Like the Sermon on the Mount, it has an immediacy that sweeps away time, place, and circumstance.  Addressed to everyone, of whatever background or status, the Gita distills the loftiest truths of Indian's ancient wisdom into simple, memorable po...

 Season1  Episode 4: March 2015

📝Gobekli Tepe - estimated to have been built around 9,500 BC. and was buried around 8,000 BC.

Huge cave systems beneath the pyramids of Giza plateau which I discovered with colleagues in 2008. I took it to the authority, the Cou...

The Moon was built on Jupiter about 38 million years ago. Between the time it was built and 15,000 years ago, it's been touring around our solar system. Our solar system, we're told by NASA there are nine plantes, there are actually 40. There's Earth plus 39. Each of t...

August 1, 2014

Open Mind - June 2013 / S2:Ep24

Our culture is largely Germanic. "Belief" is a German word and it consists of "to be" and "leaden". "Leaden" is the verb to be in love or to prefer. We all know if we are in love with something we have huge blind spots. So a per...

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