August 5, 2017

One Radio Network Radio - August 3, 2017 

-Author of The Irritable Brain Syndrome.  Use ONERADIO40 promotion code to get the ebook for US $4.77.

-Kit does consultations.

Show highlights:

  • Oldest cell in our bodies is muscle, which is around 15 years old.  Cell...

November 2, 2016

Type 2 Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

The fundamental fuel for your body is glucose, a simple sugar that provides all your cells with the energy they need to function, heal, grow, and thrive.  The central nervous system runs on it, as does every organ in the body, including...

Yellow Fat Disease Is a Silent Killer

There’s no such thing as Yellow Fat Disease without DHA, EPA, or ALA. That’s the pig on the sofa that the “experts” can’t explain.

Even worse, beware DHA from algae, all (including the DHA in organic yogurt and baby food) derived fro...

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