Nodes: Your Life Direction

In ancient Indian Vedic astrology, the North Node originally called the "head of the dragon" and South Node, "the tail of the dragon" have emerged out of mythology to offer us clues into our past patterns and future aspirations.

this North Node point was called "Rahu" and the base of the arrow (South Node) was called "Ketu".

The astrolabe's arrow is like a soul messenger pointing to this North Stare Node showing where we are going, and the South from where we came. It's simply hard to know what to prioritize in astrological charts. For me, the Nodes contain the most important and the most unconscious karmic parts of evolutionary journey.

The nodes describe the evolutionary needs of the Soul --- the North Node describes what your Soul longs to learn and experience in this life. The South Node tells a story about the past; about the influence of heredity and karma, or simply the "default' patterns we fall back on when we're not been conscious. South Node reflects our deeply habitual and ingrained ways of being and thinkng. In times of stress, you'll fall back on your South Node habits because they are so familiar, but they don't help you move along in your life. The South Node holds what Jungian analysts call the Shadow: the negative qualities that our Soul wishes to move away from, but there also is treasure in the shadow. While leaving behind the negative old patterns, we move into playing out the higher octave of possibility. This treasure often is the unrecognized talent that is latent in our psyche, brought over from a former life.

Alchemical Treasure

Because we inherit treasure in the South Node, we can give to others what we innately own and understand. Vedic astrologers say we "feed others" through our South Node.

The nodes anser questions of soul purpose and life direction --- not from the perspective of ego and personal ambition, but from the Soul's perspective.

So what are these Nodes? The Nodes are a mathematical point based on the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth at the time of your birth. The Moon's Nodes are where the Moon's orbit around the earth intersects with the "apparent path" of the Sun around the Earth: the ecliptic. Astrology's frame of reference is the earth (geocentric) even though we realize the Sun doesn't orbit the earth. The Sun and planets do not circle haphazardly around the Earth, but in a disk-shaped path as seen from our frame of reference on Earth The Moon's orbit around the Earth is like a hoop, with the Sun's path, as we see it, creating another hoop through the heavens. Where the Moon's orbit crosses the ecliptic in two places, these are the Moon's Nodes. The Nodes create a polar axis --- that arrow --- and the are always in perfect opposition to each other. Think of the Nodes as the places where the Solar and the Lunar orbs connect, it underscores the primal importance of the active principle of the Sun and the reflective principle of the Moon, and how important they are in a reading. When it comes to understanding the chart, the Sun, the Moon, and the Nodes are the holy trinity.

North Node can be seen as a cosmic doorway Ω

It hints at qualities we need to emphasize. It offers insights into how we can move into new territories that we are not familiar with but which contains our growing edge. North Node speaks to the direction your Soul longs to go towards in this life, Some astrologers also flesh out details of a "past life parable" by examining rulers and aspects to the Nodes in great detail. North Node holds the qualities, traits that we are most unfamiliar with, and it's the it's the particular arenas we try to avoid. "Must I really go there?" we ask. Yet it would be wise to integrate the shadow. When we look beneath the visible outward story of our life, we "attend to our soul" and nourish ourselves deeply. As Carl Jung once said: "When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside." You can bring your unconsciousness to consciousness, then you can bring fate to your choice.

Astrologers and Jungian psychologists would argue that we don't truly access the positive potential in the shadow of the South Node until mid-life, and it is then that we can begin to "feed others" with what we've learned from our past. Astrologers point to the 18.5 year cycle of the Nodes around the chart, noting that it takes 2 revolutions of the Nodes around the chart to bring us to age 37, which was about the age that Jung felt that the real process of growing into our true nature begins --- the process he called "individuation."

Square to the Nodes

Square to the Nodes are your karmic "Skipped Step," that particular are of life which you tend to skip around, to deny, or not engage with ... so when you ask: How do I get to my North Node? What has been left unresolved? Like using those cheating "cliff notes" to pass the exam in high school, you're now suddenly in need of knowing what you've skimmed by --- you've got to turn around and go back --- if your Nodes are squared, there's something you missed! The entire PLOT of your life story now may hinge on the overlooked skipped step you took along the way, and now you need to go back an do it the right way. It may be as strong as a "complex" or as simple as a forgotten way of thinking that needs to be brought into your life now You can understand that skipped step as a "bad habit" or simply a blind spot in your psyche.

Reversed Sign / House Example

N. Node Capricorn in 4th House AND S. Node Cancer in 10th House

The highest qualities of Capricorn is called for in the 4th house realm of life.

The high Saturnian qualities of good integrity, patience, goal oriented behavior in the area of the family of origin, and all that has to do with the 3Hs: home, heart, hearth (kitchen stove). He is called to move away from the lower octave in Cancer such as fluctuating moody and fearfulness ("nobody cares to understand me, I think I'm running out of money..."). He is called to be a guiding person of integrity; the one who sets the realistic goals within the family. And the one who can frame his life story in terms of what was actually done in spite of difficulty and outcome.

When we succeed at doing our North Node, it's the kind of thing we remember on our deathbed. Always we look at the SIGN first as being the most important thing to consider, and the HOUSE next.

Your Destiny : North Node by Singns

Aries North Node - Libra South Node

Your Aries North Node Soul want to find its courage. It wants to be excited, to explore. Courage s he high road for Aries. Your are the natural survivor, pioneer, entrepreneur and warrior of the zodiac. As you exercise your independent nature, rather than old tendencies of co-dependence, you inspire us to hear your stories.

Earlier in life/former lives, you may have been heeded too closely to rules of justice, reason, and skillfully getting along and in the process compromised parts of yourself in a deadening attempt to please and accommodate. Now you are called to let conventional roles give way to a more exciting, truthful and passionate nature. In this life, you don't want linger too long in any social group, for your Soul needs some alone time as well as a good dose of adventure and risk taking. Inter-dependence rather than co-dependence seems to be called for now.

Shadow: Compromising behavior and fearing to share your deepest feelings idea, and talents. "Going along with things" leads you into the shadow. Psychological ground-greakers Sigmud Freud and Carl Jung both had the Aries North Node. Each of these men embodied the Aries pioneering spirit that broke new ground in the world of psychology. With South Node in Libra, they were called to break away from the limitations of partnerships and relationships --- even with each other --- and reach for the self-diredted, independent qualities of Aries. Jung's North Node was in the 2nd house of self- worth, suggesting how important it was for him to produce a body of work that wold prove him to himself. Freud's North Node Aries was in the 6th house, suggesting that he was called to be both devoted to his work and the needs of his body. Whether he was a hypochondriac or in as much physical pain as he said he was, was not as important as the need he had to attend to his body as well as his work.

Taurus North Node - Scorpio South Node

Your soul craves peace and serenity in this life --- as well as good music, a loyal lover, and picnics on the beach with good food and wine. You need these things to remind your Soul that life can be good and safe and beautiful. By choosing to find the "sacred in the commonplace" you re-awaken your Soul to the Divine in all things You get a sense o what many of the mystics have seen --- that God is here and now, and found in the ordinary/extraordinary things of this life.

Shadow: Looking to another for definition, self-confidence, or too much support. Taking things that aren't yours. Adapting an overly serious, gloomy attitude. Going too quickly into studying occult and transpersonal realities, and thereby taking a spiritual bypass on your emotional life.

Gemini North Node - Sagittarius South Node

"Thou shall not tell too much Truth" was once said to a friend of mine with this Nodal combination. When she told her Truth, she often got slammed by the universe. She came to realize that her "Truth" in the Sagittarian South Node manner, she spoke without reflection and abruptness of it often hurt people. She realized that this reflection and containment allowed her to see how life was more differentiated into many shades of gray, rather than black or white of her first reactive perception. This Nodal axis takes the raw experiences of life and puts into a crucible that produces either wisdom or bitterness.

Gemini needs new experiences. Your Soul longs for different perspectives, and you may not even now it. You may think you've seen and done it all before... but now it's time to do it differently. Earlier in life, you earnestly pursued Truth and developed a powerful self-convincing story of how Reality is. However it wasn't the whole Truth; you got the view from the mountaintop perhaps, but not from the marketplace. You may have been a cloistered monk, nun, or an opinionated scholar, but it was lonely and now it's time to ride into the market-place and take a fresh look at things. In this life you are challenged to be non-judemental, to widen your perspectives, and to really listen to another person's truth. Your reality may feel shattered at times, and you may wonder where your self-confidence has gone. Life is breaking you open to enlarge your heart and widen your perspective; for you are bing trained to the compassionate communicator. You can be the one with new stories to tell that are grounded in personal experience. You are not just the book-smart philosopher any more--- you've walked you talk. It will continue to be important for you to find ways to slow down, and simply connect with others in a way in which you each share the paradoxes and mysteries of life. As you do this, you'll find that writing, teaching, selling, counseling, and communicating in all forms can bring you great success. The trick is to take your old wisdom and new found "Gemini street smarts" and unite them. Be gentle towards those who lead more mundane lives and don't be too quick to judge.

Soul Purpose: It's important for you to immerse yourself in the fullness and chaos of life; indulging your curiosities, being a communicator and daring to risk your security for a life of adventure, both inner and outer. In telling stories skillfully with reflection, you awaken others to great insight. Communication is a key, but communication is not limited to words.

Shadow: Your default pattern of letting your enthusiasm override your empathic listening, combined with a philosophic "know it all" attitude, could blind you to life's complexities. Allow room for dialog and relationships that challenge you to expand your concepts of "how it all is."

Libra North Node - Aries South Node

Achieving "serenity" is a soul aspiration for you in this lifetime. With this Nodal axis it will be important for you to find ways to calm down, release tension and allow all forms of beauty and harmony. You can excel in the Venusian fields of art, entertainment, and beauty, if you choose to develop this side of your nature. Home, heart, hearth can take on increasing importance. Once could say that these Venus ruled areas are good compensatory medicine for you. As you grow into a more balanced focus on inter-dependence rather than too much dependence or independence, you'll finally find a way to assert yourself with more confidence and without creating conflict.

Virgo North Node - Pisces South Node eg. Joseph Campbell

Shadow: A default tendency to see the world as a dream, and one in which you don't have a strong sense of Self. You may have spent lifetimes dissolving the ego in unselfish tasks. In a former life you may not have developed a strong enough ego that cold have helped you thrive. you may have lost your sense of self in the collective (like in the military) or in addictions. When you don't look beyond your inner world to participate in life, you sink into a dull dream of life and you lose that cherished love that comes form serving and loving others.

Aquarius North Node - Leo South Node

Your soul yearns to dance to the rhythm of your own drumbeat. In this life you may feel generally liked by your peer, as you have a charismatic "shine" about you, and others tend to project things on you which may or may not be true however, your own true freedom and honest self-applause is more important now than the praise from any group. Now there is a deep desire to be true to your self and not to follow the majority rule or herd instinct. Because Aquarius North Node folks are blessed with the ability to see things that others cannot, you are challenged to bring in new ideas especially in science, metaphysics, and human rights. Expect the unexpected in life and keep dancing to the distant drumbeat --- life will surprise you and delight you when you least expect it. Aquarius is truly about freedom and authentic soul expression.

Shadow: In wanting to share your generous heart, you can come across as being self-centerd and seeking the spotlight just a little too often. There's awareness of wanting to share your gift with the world, but unless you do do it with a "warm touch" and pure intention it can come across at "first whiff' as being attention getting and self-seving, albeit in a rather subtle playful manner.

Your Karmic Journey by House

The house description of the Nodes always tells us in what area of life something is happening, and where attention is needed. We are advised to move towards the area of life ruled by the North Node house.

North Node in 9th House - South Node in 3rd House

The call of the 9th house to expand outside the mental bounds of your community, your nation, and your old ways of seeing things. to break up old routines, and to find a true spiritual rudder. It's a call to enthusiastically bring more of the world into your private life. It carries the message of adventure --- asking you to read, ravel and to dare to understand your life from higher perspective. It is not only the house of meaning-making, but also the realm of spirituality, religion, law and philosophy. The 3rd - 9th houses resonate with all the curious parts of our nature that makes us ask "why" and then urges us to share what we've learned. So teaching speaking, writing and telling our story can deeply gratify us. With our 3rd house "street smarts" we're naturally savvy, and want to know what's happening. But when not used well, any of the negative characteristics of 3rd Gemini would apply here (recall: apply your sing first, then the house) --- especially the Peter Pan Syndrome; hinting that a part of us is reluctant to take on the role of growing up and expanding our world beyond the familiar.

The crucial piece for the North Node in the 9th House is that we're being called to slow down! We've got to have time to truly digest what we've experienced, and get down to the soul of things. Glibness, speed ad superficiality are the default patterns of this Nodal combination, Move from reaction to reflection. You are being called to the Graduate School of the Soul and you can't use the cliff notes anymore.

North Node in 11th House - South Node in 5th House

It takes time to learn to discern what is valuable and who supports you. People with planets in the 11th often don't come into their own till later in life, BUT they do blossom. On this axis we are cooled to work with other people in finding our true path in order to fulfill our hopes and dreams. We we are meant to interact with others in those things that are most important to us. The computer and all the new technologies are excellent 11th house tools, so finding "one's tribe" with kindred spirits is made easier through the use of the internet. We have so many ways to find our 11th house soul-friens, and new ways to find where we belong in the world. A good example of 11th house dynamic is the 12 step groups --- they are an embodiment of healing and support that has changed many lives.