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Dialogues With the Master


The subject of self-surrender is one of the most debated points in all spirituality. It is the real key to spiritual success. Only by self-surrender do you gain illumination and knowledge of true spirituality. To whom do you surrender? To the Inner ECK Master, of course. To him who comes to you in the Atma Sarup. Yet you ask, how do I surrender to the Inner Master. This is one of the paradoxical questions facing every seeker. There is only one way to find God, but only the daring, the enterprising, and the ambitious will find Him.

The way is simple, so much of a primary thing that we are apt to overlook it. Just sit in silence, looking sweetly into the spiritual eye, with 'effortless effort', and the Sound Current and after this, the radian form of the Master appears. We have not yet surrendered to the Master. Yes, we can have the Mater in our lives, but not yet be surrendered to him. This is the paradoxical nature of God. To have God, but not have God. You may have the Master in your life, but still again the Master may not have you.

Man would rather sit in a congregation week after week and let somebody tell him what to do. He is laze, the goat among the sheep, and must have a shepherd. And woe to that shepherd who does not bring the real truth to his flock; who does not give them the adoration of God with the science of Reality.

The seeker must start with an effort (or at least a settled turn) toward the concentrated love for the Master. This concentrated power is composed of the mind, heart and will --- a consummation fully possible to the seeker when Soul has submitted Itself to the radiant form of the Master. Only then can the perfection of the mind, life, and body effectively be fulfilled for the Master's work as an instrument, consecrated, perfected, and grown fit for selfless service. This is done, not by eliminating the lower self, but by balancing an making the best use of it.

Now the word concentration is wrongly used by most writers and teachers. I would use the word attention. It is better in the connotation of what I am trying to get across for your understanding. Attention means to have all your faculties gathered upon on object because you desire it to be. Otherwise, concentration means forcing the will to hold the attention upon the objective whether it be for your best interest or not.

Now this is where the Master's teachings differ from all mysticism and occult philosophies. Your attention is placed upon the Inner Master; that is, you must love him more greatly than anything else. This is the secret of self-surrender. Be so completely interested in the Inner ECK Master that nothing else matters! Of course, you go about your duties without thought as to their results, for I take care of all, even to your physical welfare.

Does not the spirit of the Inner Master take care of the birds, flowers, and all life? So then it should include you, personally, among its children. Remember Jesus spoke of the lilies beside the road, that they toiled not --- meaning they were under the care of God. When your attention on the radiant form will be consummated by the mind, when constantly you see the Divine Self in all things and beings and events ("IT"), you will be on the full road to self-surrender.

Furthermore, when you see that Soul is consummated by the heart and all emotion is summed up in the love of IT (or ITSELF), in the universal body and for the universal body then you have surrendered completely to the Master. Of course, this includes the love of the Divine Self in all my beings, powers, and forms in the universe. This love will be consummated by the will, so then you will feel and receive always the ECK Power and accept that alone as your sole motivating force. Then you will have been taken into the universal body as one. This is known to the mystics as the union with God.

Naturally, there are many steps which move the seeker toward the goal of perfect self-surrender. But only by complete dedication to God's purpose and God ITSELF, do you reach the final stage of this momentous goal.

The release of you tension and conflicts is the first step into self-surrender. To turn your life over to the aster is to develop a knowing beyond the perception of the senses. It is when you actually come to know that IT has taken over your life and controls it for the advancement of the Master's cause will you have faith in me. This is beyond any conception in this world of senses. One can never explain nor tell what it is but must lean upon that intuitive knowing that I am you and you are me.

It is actually this simple: by becoming the instrument through which the cosmic power lows so readily that you can hear the Sound like the low hum of a motor --- sometimes bells, thunder or rolling drums. Then you are in my hands. Self-surrender is very simple. You start by faith and let it grow into the knowing. First it must be done with desire and the creative faculty --- not the imagination but the use of the cosmic power (creative force) to build within what is needed in life to serve the Master, then let us begin at this point. You must not leave everything to the Master. All must be done by free will in accordance to the Law.

If you set out to write a book, the subject must be selected, materials gathered, and the outline laid down. Following this you must select your chapters, and put the together until there is a continuity like beads running together on a string. Giving up to the Master is not letting go of free will, but making use of it for the Divine Plan of God. Your interest is given over to the Divine Life. All attention is put upon God, and therefore, you plan according to your instructions received from the wisdom I give you from the inner worlds.

Here is where the creative faculty and free will are put to use. Like other faculties on the inner planes each flow through its own channel to the objective faculty. If you sit in contemplation to wait for the traveler to come and take you into the cosmic worlds, you will most likely be disappointed. Therefor e you must put to use your free will in determining where you wold like to go under the Master's guidance, and what might be expectd there.

Normally, if the Master feels that it is right for you to take the journey to the plane of your desires, your will can be fulfilled. On the other hand, it takes the use of your creative faculty to plan and measure out what might be before you. In cosmic worlds everything s in accordance with your experience or your belief. If you desired to travel from Chicago to New York City, your astral will-power and creative faculty would be used in getting to your destination. But as a child who does not believe that anything exists in the world outside it own environment, you would not believe there as a New York City. So it would take all the creative faculty to build an inner image of it. You must believe there is a Second or Third and even a Fifth Plane in the cosmic worlds.

Use your creative faculty in a positive manner to see or think what is there, and your free will to decide to make the journey. Then use will-pwer to determine to get there.

By the use of there three faculties in man (constantly fed by the Divine Power) you can become the architect of your own free-will to determine whether or not you will follow my choice of course for you. You are the Master of yourself and you are the Master of your life. Only when you harmonize your free will with the Divine Life will your life follow the direction of Soul. Your free will determines whether your life will come to a perfect self-surrender to the teacher.

Let me tell you this. Fear no one's will-power. You can handle all situations with ease and charm. Meanwhile I will take care of any who try to harm you. Nobody can harm you, for you are under my protection and doing my work. Spirit has taken care of you constantly. It will continue to do so!



I promised to return and verify my revelations at the river yesterday. Do you believe in me now?

Paul: " Yes Of course!"

Then I can reveal more to you. Do you smell the fragrance of sandalwood? I can give off perfumes at anytime. Are you not filled with the bliss of God? There, let me touch you. See?

Paul: "Waves of Light coming in like breakers on a beach. I feel the so strongly! They are overwhelming me!"

You can stand more of the cosmic vibrations than most people. You hold your strength and vibrations within your aura. That is the secret of love. You learned that a long time ago, in your past life. I taught you that a long time ago. Remember? About 100 years ago in Tibet.

The principle of love and the interpretation of love are entirely different. The interpretation of love as taught openly is wrong. I have explained this to you again and again. I wish you would get it straight in your mind and stop letting people mix up your thoughts.

Love is everything and everybody --- that is the principle. But the interpretation is in the discrimination of its use. This is the dangerous subject to give to the masses. Therefore, a master must teach openly 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' without any hesitation. However, there is really a limitation of loving everybody, as all guru know, very contradictory, isn't it?

Since we know that we cannot love everybody equally, then we can love warmly only a certain number, but according to the Law we must give impersonal love to all.

Paul: "What do you mean by 'impersonal love'?"

You must choose to love only those who will be faithful in returning a love to you and who will not use your love for a selfish purpose. This is the use of discrimination in your love for your fellow human. Why do I say 'Use your love'? Because you must remember that the spiritual life in itself is in a sense compared to the economic life. You must direct your efforts where they will do the most good for the individual concerned, or for yourself in advancement on the spiritual path.

When you discover that any one will take advantage of your love, then use discretion and withdraw. Leave him to learn his own lesson. No amount of love that any one can give him is going to help. However, you must obey the Law and give all impersonal love. Hold nothing against any one. Be neutral in your attitude towards all.

Sometimes a teacher withdraws his love so as not to let some disciple take advantage of his love, and returns impersonal love, which means pure love. Warm love (which is the fiery love) draws warm love in return, but it brings problems as all gurus know. Therefore they watch to see upon whom they can bestow their warm love.

This is on reason why each guru will limit himself to a certain number of initiates during his earthly sojourn. He picks those who need him and will not abuse his love, which pours upon them. This does not mean he cannot love all, which he does, in pure love. But he simply can not do his spiritual mission physically with a group who cannot respond to his needs.

Every ECK Master has a spiritual destiny to the world. He can be one with the world or one with himself. It depends upon his task. If he desires 50 --- or 1,000,000 --- disciples for his purpose in life, he will collect that number to use as his channels. What determines this is the spiritual duty given him by the spiritual hierarchy for this world. However, it is left up to him to make his choice of spiritual workers and select only those who will help carry out this assignment.

Pure love, or God love, is another discourse. This is when the traveler can give only the highest love to those who are fortunate to come under his guiding hand. He diffuses love rays to those who are made channels for pure love and they act as physical and subjective transformers to allow this love to touch everything with which they come in contact. Jesus said, "Ye are the Light of the world', meaning that all who could receive the Light, or Love, became his reflecting mirrors to bring joy to the world.

If you give love indiscriminately, the world will soon teach you that it is wrong. The lessons you learn will be far greater than you think, and soon the Law will show that it is best to love only those who love you. Love them with every fiber of your heart.

But above all, love the SUGAD. Have faith in ITS word, and love that which belongs to you. So much for this. I have given you a forecast of what is to come in your life. You will go over the world to do certain jobs for the SUGMAD. Everything will. e arranged for you.

One of your trips will be to South America, to the vicinity of Quito, where will be found one of the seven spiritual cities of the world. These are kept secret from the profane masses. I will not say anything farther except that your conscious mind will not reveal anything beyond its own limitations. Alway go beyond your conscious mind. Go straight to the SUGMAD for the answers to a problem. I have given you many secrets of ECK, but keep them to yourself until the time comes to reveal them to the world.



📝 Importance of STRIVING without TENSION, having DESIRE without CONFLICT (avoidance of strife, renunciation of desire will not lead you to God)

📝 Both aspects of the pole are good if you exercise discernment. AGGRESSIVE / SUBMISSIVE both have a place. It is like acceleration or brake.

The forces which hold man together have enough explosive materials to blow him apart if set off properly. Now this is precisely what happens in many cases when we fail to balance ourselves and are unable to avoid prolonged conflict between the poles in the inner self.

Materialism is is of a negative nature, for it is of the coarser vibrations and atoms. On the other hand, the higher the thought, the finer becomes the vibrations and the atoms by which it is constructed and grows into the higher spiritual forces, near the Fountainhead of God.

For the purpose of defining the two main conflicts in man meaning the good and evil, or positive and negative, let us give them prosaic labels such as aggressiveness and passiveness. These are known in the mystic language as the subjective/objective, higher/lower self, positive/negative pole. In Indian terms they are the Prit and Kal. As long as man lives in the lower worlds he will be torn between them.

This conflict results in blocking the spiritual flow within man, which interferes with his physical and mental vibrations, with the consequential ineffectiveness. If continued, it will lead to chronic forms of conflicts with its distressing symptoms of exhaustion and despair. Of course we know that resignation to the Atma-Sarup of the Master is the answer to all conflicts. But too often there is an over-anxiety to succeed in our drive to reach God and the the acute conflict will rage greater within.

If we resign our inner selves to the teacher, then we come to real self-surrender. If this is done completely, the conflict will terminate and the Master will bring peace and harmony to the Soul. With the inner tension subsided, the ECK power begins to work within one, and spiritual/mental effectiveness returns.

Undoubtedly you ask, should I give up my ambitious striving for God? --- No, but such strivings must be continued without tension, anxiety, and conflict --- for these are the negative side of man.

Remember that these two natures of man are striving to move you closer to God. It is like this --- the aggressive nature of man is the green light to proceed and continue striving for God. The submissive side is that red light which says stop and take a look, for something needs adjustment. Use your discretion to determine if the will power is forcing your way when submissiveness would be of greater use.

Thus when Jesus said, 'Turn the other cheek for thy neighbor to strike', he meant that by submitting to the insult it wold win the victory without the effort of expending energies on physical violence, which might set up karmic ties and open psychic channels which could take several lifetimes to world out.

Millions of people face neurotic problems because of the lack of proper spiritual training in the use of discrimination. If you turn yourself over to the Master, all inner life life is organized for a single purpose --- that is, to follow the will of God.

A belief in our own inner inadequacy alway arouses this submissive side. Where such belief is prolonged the submissive gains complete control with disastrous results. If you have a healthy love for the Inner Master, the awful burden of self-contempt is lifted, and the spiritual journey is easier for traveling.

The Eastern philosophies have considered the greatest enemy to our peace of mind to be desire, and so they have taught the necessity of avoiding desire. Thus, on the whole, the Orientals have achieved the peace of mind; yet they have paid a great price for this avoidance of inner conflict. They have conquered the aggressive quality in man, and brought out the submissive side, and therefore, have yielded to their environment without effort or desire to improve their material status.

This was the result of the teachings that were brought in by the Moslems who wanted to dominate the masses, and had the Priests to rewrite the scriptures, as in the case of the Holy Bible. The great problems before the authorities of free India was to re-educate the people to care for themselves, to develop free will, and aggressiveness to make a livelihood. Anyone showing spiritual inclination had been idolized and given great stature. This is a form of idolatry.

Intense desire without conflict is essential to our highest performance and ca be achieved. Of course, the highest form of desire is to reach God and have a willingness to work for this achievement, This attitude is so challenging and should arouse the best in us. this is where I, the Master, step in and take your hand to lead you to the highest.

Furthermore, if you always hold an attitude that god is going to make the neighbor do exactly what is best for him, and you will see his action in this light, your attitude is in a subtle manner transferred to the other, and the Master will move him in accordance to your best plans,

When we have a bad day, or a distinct slump in our performance, usually it is because we have forgotten the Master and let the negative or submissive phase of ourselves be on the ascendant. If it become the positive or aggressive side which is on the upgrade and we are free of any limitations.

You can learn to feel my presence unmistakenly if you proceed in absolute faith. For I am always with you. Thus your task is to recognize my presence and my guidance.



I never cease to think of you.

Paul:" That is wonderful but why?"

Because of your spiritual breath. Your aura shines brightly and those who can see know that it portrays the breath of a good Soul. the spiritual power is maturing in you and you have given it an outlet to materialize in the outer world. My love have pours through you into the earth plane.

Paul:"Well, I am amazed. I didn't know this."

Of course not. Most of the spiritually advanced Souls do not know they have evolved to a high state. It is only those who are so concerned about their Souls and talk so much about their advancement who are really undeveloped. They only pretend.

I need you as you need me. This is not unusual to say, for all travelers needs one like you while on earth. This is a necessity for we must draw upon the love of man for our existence.

Paul:" What is that? I have always understood that a traveler did not need love from the human being. That he could exist with the bliss of God alone."

Now look here. I tell you that this is getting into some truly deep secrets. In a way that is correct, but those who live to themselves, existing in the bliss of God alone, cannot do so for long, or they will come to the unbalancing of their minds and bodies. While in this body serving out a duty upon the earth whether we be a Master of a common laborer, we must balance he spiritual forces between ourselves and all other things --- be it a tree, house, dog, or human being.

What does this have to do with a traveler being self-sufficient unto himself? That he can dwell in cosmic consciousness whenever he desires? Or is this a belief of man based upon false knowledge?

Now I tell you. This is true to the extent that as long as the traveler is in human form, he must adhere strictly to the laws of the earth plane. Remember the saying by John Donne, in his Devotion 17, 'No man is an island unto himself'. While I am here in human form I must act according to the laws of nature. One example: Is not everything born of the female species?

Yes. Every man can live beyond the laws of the earth plane, but he needs the help of his fellow man to do so. Now you ask why does a Master need the love of a human being in order to exist?. Simply this, I tell you. In the material world we need the good fellowship of every individual to exist. Bust if we have the love of each individual with whom we are in relationship daily, then our inner powers are lifted and a channel of love is open to God, through and by the efforts of others!

There is the example of the mother and infant. A mother can love her infant dearly, but if that infant is so bad (in crying and other departments of its tiny life) fatigue and depression overcome her an d soon she loses her patience. Ans if this continues for weeks, the cord of love may be broken between herself and the infant. She cannot grow spiritually. If the case is vice versa, she is lifted in her love by the love of the infant, and her family, neighbors and friends; and even though she is dwelling in cosmic consciousness now, with the love of those around her, she if lifted still higher into the God-like state.

Paul:"This is confusing to me. Why does a Master need human love?"

You were told the other night that the ECK Master is sent always to the earth by the spiritual hierarchy for a spiritual mission, and that he could select those whom he desired to help him in this important and valuable work. But while doing this he also selects those who are capable of giving treat love.

Esoterically, it is this. Each human bing is like an electric battery giving off electric love-currents. The love-currents of a group of disciples, given off individually, will become a great Current which has a two-fold purpose. First, it gives the Master an opportunity to use this Current to do this work in this world, thorough love, with the advantage of a wide channel of love.The greater the number of disciples, the greater becomes the Master's work. For example, that is why as 1,000,000 or more initiates. A wide channels is needed for the work I must do here on earth

Secondly, as the traveler pours out his love upon his disciples, it is returned to him, and his circle becomes in comparison, something like a secured family circle. So while doing his work in the world he is buffeted often by the Kal or negative forces. And if his work becomes so strenuous that he cannot have time for his retirement periods with God, he may become one-sided and could lose spiritual ground as Moses did.

The love of his disciples builds a strong aura for hi, and often he can draw upon this love to help him, for it is actually the drawing upon the love of the SUGMAD. I depend upon your love to give me assistance, and take me through the maze of details so my mind will be free for God. Mark those last 8 words:"So my mind will be free for God'. I can ascend to God any time I desire, but unless my disciples have a pure, constant love for me while in this body doing my spiritual work, the task is more of a strain upon me!

The love of the Master's followers builds an aura for him and themselves. This is true of a church or spiritual organization which always builds an aura of this kind for itself, and has a peculiar power to inhibit or keep out any outside influences. Inside this aura the Master works easily and readily, but once there are quarrels and dissension among his followers he soon learns that he must withdraw to himself and depend mainly upon a few in order to fulfill his spiritual destiny in this world.

A teacher who blunders in any relationship with his followers soon will lose his faithful ones, and eventually he is surrounded by ignorant, stupid ones who ruin his work and wear him out with their mistakes. A fe masters, who have come to earth to teach, have done just that. Jesus trusted too much. his followers did not five him the great love required of his spiritual stature. As a result, his spiritual efforts were diminished gradually and he became a victim of his won mistakes, like the parable of the talents.

If you believe that you can exist completely without giving love or receiving human love while living on this earth plane, then you are mistaken. Neither can a teacher, nor any other highly developed Soul. However, at the same time you must be extremely careful to whom you give your love. I say this without hesitation that you cannot give love to all"

Remember that the spiritual world has two streams of current, the spiritual and the negative. There are may minor currents within these, but for brevity we will consider only the two. An ECK Master seldom puts faith, trust, or love in any man who is submereged completely in the negative current. He will not waste time to be bothered, unless that Soul is actually a highly developed one lost in it. Then, perhaps. Or if directed by the spiritual hierarchy to help this one Soul. The effort takes his strength and spiritual initiative, and maybe too much association with such a Soul he could become unbalanced in that direction. And the higher you are, the harder it is to get back on the path after a fall from Grace.

Be indifferent, and do not love these people. They will pull you down to their level of negation. Do not open your psychic channels to them or their negative forces will reach out like tentacles and fasten onto your etheric body. It is so hard to make one understand the real intricate points of the spiritual body of man, and its needs, productions on functions. It is so simple and really so very unwise of anyone to say that the Master will take care of him. That is a lazy man's way of saying it. And it is cited often by the lazy devotee that God is taking care of him --- and he will five you many examples, but they mean nothing. Tell me. How will God take care of anyone who is too lazy to pray of contemplate, or too busy to do either of these?

Now it stands to reason that if the Master does not get time for contemplation during his daily life, because of the demands of his spiritual duties, he could slip from the Grace of God. But if he has the love of his devotees, he can be held to those heights of God from which he has to work in order to fulfill his mission, and cuould go on indefinitely without daily contemplation. However, the love of the devotees must be universal and without selfish cause; otherwise, the ECK Master cannot work freely with spiritual success.

An example of this is: A class in a school for Yogis experimented in prayer for the return of the astral form of a long deceased Indian Saint. Their prayers were successful but the Saint admonished them, saying that he had been called back for an unworthy cause. He would have to stay in that from until its time-span was past, and would be kept from his regular spiritual duty upon his respective plane. In earth years that astral life span might have been 25 years or more.

You see, a Master generally cannot dissolve his human form at will to leave this earth. First, because of the spiritual duty he must perform; and next, because of the pull of the prayers of those devotees who have their own interest at heart. As it is, he must stay here until his duty is fulfilled and his human life span is finished. This is why I need your love, as well as that of the ECK devotees in a universal way.

You would find agreement on one thing. Each person is positive he knows what he does. But each knows something different and what I tell you is entirely of the secrets which come only from 5th Plane knowledge, and is divine wisdom. Too many receive their wisdom and answers from the astral or through the earth ethers and believe the to be the higher wisdom.

I leave you on this last note. Always remember: I need you as much as you need me --- so love me! that love for the traveler always will be returned one hundred fold if it comes from a loving heart. Soon I will give you the purpose of your life here on the earth plane and your spiritual duty.



The scientists look at the heavens from an OBJECTIVE eye and make use of the canopy of air for the purpose of helping mankind in this world. But the mystics start from the inside and travel through the same planes looking at each with a spiritual eye. The scientists say there are five layers in the atmosphere, lying upward, and that we are like the primitive savage who stands on the shore of an ocean and wonders how far the water stretches beyond the setting sun.

They call these layers the 1.troposphere, 2.tropopause, 3.stratosphere, 4.ionosphere, 5.the unknown. The mystics call the the 1.Astral, 2.Brahmanada, 3.Daswan Dwar, 4.Maha Sunna, 5.Sach Khand; beyond these are other planes called Alakh Lok, Alakh Prusha, and Agam Lok. The Vedantists call these planes the 1.Astral, 2.Mental, 3.Wisdom, 4.Bliss, 5.God-Plane. The difference being, the OBJECTIVE side of these planes is seen by the physical scientIsts and the SUBJECTIVE by the mystics. Let's us begin with a study of the comparison of these planes seen by the materialist and spiritual philosophers.


Troposphere plane: the physical world and which is about five miles thick at the poles and about ten miles thick at the Equator. It is a region of rapid changes in weather and turbulence --- a layer of storms here and calm there --- and of polar cold and tropical heat; a layer in which the temperature fall steadily about one degree Fahrenheit for ever 300 feet until a 67 degree is reached. 80% of air by weight is packed into the troposphere. The mystics call this the Astral plane, and it is known as the Anda, the lowest of the heavens, and it lies nearest to the physical world. The lower part of this world is the gross material of the earth planet and its fellow-worlds. This region embraces all the suns and planets known or unknown to astronomy. It extends out into space (without the knowledge of the scientists) far beyond the reach of any telescope. the Masters return to this region again and again to help mankind, who live in the darkness of a negative world.

The capital of this world is at the top of the Astral region (sometimes called Turiya Pad) and named Sahasra dal Kanwal, which means the thouhsand-petalled lotus, the center which all Yogis strive to reach for spiritual attainment. The ruler is JOT NIRANJAN, the negative power that creates matter in the lower world. He is in the center of the thousand-pettaled lotus, the great cluster of lights. This is the actual power house of the physical universe. Our of this power house flows the power which has been created and now sustains all the worlds in the universe. Those lights are of all shades and tints, but basically made up of seven shades: black, red, orange, yellow green, blue, and white. These flow off into streams of rays throughout the universe, and each has its different aspects to help with the physical life on the planets.

For example, green is the individualizing ray which shows the growth of the being in man's aura, as the rays touch each aura in every living thing throughout the worlds. Black is the pure color of the darker of negative side while white is opposite. Red is the color of human love; orange, the ray of life (called Prana by the Hindus); blue the intellectual ray from which all great thinkers and creative artists receive their inspiration; and yellow the spiritual ray. Note the colors worn by any individual. They express somewhat the dominating astral rays in his aura.

The great astral city lies just below a shining mountain called the City of Light. Here dwell many of the earth's most renowned people, of all ages in history. This is the home of JOT NIRANJAN who lives in a great castle in the shining mountain where I once took you on an inner journey. The SOUND here is the bell and conch. The astral region is the negative pole of the whole spiritual universe. Life is long here that many of its inhabitants believe they have reached immortality. All work at some creative occupation.


Now the second region. Scientists think of this as a no-man's land and call it the tropopause. According to the physical eye this region is a thick layer in which the temperature ceases to fall with increasing altitude. It lies many miles above the earth, and has not yet been too well explored by the material scientists. This region is known as Brahmanda which means 'the egg of Brahmand' and refers to the name of its Lord, Brahman. This deity is supposed to be Supreme Being of all creation by the Yogis. This is the highest work known to practically all faiths, including Christianity. If any Yogi or other claims to be a Master, and that Brahaman is the highest of all creators, and this is the supreme heaven, then he is not a Master. He is only a humble seeker under the Supreme Ruler of this plane.

This world is the SECOND GRAND DIVISION, the pot of the three lower worlds (the physical, lower & upper Astral). This is the region of the spiritual-material world, because spirit dominates it. Its power is called AUM. Hence the word OMKAR, the per of this plane, which is still the negative force.

The lower part of this region is called the Home of the Universal Mind, It is from here that all individual minds are derived and that all must return to when they are discarded during the upward flight of spirit.

The traveler takes you on, for he alone is the guide and knows the path and is the recognized Lord lf all. All other lords, rulers, and peoples on ever plane pay homage to him. When you arrive at the gate of this region, the Sound of OKMAR is heard continuously, resounding like a great drum. We go on up a hill and open a gate to enter a crooked tunnel, passing on the other side. Then we cross high ad low hills. The vision now seems to be reversed and it is as if we are traveling in reverse. We pass thorough a fortlike region which is the home of the ruler OMKAR, and halt for Soul to become adorned with the attributes of devotion and faith. The seeds of the devotee's karma are burned and destroyed here.

The color here is that of the beautiful setting sun. Above this region is another part of the world of OMKAR where we find deserts, mountains and gardens. Flowers are arranged in artistic designs, and are everywhere. We are intoxicated with joy, wandering through a splendid region of canals and streams, before coming to an ocean over which we cross by bridge to the other side where there are three mountain peaks called Mer, Sumer, and Kailash. This is the stopping place for the spiritualists and many mystics.

The Yogis believe this is their heaven. The miracles of the mind are performed from this plane. For example, here one can stop railway train, fill dry wells, and heal the sick. This world is extremely vast, despite what the scientists think when compared with the physical universe or the astral world. There are six planes within this plane, and its chief city is a place called Mer Kailash after its three mountain peaks.

This region is controlled by Brahma, whose chief duty is to control the great power called AUM. The function of AUM is to create, maintain and destroy the universes below. It is the center of creation of the material and astral worlds. Many of the great scriptures have sprung from this region, including the Vedas. Lord Krishna as well as many other spiritual leaders make their homes here.


Now for the Third Plane. The physical scientists know this world as the stratosphere which extends for miles into the sky. It is a region of steady, gentle winds, beautiful clouds and steadily rising temperature. In this area is the ozone layer, and beyond that very little physical air. The mystics call this region Daswan Dwar. it is filled with a brilliant light. The Soul here bathes itself in the lake of nectar called Mansarover, and joins the swans. The souls known as Hansas. Soul gives up all its bodies, physical, astral, and causal, ads is purified.

The lord of this region is known as RAMKAR. He is the power-supplying station for the lower worlds. Soul light becomes equal to the light and radiance of twelve suns toether, and the happiness and bliss experienced by it at this stage are beyond physical description. While in this plane man is capable of performing grand miracles such as giving sight to the blind, sometimes raising the dead an the ability to travel through the ether in his physical body.

The orang ray controls this world, as the stream of life-giving forces. this is the land of the Hansas show are known on the physical plane as Paramahansas. Very few go beyond this realm. Yet their understanding is wondrous for they are much in the worlds behond their world. You are taken on by the Master to the top of this region where you hear the sound of violins Here you cross the Tribeni, a place where three streams meet, hence the Kumba Mehla, a religious fair, held every 12 years in India, which is a reflection of this place in the third heaven. Then the Soul enters the region of Maha Sunna, where it picks up the secret knowldege of all the worlds. This region is very vast in earth miles in circumference, and in the center there is pitch darkness. Four Sound Currents are heard from invisible sources. the jhankar predominates and is indescribable in human words. You are entranced by their sweetness and must be pulled on by the Master. Also here are five egg-shaped regions, full of a variety of creation s and each permeated and governed by a Brahm. each has its predominating colors such as green or yellow, or even white. They are quite vast. In comparison with them the entire universe below appears insignificant.

He who has attained this region will have increased power and understanding. In proportion this region is vast beyond description in extent, as related to those he has been taken through. But there is increasing difficulty as you go higher, in giving expression to anything relating to the upper regions. The very ideas in those upper regions are beyond the grasp of man's thoughts until man has traveled them, and then he cannot put his words into earthly language.

📝 4. ETHERIC PLANE ionosphere = electrical mirror in the sky keeps sending straight-lined mind/radio waves back to the earth for them to reach destination on the sphere of earth

Now for the fourth region which the scientists call the IONOSPHERE. The physical air is so thin that there is a constant electrically excited condition which stimulates the atoms. In this condition they are called 'IONS'! There are several layers in this region which serve as reflectors of radio/mental waves. One layer reflects long waves others reflect short waves. Some short waves pass straight through. Mind and radio waves are like light waves; they travel in a straight line. If it were not for the IONOSPHERE the curvature of the earth would prevent us from transmitting/receiving radio messages, and even psychic impressions. The electrical mirror in the sky reflects waves back to the earth. the earth sends them up again, and so they finally reach their destination. Hence, if you send out a strong desire for something, it goes through the same process and returns to you materialized. The mystics call this region the land of SOHANG, as the mystic Lord of this world, through whom the power flows. This divine being lives in a city of great light called Arhirit. He is filled with majestic beauty and grandeur. When Soul sees him Its consciousness is filled with overwhelming joy, and It says to Itself, 'I AM THAT!' This is the meaning of the word SOHANG. At this moment of sublime realization you know that you are with the Supreme. In union with me, the Master! This is why the Vedantists call this plane the BLISS PLANE.

To reach this plane we must cross the pass above the HANSI tunnel and enter the RUKIMINI tunnel where you see a strange and beautiful structure, where the faculties of the power to hear and the power to see give peace and satisfaction. To our right are bright islands, and to the left are many continents covered with palaces, appearing as if made of pearls, having their roofs covered with rubies and studded with emeralds and diamonds. Only the brave can venture this far. That is why I have told you previously that only the courageous, the adventurous, daring, and enterprising would have God! In the distance are the Bhanwar Gupha mountains.

The Sohang Sound is heard plainly. The sound is like that of a keen flute. You see the sun above and find the region most beautiful, sweet and full of Light. Souls living here exist on the Sound Current as their food, and those groups of Hansas who have been so fortunate as to have penetrated this region move along on the roads with their own followers and devotees, trying to reach the regions above.

There are numerous planes and worlds with a variety of creations, inhabited by millions of devotees living here on the nectar of Nam. Kabir said there are eighty thousand continents in thes region, with beautiful homes for their inhabitants. The color of this region is blue, for it is spoken often of as the Home of Truth, and is the plane of true miracles, from which all things can happen; but woe to him who misuses this power.

The scientists say there is nothing beyond their fourth region. They admit something may be there but have found nothing as yet for their physical instruments to record. On the mystical side the approach to the fifth region is guarded by a one of such deep, dense darkness that none but a pure Saint can cross it. Only he who has the Light and Power may tread here and take his disciples with him.


Now we come to the gateway of SACH KHAND. Here dwells SAT NAM, the lOrd of All, above and below. his brilliance is so great that even one hair on his body would radiate a Light equal to that of many millions of suns combined.

This is the true home of Soul. It is the grand headquarters of all creation and the region of immortality. it is changeless, perfect and deathless. It is called the GOD-PLANE by the Vedantists. It is untouched by dissolution or reconstruction. This is the world of the Saints and where they live. This is the start of Soul into the great worlds of pure Spirit where the citizens are pure Spirit in such countless numbers that no man could estimate them, and there is joy so great that you cannot conceive of it. This region is a fort-like place, where it is situated the throne of the Lord of the Worlds. You should know him as the true King. Soul is now taken by the Master to a great park where the scenery is indescribable. There is also a huge reservoir here, like those on the earth plane, from which flows the most delicious nectar out through canals to supply distant regions. Golden palaces are set in open fields of silverly light. The landscape is beyond human description, and the beauty of the Saints living here is incomprehensible, the brilliancy of each equal to the combined Light of 16 suns and moons.

We have reached the real entrance to the city. The watchers at the gate are Saints who pass up through into the Palace of the Lord and we are greeted by Sat Nam. He is the first definitely limited manifestation of the Supreme One. He is the power, the Light, the great master Power-Current flowing down and out into all creation, to create and govern and sustain all regions, like a gigantic stream of water. This is the Sound Current, or the audible life stream which permeates all systems of the cosmic world. This is the positive people of the spiritual regions.

Above the the fifth region are worlds beyond description, and the ones living there under the Supreme Being called The Sugmad, a living force, not a bing, nor anything but life itself Your very imagination begs to be relieved of what lies beyond the fifth plane. When you come to face SAT NAM you say 'I am He'! Love is the holy bond that holds all the worlds together. Love is the holy bond that holds all the worlds together. Only a Saint can reach this region and travel into the next worlds above. Then he is called a Param Saint. All the Divine Power coming down from the upper regions comes to a perfect manifestation for the first time in SAT NUM, as the first actual personification of the Supreme One. IT is the great Father of all to worship and love with complete devotion. IT is so fathomless and impersonal that we cannot approach IT even in thought. IT sits between the infinite Light and the created universes and so in time, when purged of every imperfection, we approach IT as our Father and receive ITS gracious welcome home.

While still in the lower regions of the Astral plane and that of Brahm, Soul is liable always to return to earth and ribirth and death --- Soul is liable always to return to earth and to rebirth and death --- the "Wheel of the Eighty-four.' But when it reaches the pure region of Sat Lok, which is the first plane beyond Sach Khand, there is no more returning to earth except as a Redeemer. Soul becomes a saint Itself; and the mission of his master is through, as far as the journey goes. But Soul has yet to travel over the most sublime and beautiful part of Its journey for above Sach Khand there are three other planes of inconceivable splendor. Here the Lord of the Fifth World, Sat Nam, takes over and guides soul to the end of Its journey. First, It becomes united with the very essence of Sat Nam in a mystic sense and so becomes onewith IT, partaking of all ITS attributes. It then advances to the three remaining regions.

📝 6. 7. 8. Beyond Self Realization

Next is Alakh Lok, presided over by the Alakh Purusha, and after this is Agam Lok, presided over by Agam Purusha. Finally Soul reaches the end of Its journey, the region of the nameless ONE, or the SUGMAD, the supreme LORD of all that exists. Now words can describe IT. No thought can embrace IT. IT is formless, the All-embraceing ONE. IT is the impersonal, infinite ocean of love. From IT flows all life and spirituality, all truth, all reality. IT is all wisdom and love and power. All visible Lords of all regions are ITS manifestation. IT takes forms, many forms, in order that ITS purpose may be carried out in all creations. They are all ITS forms; but none of them expresses ITS totality. IT may bake millions of forms, but IT, ITSELF, remains formless, impersonal, All-pervading. IT is universal Spirit, universal Light.

When Soul reaches here, It is so absorbed in its joy, lost in Its splendor, that It at once realizes the futility of even attempting to explain.



Man is an individual being. Each person is a cosmic world to himself and therefore, must consider himself in tow lights: his relationship to the outer world, commonly called the OBJECTIVE; and his relationship to the inner world, known as the SUBJECTIVE. Because man is complex and deeply involved in his cosmic mechanics, it is a psychological fact that he msut go deep into his nature to analyze himself through introspection and spiritual techniques.

The psychologists and psychiatrists furnish us many ways of introspection and self-analysis by which we can learn to adjust ourselves. But to what? To what must we adjust ourselves? The negative way intellectual man shows us? Or to god which IT gives us? The answer is we must adjust ourselves to god. For it is THE ECK, which should control our lives.

The mind, which is under the influence of the sense, rules our outer lives in an egotistical way. But man, directed by the Light of Soul, gives us a life of joyous well being. This is a spiritual truth, for the Soul receives Its guidance from God, the all-Knowing. you who have reached this step upon the divine path have been blessed in your lives by the eleventh-hour appearance of such a teaching. You know it as ECKANKAR, The Ancient Science of Soul Travel.

The living ECK Master is a messenger of God. He simplifies all introspective techniques and puts the spirtual power at work in our lives an directs the mind to the Soul. These acts being performed, then the traveler leaves the task to us to follow his commandments. After progression on the path, he takes us through the spiritual worlds, inside ourselves where Soul treads the familiar homeward path.

Here great wisdom is revealed through self-knowledge. But this is not the consummation of the search. At this phase of his spiritual quest every seeker of God knows that he must go geyond the revelations of self-knowledge and wisdom. To ascend these aspects of God means that we, as seekers, must learn the suble art of catching and holding the ECK power so that it always flows through us.

An explanation of this statement lies in a remoteness of expression beyond the horizon of language. It can hardly be focused into crystallized thought. It is one of the deepest secrets of God-realization which comes only after we have passed the phase of self-knowledge and wisdom, and beyond the next step, in our part as actors in the divine drama of life. This last step is that anguish of Soul for the life of the great reality, and the struggle to reach the Master in thought, deed and love.

This step, or phase, may be described as our conscious, constant control of the pace and rhythm of the God-Power flowing through us. Intuitively we know what this means. We must strike or find within, a certain pacing for our individual vibrations in order to het the maximum benefit from the spiritual in our daily lives. We must adjust the subjective self to the spiritual rhythm by which the ECK Master wants Soul to function in the cosmic worlds inside. Learning this art is decidedly an individual undertaking. So the Master wisely allow us to learn to adjust ourselves so he can take over completely after our attunement to the great cosmic current.

Our individual vibrational harmony with the sound current is what makes us differ from one another. This sense of inner rhythmic attunement takes time to acquire, but once we gain it, we have the key to inner assurance and permanent peace of Soul. Always we will have a sense of security thereafter for we have the conscious awareness that the Master has our lives in his hands.

When our minds are so attuned that we can SURRENDER to the Master, a cord of love is established between us. This is similar to the lord of love between a mother and her infant. This is the way we become a vibratory channel for God to pour ITS love into the world. This attunement is like a small built-in metronome ticking away quietly inside us, becoming obtrusive, or inharmonious, only when we lose the beat, or get out of tune. Undoubtedly, this is the reason why the Master teaches us the science of the cosmic sound-current. Our inner spiritual rhythm reflects itself to the outer world and smooths the path. Not only our path but others' too.

then what is the inner peace which we must live by individually? Nobody can tell us. But we know that through the practice of the Master's teachings of the sound-current, we become attuned to our individual Soul vibration. So as we progress in our daily contemplations in the sound-current, our lives come under the guidance of God, and eventually we become the conscious co-workers of the universe! As we learn to live by the Light of God in this world of complexities, we will be an inspiration to others and of service to all humanity!



📝 knowing = knowledge accompanied by feeling = coming from experiences.

I will talk about the broadening of your horizons for the purpose of helping yourself live in this world, yet not of it. I will call this the Feeling of God. There are times in your life when you feel that everything is in harmony, everything you do is executed perfectly with the greatest ease and faciligy. All you have to do is make the effort and let nature take its course. No man can describe this feeling. It is the secret of knowing within that all is well with the Divine Reality.

The first step in seeking to polarize the activity within is to know absolutely what you are doing and go after it with a positive feeling of precision and absolute trust in the Master. This must be done without analyzing it. Basically the definition of the God-feeling is this. It is man in perfect attunement with God; man who has become the channel for the God-Power to flow into his world. It is the art of handling the vibrations with perfect control.

There are several principles by which you advance towards the development of the cosmic power.

First: Not only let your breathing act in concert with the air but let your intelligence also be in harmony with the intelligence which embraces all things. What does this mean? I am saying that you must harmonize yourself inwardly and outwardly. As you are with your breathing so become one with that Divine Self within. How can you be a channel for the ECK Power if you are out of harmony physically or mentally or spiritually? As long as you are at peace with yourself, your breathing is harmonious with the body. As long as you are keeping your mind upon my radiant form there can be only harmony within you! I control all things for the spiritual worlds, and every one of my creatures, even to man's environment, situations and circumstances. Mentalists say a knowledge of certain principles of mind action is required. But I say there is a quicker way of handling this. The repeating of the charged words can dispel any negativism!

Now we come to the point of utmost importance --- that we have a special faculty within the brain, and when you choose to enlarge your spiritual power you deliberately exercise this special faculty over and over with increasing attention and concentration upon my radiant form.

The Tisra Til is the sixth center of the chakra in the subtle body and is sometimes called the do-dal-kanwal, the two-petalled lotus. It is situated back of the eyes, on a level with the lower part of the eyeballs, but exactly in the center of the brain cavity of the pineal gland. It is the seat of the mind and Soul. This is the center of control of the body. All chakras below are subordinate. All forces which are said to govern the body are themselves subordinate to the mind and spirit of man which resides at this center.

Now for the second law. Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better; it is a conditional or reciprocal action. Each of us is a complete spiritual entity and the completeness makes it possible for man to receive only as he gives. He cannot receive if he clings tenaciously to what he has. Let me say this. Difficulties and obstacles indicate that we are refusing higher planes and broader visions. The greater man's ability to know what he requires, the more certain he shall be to discern its presence, to attract the ECK Power and to use it for the benefit of the universal plan. Let me add this point. Nothing can reach you except what is necessary to your growth. All conditions and experiences that come to you do so for your benefit. Difficulties and obstacles will continue to come until you absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essential of further growth.

The mind of man is bound often by the paralyzing forces of the earth plane, which are accepted and acted upon without question. Impressions of fear, disability, and inferiority are fed the mind daily. These are sufficient reasons why man achieves so little upon the spiritual path. This is why the lives of multitudes are so barren of results, when there are the possibilities within themselves that need only the touch of the Master's hand to expand them into spiritual greatness. In order to possess a vitality, the whole being of man must be impregnated with love.

Now for the third and last principle, which is, "As thy faith is, so be it unto you.' Your faith in the Mahanta's concern over your welfare must be so great that it makes contact with the cosmic power, and generates a current of sufficient strength to bring your purpose into manifestation. This faith is a product of the emotional body of man. We often call this 'feeling' in the material world. The secret is that we contact the ECK Power through the faculty of emotion within the body. I am speaking of the faculty of Soul. This faculty is the very Fountainhead of the power within. Why, in the physical self, do the emotions so easily overcome the intellect, and why must we put feeling into our thoughts if we desire results with God? Thoughts and and feeling on the level of Soul are the irresistible combination for a union with God. So, to become united with God on any plane, you must know, and feel that your purpose is being accomplished, and that if it is within God's plan it will be done. This is the essence of the teachings. You must decide if you wish to have the feeling of God. This is in the phrase: 'The recognition of the creative nature of the ECK Power and your ability to control it for the divine purpose.'

There is a difference between Self-Realization and God-Realization. Self-Realization is self-knowledge. It is the Para Vidya, or the spiritual knowledge of the objective world --- like the knowledge of the Vedas, worship in church, occult studies, reading of the Holy Scriptures, Astrology, conduct, morals, and ethics. When the disciple enters the region of Atma Lok, the 5h Plane world, he is stripped of all materiality and beholds himself as pure spirit. This is Self-Realization.

God-Realization is the Prada Vidya, meaning beyond the sense-world; it is the knowledge of God. He who has God-Realization is released from the bondage of all things and stands before Sat Nam. He advances to the Hukikat Lok, the 9th Plane where he beholds the most sublime manifestation of the Supreme One, MERGING himself with the great deity and comes to know God. This is God-Rialization!

The operation of the law may by looked upon as chance, but this is not true. It is the logical result of the fixed law proceeding with an unerring and inevitable rule of action, and brings results in strict accordance with my nature --- results mathematically exact and logically perfect. You are the extension of the universal body, saturated with the universal love atmosphere. The spirit of those who love God is reflected in some subtle way by the places in which they spend much of their time. Places have their own characteristic atmospheres which result from the mental vibrations of those who abide there.



Never crowd your mind with trivials or unnecessary thoughts, with reading too much, too many plans, nor trying to do too much physically. Remember this: Keep your mind clear, unhurried, and filled with my radiant form. never let anything take your mind off me never be pushed into anything because of anyone's strong personality or forcefulness. If someone seems stronger-willedd than you, think of me and I will come to your aid.

Going after God requires you to have every mental faculty filled with ambition for IT. Keep your mind completely filled with thoughts on God. i am your Master and your God; therefore, keep your mind on me! We live in God completely, not just with God. Therefore, how can you have time to think of anything else but God?

You must go to God with the same intensity that the warrior goes into battle, your mind completely on the divine goal, determined that you are going to have God in your life. How? I will tell you. It is so simple that it is considered one of the elementary aspects in the training of the aspirant, yet no teacher knows enough to tell it to you.

Call it mind-control. I call it 'guarding the mind of God.' Nothing startling, but the step which hardly any of you can take until a Master gives you the Light and Sound. I have seen thousands pass through the lower stages on the spiritual path, then come to this gate upon the path and flounder, perhaps for a whole life, because there was no traveler to teach them nor open the gate of the mind. It is really the doorway to the first plane.

Let us get down to the finer points on mind-control. Civilization teaches us not to strike a fellowman or scold him because we are offended by his behavior. Gandhi summed this up nicely when he stated that the desire to strike your fellowman is as bad as the actual deed. This is true because you have set up a cause which does not have its manifestation on the physical plane, and frustration is born within the mind.

What we are trying to stop is the setting up of a cause. Only the living ECK Master can take care of this basic problem. I, being the SUGMAD Sarup, the Living Master, will see that this does not happen to you, but I need your cooperation. Briefly, let us study two principles of the earth plane which are so prominent in the Cabala. I consider them strong basic mind laws:

1. Nothing can exist except in relation to its opposite.' This is an age old principle of the positive and negative. The positive is the outgoing, the God force; and the negative is the inert, receptive force.

For example, laughter must have its opposite, tears; and neither can the universe have complete joy without sorrow. Therefore this universe is not static, but is a constant dynamic state.There is nothing eternal on this plane but change itself. This is whee God arrives in our lives, for behind the change lies the eternal, the unchanging which the outer eyes cannot see. As long as anything exists on the mental and physical plane, it is due to be in constant change.

2. The positive is forever transforming into the negative and correspondingly, the negative is forever in the process of becoming the positive.'

Each power needs the other in this world. Without one the other could not exist. The teachings on the earth plane needs to be revitalized and reformed to show the world how to take advantage of the two forces, not to put a strain upon the individual aspirant hold to one constantly, when it is almost an impossibility unless he is trained by the ECK Master. Therefore, do not despair if the cycle strikes in a low depression at one time and later turns to the higher and vice-versa.

The law of physics tells us that only one thing at a time can occupy space. This is taken up in the Bible in the First Psalm which says, 'A double-minded man is unstable.' Therefore, why should you have your mind on anything but God?

Briefly, let us discuss the mind. It is like a cavern on a tunnel through which there constantly passes a stream of swirling, spiraling atoms, broken down into electdons, portons, and neutrons. They are like a mass of people, sometimes crowding and pushing through the tunnel to get through --- tumbling over one another, now stopping --- and with all the effort possible, you cannot get them out.

These atoms are thought-atoms. You cannot see them but they strike images within the brain and these images become pictures or symbols which react on the emotions, or the sensory body.

After initiation, the ECK Master settles his radiant body in the Tisra Til to guard the gate of the mental world inside man. He is the guardian of this stream of consciousness that pours constantly through the brain of the individual, and as long as the aspirant is in contact with him, this flow of mind play is purified. But when he begins to miss his spiritual practices, or becomes fanatic in his behavior toward the Master or watches the objective senses more (such as allowing himself to become more concerned with another devotee's behavior), then the play of the opposite becomes stronger in the aspirant.

One might be seized with great depression and stay there while the aster stands aside watching sorrowfully, because the devotee does not have the strength nor faith to call upon his help. one of the basic reasons for the traveler being in earth form is so that the human mind (which is held in on all sides by self-made fences) can see, understand, and grasp enough of a view of the traveler so his mind will be held to a symbol for the inner worlds.

It is the stream of God consciousness flowing through the cavern of the brain. It is the mind consciousness. This indicates the entire are of mental attention from pure consciousness through the levels of the mind up to ad including the highest state of God-awareness. This is where we are concerned. The stream of God-consciousness differs precisely in that it is concerned with only those levels that are rudimentary rather than rational verbalization --- those levels beyond the margin of attention. Let us think of this form of consciousness in the form of an iceberg. The stream of God-consciousness is concerned with greatly with what lies below the surface.

This stream of consciousness is made up of molecules, the manifestation of spiritual energy (or ECK Power, as I call it). But these molecules are not solid, for they are nothing but energy and space, and each atom is nothing but a tiny uncovered sphere of empty space, with nothing in the center but electrons. These electrons are separated from each other by space (which is enormous compared to the size of an electron. Then, lastly, electrons are held together only by energy, which impels them to circle around their centers. Each electron is nothing but an empty vortex hole of energy in empty space. Scientists call an electron a particle of energy, not a part of a matter.

Since these electrons are flowing through your aura and your mind, you have the power to control their vibratory rate --- this is the feeling or emotional part of yourself.

We do not stop this stream. We become still in an objective and subjective sense. Relax completely. the flow of consciousness then takes shape in the mind and the Inner Master takes over. You do this by gazing sweetly into the spiritual eye. This is the beginning of mind-control. Now you know what the power flowing through you is, now let us proceed to the technique of controlling it. The process of mind-control is:

1. Putting the mind completely on God and keeping it there,

2. letting the traveler have control of the Soul, and

3. by control of the vibrations.

The whole secret of mind-control is in the feelings. Once you get this fixed firmly in your mind you will understand how to control the thoughts passing through your mind. It is determined by the vibratory rate of the mind. Does this sound simple? Then the secret of successful mind-control lies in the control of the vibrations. It begins with the right symbol within. Should you have the image of the Master always before your spiritual eye, there is little or no problem, for this will bring the right mind vibrations.

After all, the old law exists in the mind-plane . So the secret is: I am always with you. But are you always conscious of my presence? The ego is the natural enemy of self-control, and must be overcome in order to have full self-control. It is the false self chiefly concerned with protecting itself. It fights against any change, especially the change of the mind to God thoughts. Do not try to eliminate the ego but overcome it with a change from itself to the God self, through a process of putting your mind upon me constantly.

Mark this point forever in your mind. Every present thought solidifies into a future condition. If you are thinking badly, stop crowding your thoughts against the door of the mind, for they bile up badly, creating just what you are fearing. By reversing the thoughts, not letting them momentarily lapse into anything, but keeping your mind on me, the Light and Sound within, then there will be a release of the darkness within and Light and joy will prevail. Then you will have control of your mind and thoughts.

Here is something every disciple is faced with when the change comes for a higher step upon the path --- his vibrations are changed with a higher rate of harmony and there is bound to be a change in his life. But the old vibrations seem to make a last desperate stand to remain with him. New vibrations are established by putting yourself further into my hands. You are pushed into unfamiliar paths, and ruthlessly taken out of the life you have been living. All obstacles which stand in your way to God are torn out of your path.

During this period, have greater faith in the Master or you may be caught in a vicious circle and stay in it. Just let the Master take over and control your life. When you are seized with the negative forces or stand in personal danger, turn your thoughts strongly upon me, and give the names of the SUGMAD or HU, or the name of the Master, or your own word given in the initiation. I will come to you willingly, for when my children need help, it is forthcoming instantly. My power is in that of God, for I am God, and will not let you suffer. Does a father desire to see his child harmed? No, an dI tell you that your mind must be kept on me at all times. THEN AND ONLY THEN, WILL YOU BECOME THE CHANNEL through which the Master's cause can be furthered. Why do you need mind control, for I speak and act through you to spread my Light to every corner of the world. By calling upon God in my name, I will give you anything and everything which is for the benefit of all. I will expand your consciousness at all times by my statement that I am the Light of the Worlds --- and the Voice of God. By living in me constantly I will give you all and control over every living cell in your atomic body.

Be joyous and happy in this knowledge. Give your love to me, and it will be returned a hundredfold!



Paul: How am I going to get any rest? Rebazar.: You do not ever rest when the call comes. Look at me. Do I get to sleep or rest with the whole world at my feet asking for something? Paul: I am not divine, nor have I the powers that you have. Rebazar: You are wrong there.

Every man has the powers, if he would only recognize and allow the ECK Power within himself to be used by the ECK Master. Let me get down to some specifics. What is this cosmic power within you? Do you know or understand what it means? The teachers of truth all teaches us about the God-Power within; it has many names: God, Universal Power, the Christ Power and others. I say this to you. The spiritual power is different! It is the highest power in God's whole creation. This power is that stream of God-Current flowing through you. It is different from anything that you can imagine in your mind. It is above and beyond any thoughts or conception of the belief oft he teachers of occult science or truths.

Let me try to define this power to you. It is the ancient power which man had in those days when this earth was inhabited by spiritual giants ... the magnificent stream of God-Powr flowing through those who really are imbued with the mighty Deity of the highest plane. It is the actual contact with the Source of the highest stream of God consciousness pouring out of the divine Funtainhead. Furthermore, only the ECK Master can awaken and bestow the power in a devotee. He can make channels for the power of all his followers.

If you recall that while sitting in my little place in the Hindu Kush Mountains, I told you these words: "You need never again fear anything, for I am with you always, and theECK power is always working through you.' You now being to understand what was meant by such a statement. For once I grant this power to any of my devotees it gives them the greatest of spiritual strength, understanding, and discrimination. I tell you this. All devotees who receive the power from my hands usually will have a great struggle, and fight within themselves at the beginning. For it takes a period of time between when the actual power is given, and the body and mind of the devotee actually are fitted properly for the use of it as a channel. If I have time (as in my own ashram), the devotee gradually is conditioned to accept this power to work through him, as one learns to control his body under the circumstances of accepting bolts of electricity, As in your case, when time was short and I had to condition you quickly, all sorts of troubles broke loose within you and you seemingly fought against everything and everybody and were often moody, in depression, and uncertain of yourself. It was only the period when the power was cleansing your body of all finiteness to make it fit as a channel which the Master could use in his work.

Now we get down what the spiritual power actually is. It is the highest power working through the chela to do the Master's cause. The power comes from the Master who uses the chela for every possible reason for furthering his spiritual mission on earth. The devotee has surrendered himself completely to the Master and lets himself be of service. He is no longer his own, but now works for the universal cause. He is what I call a conscious co-worker of the universe. He is at the call of the Master, even though most of the time he does not know consciously what he is doing, nor why he has done certain things in his life; his world seems topsy-turvy at times and many things he does just do not make sense to him.

📝 Ether

Primitive Atoms - spiraling motion toward the center of the earth - flowing through man

Hydrogen clouds - electromagnetic fields

Gravity = substance moving in whirling motion

Electo-magnetic fields = cause the motion

Man (≓hydrogen + oxygen ) ≓ electro-magnetic field

Let me describe briefly what the cosmic power consists of in a scientific nature. It is the process by which the spiritual activity is progressing, always from no-activity to activity and back again. In this universe we can see it in all stages, graphically spread out in all its development. If I explain it from the earth plane, it will be easier to understand. Let us start with the ether, at term invented by scientists to describe the basis for observed activity in what is an all-permeating substance existing in space and in solid matter alike, flowing through both with equal facility. Some mistakenly call this 'God.' This is really disintegrated matter, often called the positive force, while as matter it is the negative force which when dissolved returns to ether. In order to understand the process of the cosmic power more clearly let us start with the ether, with the matter stuff, with those finely divided particles which can be divided particles which can be divided no further. They represent the atoms, which are broken down into neutrons, electrons, and protons. They fill all space and we call that are the sky, space, or any other term that designates nothing. These particles are the essence of the ECK power, that original pure Current which flows out of the Fountainhead of God, from highest plane of the cosmic worlds.

Now to get down to some basic facts about creation. When you think a strong thought, this causes a whirlpool in the ethers. If this process is generated from the superior beings, in the worlds, at the command of the Lord of the Universe, then we actually can see a process of the whirling of the great spiral nebula in the heavens spinning, coiling upon itself, integrating forming a mass of matter at its center. There are new universes in the process of creation constantly through this means of creating.

The spiritual power will start the creation of the whirlpool within the individual, and this little spiral nebula goes out in to space, touching another, and there their two thoughts come together n harmony or otherwise. This ether is call the 'ECK' by the Adepts of the Order of Vairagi. It was well known to the ancient mystics, who gave us great knowledge but now most of this lies in the field of science, and the mystic is a forgotten man.

The ECK is our primal substance, consisting of primitive atoms, being mainly hydrogen, which are constantly descending from the higher worlds, breaking off from the spiritual Current and completely passing through the sun and earth in a spiral motion. This is the spiritual stream from the Fountainhead of God. When it descends below the Second Grand Division it becomes a two-fold stream, of positive and negative, or Prit and Kal, forces.

The spiraling motion of the atoms always is toward the center of the earth. This is the ECK Power flowing through man. that is, if man has been awakened to accept this within himself, and use as the power of God. The principal use of the power is for growth. This gets back to the realm of science again. Einstein, Edison, Mozart, Bach, Shakespheare, Schweitzer, Tagore, and other got very deep into this study and unknowingly contacted and made great use of the power. In fact, every genius whom God has let walk upon this earth has made use of the power in fulfilling his obligation to raise the masses to greater spiritual heights.

Now I tell you that those who have eyes to se will know that huge clouds of hydrogen occupy the vast reaches of space. Often these clouds lie closely to the earth's surface, and within them are electro-magnetic fields which when stirred by a thought force established by a prayer group, a master-mind, or through the Lords of this world, start causes which must have effect somewhere, somehow, even though they might be the creation of new worlds. This is often the beginning (or causes) of war, great prosperity periods, and other cycles of mankind. Oh, yes, the thoughts or mind-power is so established upon this earth plane that it will be ages before the ECK Masters will be able to clear it out through education of the rest for true spirituality. You know occult power in the past have destroyed many continents.

Activity in the ECK force manifests both gravity and the electro-magnetic fields. The inflow of the primal substance is gravity and the whirling motion that causes the inflow is an electro-magnetic field. Since we are concerned with the cosmic power on the earth plane, let us think of it in its lowest form. This is for understanding only. Ass teachers of the so-called Truth are emphasizing love and hate. They teach only the ethical nature of God.

Here is how it operates through man, who is in constant conscious control of it. The power is embodied within him by the Master and always is working out God's cause, always on a universal scale, and not for any individual purpose. Cords of lIght or Love (Love is really Light in the worlds beyond and hatred is darkness) are attached between the Mahanta and his chela, and the chela is simply a channel whereby the traveler's Light is being spread throughout the universe. The power operates in a clockwise spiral motion through the devotee to whatever he touches, either physically, mentally, or spiritually. This is the creative force pouring through man, developing growth, and everything he touches leaves the Master's Light. It is like working through an electro-magnetic field which when powerful enough permits the creative forces to operate, but when weakened allows the Kal, or negative forces (which spiral counter-clockwise) to take over and destroy.

Now, man is composed principally of hydrogen and oxygen, and therefore considered an electro-magnetic field. Especially is this so when you can see your fellowman through the spiritual eyes. Therefore, the power readily can work through each individual, because of this fact. That is, if the Master world open the channel in the devotee for the power to flow fully through him. Now should you be given the power and discover the complete use of it, master it, and solve the final secret of all creation, you can do anything with the power. You can live in the state of constant life. Some call this existing in the bliss of God. Note this carefully --- not God, nor one with God, but in the bliss of God. Once you attain this step you will know the difference. The Vedantists call it consciousness, existence, and bliss absolute. This is the result of the complete control of the cosmic power. Few have attained this in the cosmic worlds.

The use of the will power is necessary in your spiritual life with the power. The willing of the power into your life, for the use of God's cause if right. Growth is life. But growth is more difficult in the denser forms of matter. In the dense life (as minerals) it is slower and harder to reach the higher forms of consciousness. If you are a follower of the Pranic system of Yoga, if you could know what happens you would not use it. The arousing of the chakras within you only arouses an astral motion which sets off the whirling of the Prit, or creative force, within you. These are not highest form of creation. You must go all the way to the JOT or thousand-petalled lotus.

Look within for the Light and listen for a Sound. If I have bestowed you with the use of the ECK Power there is little effort needed in reaching these two aspects of the great Deity Sat Nam, and the Master will escort you to the plane in the inner world to broaden your understanding. When you become proficient in your understanding of the negative (or disintegrating forces) you will learn of the deepest secrets of all universal worlds. Then and only then you become one with God, and learn to live in me forever. The negative (or Kal) power is a much maligned subject and must some day be corrected for knowledge of the races.

You do not understand I have told you ? Do not become too deeply involved in your thoughts on what I have said, because the power is always with you and flowing over your head. Have faith in my world. Some day you will see, understand, know and digest everything that I have told you.


DIALOGUES WITH THE MASTER are a series of spiritual discourses witch were taken down when Rebazar Tarzs, the ageless emissary for ECKANKAR in the world today, appeared to me nightly in his light body for practically one year and dictated them. This occurred while living in the nation's capital. I had been in India for a month or so prior to his first appearance. During this visit I was fortunate to meet him in Darjeeling.

Rebazar Tarzs lives in a small hut in the wild and remote Hindu Kush mountains on the Kashmir-Afghanistan border. He leaves his physical body there and appears in light form, the Nuri Sarup, to many throught the world who have some line with ECK. It is said that he was a young man when Columbus discovered America, but to the eye he looks to be in his early forties.


"About" Rebazar Tarzs and Sudar Singh


These are not all the quotes but, apparently, other people knew about both of them. According to Paul, both of them [Sudar Singh & Rebazar Tarzs] taked to Gail, his wife. Along with that, however, the history Paul Twitchell wrote about his first masters suggests other people knew about them too. Hope I'm not put in a strait jacket for asking this, but: Is it accurate history? Let's look at how Paul Twitchell heard about/met Rebazar Tarzs in the first place. And how he first came to learn about Eckankar. "[....] Sudar Singh often spoke of Rebazar Tarzs, a Tibetan saint, whom he said was reputed to be over five hundred years old, and was at the time living in the foothills between Darjeeling and Gangtock somewhere, but presently has a small abode in the Hindu Kush mountains on the Afghanistan-Kashmir frontier, near Tibet. [....]" - Introduction to Eckankar (1966) "[....] My sole purpose was to find the elusive Tibetan lama, known as Rebazar Tarzs, of whom I had heard much from the late Sudar Singh at Allahabad. [....] It was a hot summer afternoon in 1951. [....]" - Introduction to Eckankar (1966) "[....] I began my study of ECKANKAR under the tutelage of sat Guru Sudar Singh in Allahabad, India. Later I studied under Rebazar Tarzs. Both were adepts in teaching ECKANKAR, the art of the Total Awareness. ... ." - Introduction to Eckankar (1966) "[....] The ancient creed of ECKANKAR was first brought to my attention by Rebazar Tarzs, and further expounded upon by that inner circle of highly spiritual travelers known as the God-Eaters who live in the spiritual city of Agam Des. [....]" - Introduction to Eckankar (1966) "[....] 'It was while traveling with Sudar Singh in the Nuri Sarup that I met Rebazar Tarzs,' Paulji reminded me, 'and it was in the company of Rebazar Tarzs that I returned to a study of the Far Country. Later, with Gail and her spiritual guide, Dr. John Leland, I came to know Rebazar Tarzs better, and I began to leave my physical body at night to meet with him at his mud and brick hut in the Himalayas. It was a series of twelve important dialogues with Rebazar Tarzs which produced my manuscript The Far Country.'* [*Published in1970.] [....]" - IN MY SOUL I AM FREE, by Brad Steiger (Copyright 1968?), p. 121] It appears that Sudar Singh had something to do with Paul Twitchell learning about Rebazar Tarzs. Who was Sudar Singh? "Sri Sudar Singh, who was a member of the famed Vairagi mystic order of adepts, had his abode in the spiritual city of Agam Des in the western Himalaya mountains. He was a master at instructing his chelas by the dream state, his principal way of teaching. Outwardly he appeared to be a smiling old guru in a deep maroon robe who would sit in silence when meeting with his chelas at his ashram, speaking only when questions were asked of him." - All About ECK, Paul Twitchell "[....] By the time I met my first teacher, Sudar Singh, of Allahabad, India, at age fourteen, getting out of the body was as natural as eating. [....]" - ECKANKAR, The Key to Secret Worlds ". . . I found this to be true of Sudar Singh, the strange mystic of Allahabad, in the summer of 1938, when I visited him with my step-sister." - ECKANKAR, The Key to Secret Worlds "It was upon their return to Paris that Paul met Sudar Singh for the first time. The Indian holy man was lecturing in France in an effort to gain sincere disciples." - In My Soul I Am Free, Brad Steiger, p. 51 "This year in India was not spent totally in an attitude of holy learning. Paul had reached his sixteenth birthday, and he decided that he needed a furlough from the ashram. He traveled to Bombay, put up in a hotel, and then set out in search of a holy man who Sudar Singh had said was extremely wise in the ways of God." - In My Soul I Am Free, Brad Steiger, p. 53 "The next Master was Sudar Singh of Allahabad who spread ECK to Europe and other places on the globe. He lived into his nineties before passing away." - The Spiritual Notebook, by Paul Twitchell, 10th printing 1983, p.195 "I recall once that Sudar Singh gave a large number of methods that might be used to fulfill desires, of any nature. One student came back to tell him that he used one of these techniques but it never worked. In reply the Living ECK Master pointed out that the technique meant nothing and that all was within himself to fulfill his desire. [....]" - Letters to Gail, Vol 1. p. 104 "An American once asked Sudar Singh what he should do about ants at a picnic ... ." - Letters to Gail, Vol 1. p. 164 "[....] It was very interesting about Sudar Singh. He was rather a tall, lean man. He had a very lean face at the time, and he had started out as a Sikh in his life and changed later because he was in his early twenties when he came back to ECKANKAR. And it was then that he went into training there in his own country and became an ECK Master. [....]" - Difficulties of Becoming the Living ECK Master, Paul Twitchell Is there truth in any of it? What has been said/written ABOUT Sudar Singh and Rebazar Tarzs? Including that Paul Twitchell said Sudar Singh was a married man and had a son that went to Oxford? If such things are not true then why did Paul Twitchell mention them? Was it all for fun? Paul Twitchell was not the only person believed to "have fun" by not being accurate. Or was the idea of Paul Twitchell "laughing to himself" just an apologetic excuse for actions unbecoming a "God-man"?

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