実際の形、現象として現れる Bringing the Planets Down to Earth

The houses reflect how the planets were arranged around you and you alone, at a given place on Earth. Houses therefore personalize the planets showing how they relate to your particular life.

1室 おひつじ的・火星的エリア → 見た目、しぐさ Your Interface with the World.

The fist house focuses on the basic equipment that you have been given for interacting with the world: your physical constitution, your face, your appearance, your personality, mannerisms and the way you present yourself. It is how others tend to perceive you, and you should be aware that it has an important effect on how you are accepted in social situations. Planets in the first house tends to be strong and "out-front," especially when they are conjunct to your Ascendant. You will learn how each planet is influenced by its houses and its sign.

eg. Libra on the First

Attractive and popular, you have a charm that helps you to get your own way and prevents others from getting angry with you. "Peace and harmony at all costs" is your battle cry. You like to ameliorate or to cosmetically hide any physical ugliness or any angry feelings. you prefer to dress elegantly, and pride yourself on your taste. In your attempt to be agreeable at all times, beware of the tendency to compromise yourself. You tend to be a bit of a social butterfly and at times can be vain and lazy. For the most part, however, you are gracious and affectinate, and your refined and aristocratic emeanor serves as model to others.

eg. Mars in the First

You are so full of energy, so "wired," that you always seem to be at the bursting point, Self-assertive courageous and daring, you have great leadership potentioal if you can only stifle your impatience with those who do not have your boundless energy and enthusiasm. Participatory sports would be a good way for you to deal with your cometitiveness, and your need to flex your muscles. When you act without thinking, you are foten reckless. That can lead to accidents, so be careful.

eg. Mars in Libra

Your are very aware of the need to cooperate with others in order to further any effort. Your are usually willing to compromise with others, although you can be quite compeititve in a friendly way. Fair-minded and imparital, your are able to sense injustice and wish to take corrective actions to make proper compensations. You see both sides of issues and questions, but you tend to be wavering when forced to make choices that might make you unpopular.

2室 おうし的・金星的エリア → 経済能力、所得能力、収入源 What You Own and Value

The second house has to do with resources that you possess. It shows your attitude toward what you own or would like to own: what you crave and covet, what you most value, how you go about getting it, how you take care of it. By extension, it can also indicate your sense of values: not just material things but also the attitudes and ideas that you hold dear.

eg. Scorpio on the Second

You are emotionally involved with your own personal resources --- so much so that you rarely, if ever, share what you have with others. You tend to think that, if you give of what you have, you yourself will become personally diminished. This unreasonable fear of loss makes you very withdrawn and secretive and, at times, quite miserly. You regard your resources as tools to push life to its uttermost limits. You enjoy making investments and are willing to take risks, and you are devastated when things do not work out as planned. But you are a careful planner --- your nest egg should grow over time.

eg. Neptune in the Second

Your are an idealist and a romantic, especially when it comes to money and finances. You have the feeling and belief that money and possessions are not important and you think that the universe will take care of all of your needs. Because your expectations are not very high, this very casual, impractical attitude toward material resources can prove to be very beneficial to you in times of need. You have a tendency to be willing to buy almost anything at all if caught unawares --- money runs right through your fingers. Always seek the advice of a practical and respected friend of counselor before making any major purchases --- and never, ever gamble.

eg. Neptune in Scorpio

You, and your entire generation, are extremelyl interested in anything deep and mysterious. you will explore and idealize the benefits that can accrue from the study of the occult, healing and psychology. You are willing to experiment with substances like drugs in order to push your understanding of our inner being to the extreme.

3室 ふたご的・水星的エリア → 親戚、近所、小中学、友だち、身近な人とのコミュニケーション Your Immediate Surroundings

The first "social" house. It also describes daily communication and transportation: letters, phone calls and emails, and routine journeys such as commuting to shopping, school or work. The first "mental" house, it governs early education and basic skills training.

eg. Sagittarius on the Third

You are known for your wide-rangng mental interests. You need constant mental stimulation in order to feel vibrant and alive. You are an eager student and a willing teacher of what you know. You are at your best when those who need your knowledge are allowed to come to you for advice and assistance --- and you freely give it However, you are not known for having a great deal of self-discipline in your studies and, although you usually understan the overall picture, the small but significant details of a subject often elude you. You are not overly sentimental about your home life.--- you need a place to check into once in a while in order to rest up. But, because you tend to be so very restless, you are soon on the go again.

4室 カニ的・月的エリア → 家族、人間関係、不動産 Where You Come From

Being at the very bottom of the wheel, the fourth house is both where you originate and where you come to rest. As such it describes your parents and ancestral background, and later the home or protected space into which you retreat each day for nourishment and sleep. A deeply personal house, the fourth is concerned with seckurity and peace of mind, the safety of loved ones, and how you care for others and yourself. The place of your roots and the earth beneath your feet, the fourth house rules the house or apartment where you live and also real estate in general, In your trajectory through life, the fourth house shows your origins and where you are coming from, just as the 10th house and Midheaven descrive your career and where you aim to go.

eg. Capricorn on the Fourth

You prefer a structured and regimented home life --- everything in your home must have a purpose and must be "in its place." You regard disorganization or clutter as a personal failure and if there is anything you hate of fear it is to have others think that you made a mistake. You have very specific goals for your family and family members and are devastated when they are not met or are deviated from in any way. You are at your best when maintenance of your home is efficient and carefree --- this lets you concentrate on whatever else you need to pay attention to in order to get you where you think you should be going.

5室 獅子的・太陽的エリア → 恋愛、芸能、自己表現 Playtime

After being nurtured and restored in the fourth house, ou are refreshed and full of energy for play and creative pursuits. Replenished by dreams, you have creative ideas. Nurtured by your parents, you are ready to have your own children. Fresh from the security of home, you are ready to trust the universe and take risks. For all these reasons, the fifth house traditionallyl rules the child in you and the chilren around you, you pwn personal creativity and self-expression, plays and amusements of all sorts, gambling and speculation, and courtship, love affairs and romance. This is an outgoing house, but it is still beneath the horizon, in the territory of your heart's desires.

eg. Aquarius on the Fifth

When it comes to speculation, you have a detached and objective point of view which can be very helpful --- you will avoid the trap of impulsiveness or of making decisions with your heart rather than with your head. But this is disadvantageous when it comes to romance because you are inclined to be turned off by overly eotional reactions on the part of your lover. Also, at times when spontaneity would be desired, you are at a loss. you prefer relationships that have a common intellectual bse and tend to be less critical of the other person's quirks and oddities as long as you both think alike. You are very concerned about the welfare of your children and will push them todevelop their mental skills, but you would rather not get too close to them emotionally.

6室 おとめ的・水星的エリア →健康と病、日々の仕事 Taking Care of Business

Courtship is followed by the nitty-gritty of marred life: babies, diapers and saving up for college. After your creative impulse comes the need to learn the technique of actually making something. And if you over-expend your energy, you get health problems. The Sixth house rules taking care of business on an everyday level. This inclues your job, paying bills and keeping the house clean. It also includes maintaining your body with medical checkups and a daily regimen of nutrition and exercise. In the old books it ruled servants, and it can by extension rule the way you offer service to others. It also ruled useful animals, particularly small ones like cats, dogs, chickens and pigs.

eg. Pisces on the Sixth

When you are at your best, you are self-sacrificial and giving at the work place. You try to ease the burden of those around you by doing tasks they disdain --- make sure that others are not merely taking advantage of your better nature. When you are at worst, you fear involvement with others and try to shrink from any responsibilities whatsoever. Health problems occur most often at those times when you are feeling weak and vulnerable ans some symptoms can be quite difficult to diagnose. Try to work in a positive enfironment because you tend to soak up the energies of those around you --- negative people drain you and make you dull and listless.

eg. Saturn in the Sixth

You usually have a very dutiful and responsible attitude toward your work. You can be trusted to perform the thankless minor details connected with your tasks and to do them well. Your highly disciplined approach can make you quite successful at what you do. Although you are prone to be grumpy and complaining, you really do enjoy working as hard as you do. A real perfectionist, what you do is generally careful, thorough and of very high quality.

eg. Chiron in the Sixth

You re a dedicated worker who often places responsibility and duty ahead of having fun. It is not uncommon for you to work into the wee hours of the night. Don't feel guilty about relaxing and enjoying yourself. Letting your hair down from time to time does wonders for your mental and physical health. Being saddled with physical limitations has given you insight into health problems and a fierce detemination to overcome shortcoming. You make an excellent healer, social worker or teacher.

eg. Saturn in Pisces

Your tendency to think that your life is out of control is based on an unreasonable fear, probably connected with an unfortunate experience with the person who filled the father figure role in your early life. Learn to take responsibility here and now for your own life. Try to stop having unrealistic expectations about guide figures. Remember that they are merely human, with all the same faults and self-doubt that you have. When you get confused or uncertain try to simplify your lifestyle --- things will then become easier to bear.

eg. Chiron in Pisces

Intuitive and imaginative, you may have difficulty in verbal communication. This often gives the false impression that you are confused and unintelligent. You may have been teased by other children, leaving you feeling vulnerable and distrustful. Retreating into the sanctity of your ow world may have filled many lonely hours. Your compassion and sensitivity can contribute to your success in the helping professions. You are wonderful friend who is ready to answer the call when anyone needs you. Therapy is an excellent way to improve self-esteem and to view youself as the remarkable and unique human being that you are.

7室 天秤的・金星的エリア → 対人、取引先、結婚の関係 Relating One-to-One

If you courted in the 5yh house and woke up in the 6th yoked to another in a daily routine, the 7th house gives you a chance to hammer out a relationship of true equals. The goal is wedded bless and a true sense of relatedness, but along the way there may be fights as yu each define your individuality and establish your own territory. Not only is the seventh the traditional house of marriage, it is also the house of open enemies, our sparring partners in life. In general, Since the 1st person is you, the 7th house is the other person in a variety of situations. Besides signifying a marriage or sparring partner, the 7th house rules business partners, or those on the other side of a desk.

eg. Aries on the Seventh

You have an aggressive attitude toward relationships. You always want to maintain the upper hand --- to be in charge You exult in the give-and-take of relating because you learn so much about human motivations and character from your partner. Relationships, whether of a business or personal, can be quite stormy and tempestuous.

8室 蠍的・火星・冥王星的エリア→ 不労所得、共同所有物、見えないもの Merging into Something Larger

If the second house was about grasping and possessing, the eighth is about sharing and letting go. On a mundane level the eighth rules taxes, but on a fundamental level it can rule giving up anything you value, including your ego and even your body. In relinquishing, you achieve a new level of freedom, and feel lighter, renewed and more alive. Related to all this, the eighth signifies mysteries such as death and resurrection, magic and the occult, and the deep parts of the psyche.

eg. Taurus on the Eighth

You have a cautious and conservative approach to investing your resources or the resources of others. you are very acquisitive. The same applies to your attitude toward sex. You are very loyal to your partner, and very sensual. Your cautious and careful attitude can usually forestall the many financial and personal crises.

9室 射手的・木星的エリア → 大学以降の高等教育、精神性

Expanding Your Conscious Awareness

The ninth house wafts you up and out of your rut, giving you a broad and lofty view of the terrain beneath. I rules higher education and long-distance travel. It removes you from your everyday routine so you can see the overall pattern, the overlooked connections between things. It rules all-embracing concepts and institutions that stand over society and keep it bound together. It can also signify your teachers and mentors, your library, and all else that broadens your outlook.

eg. Gemini on the Ninth

You have the apporach of a dilettante when it comes to forming your life philosophy. You have insatiable curiosity. You have the ability to remain detached an objective enought o sort out competing claims and explain their differences to others. This makes you a good candidate for the teaching professions. You are an avid reader and your innate restlessness probably attracts you to traveling around quite a bit.

eg. Jupiter in the Ninth

You are fascinated by anything that is foreign, new or exotic. Very curious by nature, you love to travel in order to broaden your understanding of the world. You are attracted to the wide-ranging issues that are posed by such subjects as religion, philosophy and metaphysics. You want to understand the big picture and rarely concerned with the everyday and minor details of living. You tend to be very tolerant and accepting of those who are different from you.

eg. North Node in the Ninth

You're spurred on to form relationships with others due to a sense of having a special kindred spirit with those you meet. This is usually based on a shared set of ideas and concepts. Those you meet at school, either teachers or fellow students, will have a profound effect on your life --- friendships formed from these associations may last a lifetime. You have ideas to share with others and need a forum in which to disseminate them. As such, you'll choose to become part of organizations and groups that will help you to maximize your impact.

eg. Jupiter in Gemini

You have a logical, detached, objective view of most things. Your interests are wide-rangoing and you are avid student, with expertise in many different ares. You love to work things out in your mind. You have the ability to grasp abstractions and to deal successfully with the larger issues of life. your overemphasis on developing your powerful intellect can cause your emotional and intuitive abilities to atrophy unless you consciously choose to exercise them.

eg. North Node in Gemini

Throughout your life, you consciously seek out many different contacts with others. Many of these are of very short duration, Intellectual stimulation is what you crave from others, and you will learn something new from almost everyone yo meet.

10室 Midheaven ヤギ的・土星的エリア → 社会との接点、自分の在りようを社会にどう見せて行きたいか Your Public Self

The tenth shows what you are ultimately aiming at in life. Whereas the sixth shows your daily job nd how you make a living, the tenth signifies your career, your personal contribution, your reputation and what you become known for. The closer a planet is to the Midheaven, the more likely that planet is to be the major significator of your life's direction.

eg. Cancer on the Tenth

You have the unique ability to strive with the great energy and initiative to reach the top of your chosen field and, at the same time, not make anyone feel bitter about how you got there. Your strong sense of compassion and sympathy and true caring about the needs of others makes you respected and loved by your colleagues and those you supervise. Avoid becoming too overly protective and something of those in your care.

eg. Sun in the Tenth

You want to make your mark in the world and to be in charge of your own destiny, If your past and early upbringing has supplied you with proper goal structures and a sence of discipline and dedication, you should have no problem attaining your desired ends. A consummate achiever, you must learn to cooperate with and tolerate and respect the authority figures in your life in order to ease your path.

eg. Sun in Leo

You love to be the center of attention. Very spirited and willful, proud and self-important at times, you demand your own way. You are quite honest, however, and the respect of others is very important to you. You never compromise yourself and you pursue your goals with persistence and dedication. Your regal presence and demeanor draw lyou to positions of leadership and authority. But beware of being overly hardheaded, domineering, ostentaious or patronizing or you will lose the goodwill and admiration that you enjoy. Very theatrical, you live life on a grand scale. You strength and energy vitalizes those you come in contact with you.

11室 水瓶的・土星的・天王星的エリア → 趣味の仲間、ボランティアのグループ

Your Circle of Acquaintances

The 11th is the las house of relationships: not siblings and neighbors who just happen to be around you, not one-to-one partners, but the circle of friends and associates whom you actively choose.

eg. Leo on the Eleventh

You take great pride in your friendships and associations. Because it takes a major creative effort to attempt to work out group rather than personal goals, you gladly donate your time, money and prestige to worthy charitable and community projects. You are attracted to associations whit those who can advance your own power, prestige and influence. Beware of a tendency to be arrogant and supercilious of those you consider your inferiors.

eg. Mercury in the Eleventh

A good team person, you do your best mental work with others who share common life goals. Very gregarious, you need the support of others in order to feel that you are making a contribution. Your humanitarian impulses usually allow you to reise above personal judgments and to work for the good of all. You enjoy testing your mind on your friends and associates, and love puzzles and strategy games.

eg. Venus in the Eleventh

Very sociable, you love good company and good times. An avid team person, your grace and personal char adds to any social occasion. Your openness and sincerity makes you popular and sought after. Friends and associates are an endless source of pleasure for you You prefer creative, lighthearted people --- those who are too serious strike you as being dull, boring and stuffy.

eg. Mercury in Virgo

Your first reaction to any situation is to try to organize, classify and analyze. You are a careful thinker who can learn complicated, intricate techniques. You are attracted to practical, useful skills and are probably good at working with your hands.

eg. Venus in Virgo

You express your love and affection through selfless service to pleople or causes. You have a tendency to underestimate yourself and doubt your self-worth. this is very demeaning and should be avoided. Your standard of perfection are very high and supercritical of yourself and others. At times, you prefer to be alone rather than deal with any imperfections.

12室 うお的・木星的・海王星的エリア → 潜在意識の部屋なので、現れ方は一概に言えない The Hidden You

The 12th house is where planets go just after they have risen. here planets are still wet behid the ears. Planets in the 12th tend to become repressed and secretive, sometimes they lurk as complexes in the subconscious. This is why the 12th is associated with self-sabotage, with hidden enemies, and whatever else makes you feel confined. The traditional association with hospitals and prisons suggest that constructive ways of dealing with 12th includes helping others who are similarly repressed. Also, sme with a strong 12th-house emphasis become successful as undercover workers or as the power behind the throne.

eg. Virgo on the Twelfth

Beneath your usually placid surface, you are often troubled by pretty annoyances and anxieties. As a matter of fact, you devote much time and energy to seemingly being in total control of your life simply because you are afraid of what might happen should things get out of hand. This, of course, can be quite confusing to you until you learn to deal with this problem with the objectivity that you are known for. You should be especially aware that if you ignore these psychological issues, they may surface as physical health problems that will be difficult to diagnose.

eg. Uranus in the Twelfth

You have a unique and independent outlook on life, but you keep on trying to suppress it. You try to live up to the expectations and guidelines that those who are important to you have set up. But that is not the real you and you know it and find it very frustrating. You are afraid to break out of your rut, and live according to your own rules, probably because you tried to do that early in life and found the consequences of your ill-timed rebellion too painful to deal with. You must realize that these fears are irrelevant for you at this time.

eg. Pluto in the Twelfth

You have some very strong desires and drives that you do not completely understand and you try to keep them hidden from others. You were probably conditioned at an early age not to discuss such things or to keep them suppressed. You must learn to express it, or they will demand expression at the worst possible times. Learn to trust yourself more and other.

Uranus in Virgo

You and all your peers will be known for the degree of intensity with which you dislike normal everyday routines and chores. You will go out of your way to invent innovative unique and timesaving ways to perform the various mundane routines and duties of living. You will be attracted to all manner of practical und useful gadgets.

Pluto in Vigo

Your entire generation was born at a time that saw profound changes in society's attitude toward work, duty and responsibility. There were also fundamental changes in attitudes toward personal health and nutrition.

Source: Astrolabe's Professional Natal Report