base, and other bases.. similar incidents. It took time to get to this, the point where I realized that we were certainly not alone in the universe. Of course I couldn't talk about it and.. but eventually I'd get to the point and it was a kind of awakening that what we were doing on Earth here, building up nuclear stockpiles having the ability to completely destroy every living thing on the planet was not acceptable, not to us, but to others in the cosmos. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki still haunt me. I think about that a lot and the fact that we could easily be involved in nuclear war today. We've done it with Chernobyl, we've done it with Fukushima.

That's immoral. It's immoral to be the whole human race. We can't just adopt the ethics of one particular country or group of people..we are talking about humanity as a whole, and how we fit in to the cosmos. It should be obvious to everyone by now that we are not alone. The entities have spoken. They have said, "You should not have nuclear weapons."

Peter Maxwell Slattery (Author, Contactee): I'm a lifelong experiencer with probably the largest catalogue of UFOs, paranormal activity captured on camera and video in the world. There's so many different types of crafts that are filmed. Whether they look like they're plasma, they're changing shape, there egg-shaped type crafts, pearls...

If we look at the translated word of Buddha, they talk about pearls in the sky that brought the gods down to Earth to visit man. I've always been an experiencer since a young age. It started off with telepathy. Not long after that, I started to see gray aliens but no voice. I didn't know if they were aliens, angels, demons. I just didn't know what it was. My journey with coming out about my experiences was the hardest thing I have and ever will do. I've been shot at. I've had death threats. I get hate mail almost on a daily basis. I didn't ask to go on the news or talk about this. I had the news come to me and ask me if they could use my footage and I just want to know what the hell was goin on. I went and got brain scans, I went and talked to people, I thought I was going literally insane. A lot of us do think about suicide. We think about just going away and never ever seeing anybody ever again or just completely forgetting about this reality and going back to 3D life again. To tell my mother and father, my brother, my step-brothers and sisters, friends..I was sort of stupid thinking people are just gonna believe because I've experienced it.

It goes through everything to do with energy, agriculture, society, space travel, our consciousness, how we treat each other...everything we can think of. This hands down is the most important issue. Every aspect of your reality changes when you are experiencing what I call multi-dimensonal reality. The experience that I've had really touched my heart. I was in my lounge room, and broad daylight middle of the day, I was approached to by what I can only call liquid blue light beings. Before this experience, I'd seen these liquid blue light orbs coming in and out of my house. I didn't know what it was but one day appeared as seven-foot-tall light beings. They were no male, no female, and the information exchange from that didn't last too long.. but it was almost like somebody stuck a USB stick in your consciousness and all this data, imagery information of a wide range of scope on different aspects of, not just humanity but who we are, where we come from..all this data just came flooding in. The information from this being was relaying to who I am and I need to wake up and remember who I really am. It comes down to something that I call Operation Starseed. We're from not just the stars, we are from source, and overall collective. They showed me the makeup of this reality, other universes. Each universe we could call "Source" or "God" and it had its own planes and dimensions that created another super intelligence. These universes will sail over a bigger intelligence, so from that understanding they've shown me that we've come down the planes and dimensions, the strongest souls right now, to help uplift the consciousness evolution here to help humanity help themselves.

Wilcock: What we have on Earth is a wide variety of different extraterrestrial races that cherrypicked DNA from all over the galaxy, "Let's look at this particular population, let's look at this particular population." All of which are fundamentally human. That's a common element of everybody in the galaxy, " But this particular race has a unique spiritual sense, and this particular race has telekinesis. This particular race is very telepathic. Can we identify the gene that made them have telekinesis or telepathy, or made them uniquely resilient. Can we chop that out, and then make our own designer humans that have the best of everything.

Goode: Over 60 of these genetic farmer race groups came together and formulated a super federation. This super federation was formed to help them mange this great experiment that was made up of 22 different genetic experiments on human beings on this planet. Some of the examples of how they would make these genetic changes is that they would use viruses as delivery systems. They would make changes to certain genetic markers or genome in this virus, and use the virus as a delivery system. Not only did the virus deliver the genetic changes to the civilizations they were working on, but also were used to call off the weaker genetics and allow the experiment to thrive. There genetic programs were developed to boost or enhance the natural evolution or ascension of the beings on the planet. They would take a genetic approach, where they would tinker with our genetics, instead of allowing eons of tie for genetic changes to occur. They would cause the almost instantaneously. On our planet, we have all of these different genetic experiments that are in some cases, competing with each other. To prevent these experiments from mixing with each other or wiping each other out, they began to develop social norms and different ways for these cultures to self-police and protect their own genetic experiment from being interfered. So as they're helping us evolve genetically they're also helping us evolve on a consciousness level. They bring us various belief systems, religions, they instill social norms in us that help us self-polce ourselves and manicure our consciousness along with our genetics to develop in tandem. Even today, these experiments are compartmentalized through religion, language, geographic location, and culture. There's also a cosmic component. The goal is that eventually the civilization they are experimenting on and working on become self-guiding. They get to a point to where they control their own genetics and their own consciousness development, as well as join the super federation and going out to other planets and assisting those civilizations in the same process. Now, that we've developed to a point of traveling the cosmos ourselves we've gotten to a point to where we're self-managing ourselves. This super federation is being disbanded, and we're taking over our own genetic and spiritual development. As a result of all this, the infrastructure that has been built out secretly in our solar system will now be handed over to the rest of humanity.

Wilcock: Another very important point to not here is that the DNA changes that the genetic farmer put in us are at this point, still predominantly dormant. They are, if you will, locked up

in the 95+% of our DNA that appears to be not normally used, that our scientists called junk DNA.

Jordan Sather: We only use about 5~10% of our DNA for building our body. They call these "coding DNA sequences," meaning that they code proteins to make our physical body with. 90~95% of our DNA is non-coding DNA. In other words, mainstream science has no idea what this DNA really does. They call it "junk DNA'. What I believe is that this 90 to 95% is actually used metaphysically. It's used for our consciousness in ways that we just don't really understand yet.

John DeSouza (Former FBI Special Agent): One of the things that I noticed at the FBI and in any law enforcement group really, is that they are demonstrative of the larger rule that there's always a percentage in any segment that demonstrate these extraordinary abilities..5, 6, 7% they save extraordinary numbers of peoples lives using abilities. What sets these people, this segment of the population, what sets them apart form everyone else is that they have some kind of marker that designates them as having parts of their DNA activated that the majority of the population doesn't have, and that's evident. No matter where you go there's always that segment of people, they just activate.

One of the first great experiences of the paranormal that was shared by me and hundreds of other law enforcement officers was what we call "the indigo kids of 9/11. This was groups of little kids as young as five, six, seven years old, all over the United States that in the weeks and just days before the 9/11 terrorist attacks...they had cognitive experiences of what was going to happen, and they displayed those experiences. At school, sometimes, they did it with drawings, with finger paints, with arts and crafts representing burning buildings where people were jumping out of the buildings. No one really paid that much attention to it until 9/11 happened. Then we set up all these intel centers, saying "Report anything that occurred just before 9/11, doesn't matter what it is." And people did. People reported these little kids as having dreams and visions, and arts and crafts representing what happened in 9/11. So we had to go investigate these little kids for possible connection to terrorism, and their parents. We had to go question them, and we did. In every case. they had a vision, they had a sense, remote viewing, something of that sort. There was no physical explanation. It's very evident to me that corporations and government, intel agencies are very intent on monitoring and identifying everyone who's had these anomalous experiences. Because later on, probably they're gonna scoop them up. It's like gun registration. You gotta know where guns are, so you can get them all later on. 1:17:00

Goode: Certain cosmic laws were established for these genetic experiments to avoid violating these cosmic laws. Some of these ET genetic farmer races would incarnate as humans and allow themselves to be experimented upon. These genetic farmer races would also incarnate here for raising our consciousness. We have various people like Tesla and Einstein who are most likely starseeds or incarnates of these extraterrestrials. These people brought philosophies and scientific principles that radically changed our civilization.

Sather: One of my favorite quotes from Nikola Tesla. He said the gift of mental power comes from God, the diving being, and if we concentrate our minds on that truth, we become in tune with great power. I think what Tesla was trying to tell us is that there is this sort of divine intelligence out there every single one of us has access to if we choose to access it. If we do what's necessary. If we open our minds up to tap into that greater intelligence.

Michael Salla: According to different contactees that I've interviewed, basically what we're witnessing at the very moment is a temporal war between different extraterrestrial groups. There is a positive extraterrestrial group predominantly human-looking that basically want us to develop our civilization along the path of an ethical, responsible, where we basically become part of a galactic community. There is another group that are aggressive and they want the Earth to basically develop the lines of a tyrannical civilization.

Goode: In a way, these 22 experiments were similar to competing term papers. Each of thse races were trying to make their experiment to be on top. So they would often sabotage each other's experiments. One of the ways they did was to manipulate time. This is what led to the Mandela Effect that we're experiencing today.

Salla: The Mandela effect is this idea that people have different recollections of historical events. The most famous one is, some people remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison, and other s don't. What the Mandela Effect represents is it's echo of this temporal war that different extraterrestrial groups are trying to take us down one timeline or the other depending on which faction is dominant at any time.

Gilliland: There is a long history of colonization projects and starting over. The best evidence of that is called Gosford gyphs in Australia. The first landings were actually in Australia, not in Africa. It's written in the stone on the Gosford glyphs and it talks about how ship came down. There was a Denisovan man, the original man that was here, they added their genetics to him, and they created the hybrids.

Maxwell Slattery: When I did this, they manipulated to create, basically, the Aboriginal, the original people and it was so they could incarnate into that body and have the Earth-human experience. When I talked to the king of the Raven Tribe, Uluki Brendan Murray, a lot of his information tied in with James and myself through contacts.

Uluki Brendan Murray (Raven Tribe): The tribe used to meet the Star People there. It was all positive and consensual, but then something happened where other beings were turning up, and started to actually remove people and take them on their crafts. In a time when the human DNA had that multistrain, like six double helixes instead of two that we've been hindered to. Where the people would transform and escape these kidnappings from these crafts. The older people were informed that they were taking people off to other continents and creating new humans out of our DNA here. It was a group from Orion, a negative ET group. Right across this continent the DNA had become attached to the land and the land attached to the actual DNA. We are no different to the planet itself. We're just a fractal. And it was seven major forms or our DNA created in the first place. I know that some people talk about when the seven major forms of DNA was first created, that they created a future form of another five, like semi tones. For development, the interbreeding. When these different physical aspects come together to create new life, then the soul structure was different as well from the previous generations that a soul structure was already implemented in the ethos. Like music had its seven major tones, five semi tones to make 12. The creators understood that there was a common Seven major forms to humans where gonna start to mingle. So they allotted these five extra tones or semitones for the people to be interbred with and to become interracial.

Maxwell Slattery: Now a lot of elders, wether it's an America or Australia or other cultures, they talk about that they were seeded by the Pleiadians. We also have a lot of rock paintings and cave art depicting what we called the Wandjina, the Sky Beings.

Clifford Mahooty (Zuni Pueblo Indian): I'm doing this because it is about time that we start gathering information to convey and pass on to future generations. The origins of those protocols where provided by what we call the "Star People." Or the spiritual people from different realms primarily from what we call the "Sky People." And also the deities that hey brought in from other parts of the cosmos, they were put in place so that they have one way to worship. Technology and spirituality were tightly connected in the beginning. Over time they separated technology away fro spirituality and then it became hard science and somewhere in that path, man invented religion for primarily three reasons. First of all it was fear, another was control, the third was greed. It worked against spirituality. The indigenous community had technology that was performed through the conscious methodology. For example there was remote viewing.

John Vivanco (Remote Viewer, Author): I've been in remote viewing for over 20 years. I was working in a civilian thinktank. We ere utilized by some of those in the government. There was one case that we've really dug into was the case of JC Brown. He claims that he came across a cave that went 1114 miles underground. And he came across what he called "the village." In these rooms, he found giant mummies. They were up to 12 feet tall. We decided to take this case to see if can find out first if it is real. These things are from ancient civilization. These beings have been on Earth for a very long time. When we looked at where these people came from, it was a seeding on one side, like humans for instance and then alien intervention where they had genetically manipulated the species to be the way they are. What happened with them was that there was a major cataclysm. This is probably around the time of the flood, so they were still around. A major cataclysm occureed up around Pacific North West and wiped them out. The cave system that these giants went to was them trying to escape and get out of the ways of the cataclysm. Now, you had humans who survived this cataclysm.

Goode: Whenever the Earth would have a catastrophic episode, these genetic farmer race would take the civilizations they were experimenting on underground to protect their experiment

Then you've got petroglyphs in Lave Beds National Monument, Northern California. They are describing the cataclysm. They are describing that something happened with the Sun that destroyed a huge part of the Earth. So these giants were wiped out in part by that, and in part by Native Americans. They hunted them down and killed them because these giants would end up eating them. I don't know how intelligent the giants were. We don't get them as being extremely intelligent. We looked at the reality of his find and then also looked at what he was doing at the moment he claims he found it. These two things lined up. So we're getting giant mummies. We're getting weaponry, we're getting strange symbols on copper plates. Everything he claimed that he found, we saw in the remote viewing data

Digging into these giants,

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