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Creating High Voltage Health

Open Minds with Regina Meredith - Series 8 Episode 9 - February 23, 2017

Glenn: We have solutions to every single problems.

Regina: But you're not going to find it at your allopathic doctor's office, unfortunately.

Glenn: Because they're under a different model...that's created by the petroleum industry, and Big Pharma as an offspring of that. And that model is inaccurate, because every health issue is a voltage problem. We've been told that it's chemistry problem. Voltage precedes chemistry. Cancer, for example, is +30 millivolts whereas we can regenerate tissue and we can get it to - 50 millivolts. And the devices that we're going to discuss do have the capability to do that. There's thousands of studies on, in Europe for 40 years. There's even devices going back to the late 1800's in America, and that whole movement was basically shut down by Big Pharma which is really fascinating.

Regina: Absolutely. Some of the casualties were Dingo, Rife... All of these early pioneers were humiliated, defamation of their character, their labs smashed, shut down, and mostly died poor and unknown. You know it's just been in the last 30 years there's a resurgence of this. Would you say it's because the new technologies are now starting to make an appearance for real across the board on the scene?

Glenn: Yes, and part of that's the cost. It has come down dramatically for the same level of efficacy and a lot more accuracy, because we have new testing procedures that brilliant people like Rife and Reich never had access to.

Regina: Give us an idea of alternative device that has come to the fore that had a really prohibitive price tag on it once upon a time that's now affordable to us.

Glenn: Heart rate variability. It about a 40 year old technology that is incredibly useful for the practitioner even to this day based upon EKG., I have a$5,000 device that I bought from them a decade ago which is now a free app on your smartphone. It works phenomenally well. NuVison. Fascinating products. These products ended to be in the $30,000 ~ $40,000, $50,000 range. EAV, ONDAMED, things of that nature. Now it's a $4,000 product. It's an assessment tool. What w're doing with NuVision is we're measuring the voltage. And this is a voltage future... for driving, for medicine, for everything... and the sooner we get on board to that the faster we can heal, because #1 health risk in the world right now is iatrogenic causes, ie. doctor caused. Even when it comes to more subtle issue like psychological issue, depression, what have you... that's a voltage problem and cannot be addressed with their chemistry appropriately. Those chemicals rewire the brain into non-human state. These are big problem. It's time for those of us with solutions to come out and say we're not going to be stifled anymore.

Because the truth needs to be told and we had been lied to at every level about everything, but particularly to my heart the medical piece. Because when I see 4 year old dying from infections that we can clear up in a day with the safe products, whereas I see 15 year olds on psyche med have lost their humanity...that makes me mad. Because I've gat a chance to be functional and I want that for everybody.

Voltage is created in the body through movement through what's called the Piezoelectric Effect, which is pressure creating electricity. This is why we derive so much pleasure from a massage or from acupuncture. This is why the foam roller or the exercise ball works so well. It's because of the pressure creates the voltage change and actually puts us into the negative voltage which is counter-intuitively healing.

I've tested thousands of athletes and non-athletes for 30 years and I can tell you that it is very important for us to move. But it's also very important for us to think about how we're moving. Are we working out? Or are we working in? I actually have world class athletes whose adrenals and their thyroids are totally trashed from overtraining, particularly cardiovascular activity. Once you get to a certain oval of function in terms of your VO2 max, it's very difficult to keep bumping that needle up any higher. Basically you're training your nervous system to deal with the bun of free radicals.

I was an ultramarathoner. I did the 100th Boston Marathon. I know what it's like to be an untra-endurance athlete. I was on the team that broke the world speed record on the Apalachian trail in 1991. So I love the endurance activities but the base way to do that is a combination of working out and working in. Who walks in nature where you're not trying to get to the top of something, you're just strolling, or yoga versus hard hard works all the time. And data bear this out. It's overwhelming with the HRV. You can actually watch people's HRV improve dramatically whey they begin to work in, they begin to breathe. They are not just expending energy all the time.

Think the other important thing about yoga that you don't get from most weight training or resistance training program is that yoga teaches us to focus from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet and integrate all of that fascia and all of those meridians and systems as a whole, and they interact as one. Rather than sitting on a machine and pushing where you're disabling certain muscles and enabling others that may not be appropriate, because we don't play hockey on a stool. So why would we train that way? At EnergyMedFit, we do all of the intake of the people, not just HRV and NuVision, but we do a physical assessment to determine where is appropriate to plug in for some folks. It's Pilate for some, it's dance for some. I'm going to the gym with them one on one and we're going to do this properly. We're going to accelerate appropriately.

Regina: Is there something you can point us to so people can go online and say, oh I could probably do that. That would be OK.

Glenn: I hate to blow other people's horns, but this buy is so brilliant. Go to YouTube and type in Ido Portal. You can do it on the road, in the living room, in the back yard. I've never seen anyone move like that. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. I can't even do his medium program on some of the movement. It's very very challenging, but there is also basic program for everyone. It's really fun and it's brilliant. He is my movement favorite.

Regina: Now I wold like to go to the next element. Which foods or food groups help create the greatest voltage? I know we're highly individualized, but in general.

Glenn: Well, you have to go to the bottom of the food chain. So all of your quality algae products, like Absolutely phenomenal... sac pill contains about the equivalent of 10 pounds of spinach in terms of nutrient density. You know this about anti-aging is food reduction. If we can cut our food intake by just 20% and add foods that have higher voltage, like this product, the hunger doesn't even occur because we're satiated by all of those minerals and all those enzymes, because that's what obesity is. It's the body's cry for certain nutrients that are not present.

As far as raising voltage, fresh fruits and vegetable juices in a rotating pattern where some are astringent like beets and what have you, and then some are nourishing like carrots and very sugary. But we don't want to get into having the same juice all the time.

Regina: What about mixing the altogether?

Glenn: Dr. Norman Walker wrote the definitive book on juicing. You can still pick that up online. I think he lived to be 108. It's important that certain things don't be mixed because especially folks with GI disturbances. It's the monoatomic that actually come out from the juice of the vegetable.

When you have two molecules of a metal, it's a metal. But when you break it down to one molecule, it becomes a ceramic. And it becomes a monoatomic, which is incredibly conductive. So we just turned our body from copper wiring into a fiber optic system. And just like in the video, things that are sluggish, that's sickness. Things that are moving quickly is health.

Regina: That's the first time I've actually heard that that ceramic exists within live juices at the moment you juice them.

Glenn: That's right. And algae. Let's talk about meat. Bison, turkey, high quality eggs. Try to eliminate anything that's not organic, because there is so much evil condensed into those nonorganic meats. That's really important. Fats are the absolute most important nutrient. The reason being is that we are fat/water being. Kind of like an exercise physio ball represents the cell, represents fat. What we can transport in and out of that cell as fast as possible, that's health. When things become difficult and production and distribution is slow to a crawl, then bad things happen. If we look at the hierarchy of fats, the best fat in the world, we're back to the algae again. Right? Because it's the bottom of the food chain. The second best fat scientifically, I believe, is coconut oil. Then good quality olive oil. Avocado, food fats like that. Nuts and seeds are fine, but just caveat about nuts and nut butters is that they tend to be rancid very, very quickly, so not a good staple. Bison fat, phenomenal saturated fat. Bacon is not that bad for you from a fat standpoint, some pork products, eggs.

Regina: What about cod liver oil, fish oil?

Glenn: They are all rancid.

Regina: Udo Erasmus has been talking about this rancidity issue for a long time. And he tends to skew a little more toward hemp and other vegetarian sources for omega 3,6, and 9s. Would you agree with that if they are kept properly?

Glenn: Mm-hmmm. They only problem with some of those products is that they're all polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs). They're leading us down the estrogen pathway unfortunately. Don't be afraid of butter. I love butter. Cook with coconuts, everything else is unsafe to cook with.

Regina: Explain what the video is about.

Glenn: That's by a pulsed electromagnetic field, PEMF therapy that any time you put electricity through a wire, that comes out from the wire. How far the field extends from the wire depends of the number of factors. But the effects on the body are almost all positive. It's unbelievable. There really are no bad PEMF devices.

Regina: What happens when these fluids becomes stagnant?

Glenn: When you have toxins, and they are not being eliminated, imagine the trucks on strike in a large city. That's really the first problem for everyone. We need to focus on detox. I prefer to do it on a daily basis and using PEMF daily to detox. Rather than doing the big detox, kind of like losing weight for a wedding, why wouldn't you want to be fit all the time? When the fluid is stagnant, you can't bring new nutrients in.

So lactic acid builds up, and calcification, arthritis process. That's what we're witnessing with this slow down. The body is a big calcium factory, OK? If it's not moved, it will just be a statue. That's what happens when people are in a body cast for months at a time. So what the PEMF does is it creates vasodilation in all of those distal tissues like the fingers, and the ends of the lung, and the alveoli. So when we open up that blood flow, it's the difference between a mud pond and a beautiful crystal clear spring river.

Regina: I love that video because it just shows you how effective these devices are. Now let's go int to the assessment tool we called NuVision, you work pretty regularly with your clients with this.

Glenn: I've played with a lot of the best testing assessment tools from the alternative side, like EAV, electrical acupuncture according to VOL

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